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  1. Ugh. Typical. I worked for a law firm who's clients were the insurance companies. Health, life, home, car, etc. It was a horrible job. The cases that my boss had to defend were just terrible! It really is usually the bottom of the barrel of people most of the time. There were some cases that made you mad at the insurance companies, JUST PAY THEM! And others that just made you hate people and showed you how deceptive and greedy people could be! WV has horrible laws and also just judicial issues. The income levels are low, so there are so many people that are uninsured, so when there is an accident, the uninsured motorist coverage kicks in and that really sucks. We had one kid who was a star high school football player that was in an accident and was claiming his football career was over, so was asking for a boatload of money, yet I found a local news article about his winning touchdown at a recent game! Then we had another accident. If you can call it that... One guy intentionally ran down and rear ended another guy, then pulled him out of the car and beat him to a pulp. His insurance company would not pay the offenders claim cause it was an intentional act. The guy who got hit sued the insurance company, of course, and the guy who intentionally hit him also sued his own insurance co. The JURY actually gave them a combined award of 500k!!! So they had to split that in half. So the guy who intentionally hit this guy and beat him got 250k!! Can you imagine how the victim felt about this guy getting paid for his actions! The whole thing is sickening. I was only there a year, it was horrible having to deal with that crap every day. Cut-and-dried case. The guy ran a red light and killed the woman. He was underinsured, Pregressive was required to make up the difference according to the policy which the woman PAID FOR. http://gawker.com/59...s-robot-fashion I don't like 'em just for their name, plus they support the liberal agenda, now I'm REALLY glad I don't use them!
  2. I have bought silver and gold from Apmex and like them. A good thing to save is the "Mercury Dime". Also, check all of your dimes in change you get back, you may find them! They are 90% silver. Worth what, almost $3.00 now in melt value.
  3. Yes, being awake in the matrix is very lonely, and scarey. I just watched that movie again the other day... I dont listen to Alex because he is a little extreme for me and also feeds into a lot of "consipiracy theories" and to tell the truth, there are enough REAL things going on right now that should scare the hell out of all of us, we dont need to indulge is conspiracy theories. TSA, NDAA, EPA, IRS SWAT Teams, etc.... The amount of tracking the Govt does and "can do" now is unbelievable. And on the smart phones, if you cant take the battery out, then you cant turn it off at all. The only way to not be tracked by one of the phones or GPS is to take out the battery. Which is exactly why I am sticking to my little cheap phone. They have access to everything you do all day, where you go, what you spend money on, who you talk to. (emails, phone calls, debit card purchases, just to name a few) The little tags and cards you use at the grocery store to save money track what you purchase. They can tell if you have a guest in your home based on your electric and water bill going up, buying extra food, etc. If they want it, it is all there for them. I always thought the same as your husband, well, I am not doing anything wrong. BUT, notice how they have begun to change the definition of "terrorist", putting out pamphlets about what to look for in your local areas for terrorist behaviors, ie "paying cash for items", so as it turns out, I AM doing something wrong! I prefer to pay cash for my gas and other items cause it helps me keep to my budget, not because I am a terrorist, and here I thought I wasnt doing anything wrong. The problem is when what you are doing becomes wrong, because they decided that they didnt want you doing that.... Just keep sharing the information with him that you find, I did the same with my hubby, he didnt want to hear it at all, and now he is a believer...
  4. Maybe it was the Productivity Numbers hitting rock bottom... hehehe!
  5. Hmmm... I am in Northern VA and didnt feel it.
  6. I tell you what, after the earthquake and knowing there was one in CO the other day, especially since VA doesnt GET earthquakes, the first thing that went through my head was, OH hell, I missed the Rapture! (I am a pre-trib rapture person) I grew up in CA so am pretty used to them, but this isnt supposed to happen here! Although it did show me just how unprepared I really AM. I need a BOB IN my car, I need a plan for the family for meeting place in an emergency cause there is NO cell service during a crisis. They shut down the cell towers for emergency usage only. I couldnt get through to anyone but DH, and only cause he has a phone issued by the Sheriff dept.
  7. SS would have had to be paid, by law. If it were witheld, it would have had to have been done so by order of the President. The House passed a law last week to ensure that the military, vets and medicare would be paid first. There is enough money that comes in the service the debt, pay SS, medicare, and the military, without problems. It would have been a matter of a government shutdown, but the government and the media wanted you scared out of your wits.
  8. That is my favorite and that is a great price!!
  9. I am really impressed with the discovery channel families! They are awesome! But yeah, the people on that other board were really living in a dream world! "You really think your neighbors would steal from you?" Uuuummmm, have they not been watching the news? Have they not seen the flash mobs? Have they not seen the messes over this past summer on the beaches, the riots at festivals, the thefts of people's air conditioning units, light posts, and anything that has copper wire in it...Those are all SOMEONE'S neighbors. I started prepping a little more than a year ago while on and off unemployment. When my unemployment ran out and I had to file for an extension it took four weeks to get it approved, during which time I got no check. Well, the way we do our finances, my check buys the groceries in the house, so when there was no check the was no grocery money, but we didnt skip a beat because I had PREPARED for an emergency! That is what those people on the stupid board dont understand.
  10. I can scan the recipes and post them also if anyone would like
  11. Excendrine for migraines has the caffine! Its the only thing nonperscription that works for my migraines
  12. I completely understand Stanley's desire to keep his corn, it is his property, his corn and would ensure his survival. Not that he and his sister and Mimi would eat it all themselves, but it would be for sale, trade, eat and feed the chickens. Why should he suffer for others not being prepared, having a livelihood, something to trade, eat, sell? Yes, of course he should be charitable, but not to the point of self destruction either. That is one thing that we are going to have to keep in mind, Remember, there are neighbors, towns full of people, who are not preparing, have no skills, no preps, who are going to end up in this very same situation. Are you going to hand over your gardens, your food stores, your gold and silver, to them because they did not prepare?
  13. I rented the whole series a couple months ago and I do agree, they got a little heavy handed awfully quick, but then, that may happen in reality cause people are going to panic straight out, and they werent thinking ahead, like we are now.... so they were not thinking, "hey, we should plant gardens now," Because they probably thought the fantastic all saving government was going to swoop down and save them before long anyways. They didnt think things were going to last as long as they did. I have a hard time remembering, cause at the same time as I was watching Jericho, I was reading The Free Republic of Texas 2015, in Fireside. So a lot of it blended together in my head!!
  14. OMG Martian, you had me laughing so hard I was crying, then I had to read it again to my hubby cause he wanted to know what was so damned funny, and it was even funnier the second time around! Now I need a drink!
  15. I picked up a Better Homes and Garden magazine at Walmart yesterday, it was $10 which is a bit high, but I didnt even look at the price! It just says CANNING on the cover page and is choc full of canning recipes. 120 ways to savor the season year round, it says on the front. The recipes arent your typical recipes, they are things like Strawberry Margarita Jam, with tequila and triple sec actually in it! Sour cherry and amaretto Jelly, honey-bourbon pickled blueberries, spiced blueberry jam, tomato-basil jam, rhubarb and rose petal jam, white chocolate and rasberry spread, cider-spice jelly, carrot cake jam, vidalia onion and maple conserve, Lots of salsas, sauces and relishes. Watermelon pickles? Freezer james, pressure canned and even unprocessed items. There are tons of great pictures and tips on how to use the recipe. Hurry and go get one!! YUM!!
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