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  1. Aww, poor thing. I'll pray for her.
  2. I watched it and thought it was just ok. I wasn't hooked until the end. (no spoilers from me, don't worry). I think they may have missed the boat a little. I would have much preferred to see it set during the years immediately following the lights out. It does look like they'll show a lot of flashbacks though, so maybe they'll show more of that time period. Scary stuff, either way.
  3. Oh honey, you're not worthless. (((HUGS))) I have chronic pain and feel I'm a burden a lot of time. It's *hard* when your mind wants to go and do things but the ol' body won't. I'm praying for you.
  4. Glad to see most of the ones affected are ok. Still praying for the ones that haven't updated.
  5. I try to keep on hand: Ibuprofen (my kids hate Tylenol) Vicks VapoRub Children's mucinex/allergy meds benadryl hydrocortisone cream chicken noodle soup/crackers sprite Gatorade Vit C Zinc No aspirin (I know you know that ). My cousin died from Reye's syndrome, and it was heartbreaking. I was little at the time, but I can still see her sister kissing her cheek. *tears* (Sorry to go offtopic there.) Just think of things you'd like if you were sick-fuzzy pj's, popsicles, etc. I'm ALL about comfort. It won't take long before you figure them out.
  6. CGA-You rock!! Great job on those shelves! I love seeing what others are doing/can do. I"m just always so down on myself, and have myself convinced I can't do anything, that nothing much gets done. You've inspired me. ♥
  7. I'm like that. *blush* I want every stray I can find-the more the merrier! Thankfully dh talks me down most of the time, LOL. (although, at the moment we have 4 outside cats and 2 dogs).
  8. I'm praying for you too. (((HUGS)))
  9. I didn't know her, but I"m praying for her family.
  10. Ahh yes, Spooky Dude. (said in my best Glenn Beck voice). That article is a little unsettling.
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