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  1. I take inventory of my freezer and cupboards. I number a lined paper for the month ( or however long you want). I make a meals list on that paper. I have a list of different meals in categories like casseroles, pizzas, soups, with ideas for each, adding others when I find them. This makes it easier for menu planning so I don't have to remember what I have made before. I designate a category for each day of the week (which we don't always stick to). Friday's are pizza nights so I fill all Fridays in first. Soup is once a week, sometimes 2 but I have several varieties I make. I also try to make
  2. Bump! Cause I need to use what I have on hand, $ is tight, and I love these ideas!
  3. Wait, OFF of Beneful? I thought that was supposed to be a good dog food? We are "fostering" an 11 yo dog and he seems to have skin problems. He scratches often and chews himself. We don't believe he has fleas. He came with a partial bag of food, and I'm guessing he has been on it for a while, because he also came with some skin spray from the vet. I was thinking of giving him cooked chicken, rice and carrots or something. Does that sound ok? I figured on giving him some dog food along with it. Should I start off with more dog food and decrease it over time? That would mean getting a differen
  4. Happy Birthday! Have a blessed day!
  5. Here is another site for making a drop spindle. http://danielson.laurentian.ca/qualityoflife/Fulltext/Textiles/Making_a_cd_drop_spindle.htm It's pretty cheap to make , works great, and I can spin a lot of yarn onto it if I choose. The part the site calls a "blind well nut" was not called that at the hardware store. I cannot remember the name of it tho.
  6. Okay, at first it was almost funny. I heard water spraying and thought someone was squirting the bathroom window from outside. Then I realized it was in the closet! We scrambled to find a flashlight so hubby could go out and turn off the water. It was kinda late when this happened so we only took out enough stuff to see better. It looks like the floor gave way, which yanked the tank from the wall and forced the door open. I don't think I have ever looked at the top of the water heater but there seems to be quite a lot of corrosion. Our guess is that unknown to us, it has been leaking slowly an
  7. Nice to see you posting again Denanna. ((( ))))

  8. Mother, if I lived near you, I would totally take you up on that offer!
  9. My husband uses our Brita pitcher water, but I am fine with the tap. I am thinking about calling the local water company and asking them about our water, but what questions should I ask them? I realize that we still need to know how to purify if there is ever a reason to. I do notice that sometimes the tap water tastes worse than others. We have a fridge water spout, but that tastes nasty to me, the kids like it though.
  10. This is the recipe we have been using, I got in online somewhere. 4 cups flour 1 tsp. salt 1 tsp yeast 1 tsp Italian Seasoning 1 Tbsp oil 1 1/2 cups warm water Mix well knead 10 minutes divide into 2 and let rest 10 minutes shape onto 2 greased pizza pans top with sauce and toppings (it says meat veggies or whatever is in the fridge, lol) sprinkle with no more than 1/2 cup cheese bake at 400 for 20 -25 minutes The first time I made this I forgot to add the yeast! It was very flat, like lent pizza! But it was sooo good we didn't care, lol
  11. Sounds fun, but what kind of ornamants do people make? If I can get some ideas, I will know if I can manage it or not
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