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    I mainly lurk here but I was wondering if anyone knows how I can use and preserve dates. I have a couple of trees that were already here when we moved in and suddenly, this year, they are bearing dates like crazy. I know nothing about dates .. all I know is that I don't really like them to just eat -- they are too sweet for my taste. Ditto on any combination of dates/nuts or date candy that I've ever tasted. I looked on the web and found a three recipes I hadn't heard of -- they can be blended into smooties. Another use I found is an Iraqi recipe for date syrup (for pancakes) but I suspect that would be too sweet for my liking, too, although my husband might go for it. I also discovered they can be made into sweetener, much as agave is (and unlike agave, they don't require mechanical pressing) but the directions says the "sweetener" only lasts a few weeks in the refrig. No info about preserving, although I'm thinking maybe it could be. I just don't know how and hate to waste it experimenting. Does anyone have any ideas, info or recipes? Esp. for something preservable since I can't imagine gorging on dates until they are gone.
  2. This is cool. Our master bedroom has three large walk-in closets. One has double sliding glass mirrors on it and couldn't be anytikng but a closet. The other two have one normal door each, both opening into a larger than normal walk in closet.One is located where it just isn't expected. I am currently using it for non clothing storage.I think it would be fairly easy to make a book case door for it. It wouldn't be a large room but it could hold things I didn't want other to see -- or even all of us for short period. Thanks for the idea.
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