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  1. Out of school for weeks? Psh, I think two weeks was how long I was out for the pox. It's not the unvaxed kids who are spreading this, it's the vaxed ones. The vaccine is a "live virus" which means it 'sheds." We should be keeping our unvaxed kids away from the vaxed ones. The live virus vaccine has been suspected of causing shingles in partially immune people- including children- shingles used to be an affliction of the elderly- and creating stronger strains of the virus- because the normal ones are wiped out by the vaccine. And if the vaxes supposedly work, then who cares if a kid who is carrying it comes to school? At risk for what? Getting chicken pox? Something that was seen as normal and unscary a short generation ago? And that confers lifetime immunity? As for me, I'd like to find a kid with it, so my kids can get lifetime immunity. Andrea, why should these mild diseases (with the exception of TB) be gone from our society? And how do you know vaccine reactions are mild to nonexistent? I think that's what the crux of the argument in our society today is, is whether these vaccines are causing other diseases connected to the immune system, or whether they're 'harmless." And I'd also be loathe for them to develop a test for sensitivity for a reaction, because it would then be that much easier to legislate. -HWM, who is philosophically and religiously opposed to vaccinations.
  2. We are Waldorfy in early/preschool/kindy, and when my 5yo starts first grade next year, we're going to move to CM. So, my answer is no, I don't unschool, but I thought I'd say hi anyway.
  3. Sad for the pecans. My neighbor lives in GA part time, and she brought me a bag back. I didn't realize they were so pricey until after. I feel kind of bad, but it was so kind of her. I lived in SC for a time,a nd we had pecan trees at my school. I'd just pick them off the ground after school and munch. Fond memories.
  4. Pecans are WAY more expensive than the other nuts at the store- almonds and walnuts, specifically. Has it always been so? And I saw the same bag of pine nuts I had from a long time ago at the store- I don't remember how much I purchased them for back then- but now, they're nearly $25/lb!
  5. My coconut oil is going up. It used to be 5.99, then I bought a different kind on sale and then ran out of that and waited to get more- so from say, last summer to now, it's jumped to about 6.79ish or so. I have half a one lb bag of pine nuts left from a long time ago (I rarely use them)- and my mom said she doesn't buy them anymore since it's too expensive. My butter used to come in 1.5 lb blocks from Costco. And then they switched to tubs with less than a lb in them, but that cost more. Now I can't find that brand of butter at Costco at all.
  6. I'd like to be able to provide all our own produce year round via gardening, food preservation (freezing, canning, drying, root cellaring, lactofermentation), as well as all the eggs and honey we could want with some left over to sell. I'd also like to supplement our income with some handmade stuff (knitted stuff, herbal preparations) and possibly flowers and herbs. I'd like to do this with little to no waste or chemicals. I'm fine to do to the store and get chocolate and bananas and such. (Though if I had a pawpaw tree... *wishwish*) I'd like to be less dependent on "the grid", but I have no intention of going off grid anytime soon. But I'd like our lives to be minimally interrupted during a power outage- we have heat, light, and means of cooking. We have water. We have a bit of food. We definitely wouldn't have to leave the house for a week or so if we had to. But mostly the garden, bees, and chickens. I'd love that. And if we're talking REALLY pie in the sky long term dreaming- I'd love to build a cob or strawbale house somewhere, and be totally off grid, working my own land and making everything I could need. Selling some to bring in a bit of cash, and just digging deep roots.
  7. We've been trying to find family friendly movies (no violence, language, or sexuality) that the adults will still find interesting. And it seems that we always end up with something unintentionally religious. Anyway, I really liked The Blind Side.
  8. I'd like to dicuss all aspects of this idea. Stealth gardening, stealth animal husbandry, the "grey man", etc. How do you do it? Are there resources out there that talk about it at all? (Someone should write a book! ), and how you do personally implement this strategy? or Will you should things get bad? As for me, I'm just barely learning these concepts, so I have no idea. I'd love to hear from you all!
  9. I know that feeling. About 3 years ago, the whole family came down with the flu. We were so weak, we could just lay there on the futon and moan. I was nursing the baby, who was also sick. So, we basically slept, nursed, and when awake, I would go into the kitchen and make tea. I knew we needed more nourishment, and I remembered my homemade chicken stock. I warmed up some of that, added a pinch of salt for flavor, and we had hot broth and tea. I was SO glad I had some frozen already, because it would have been too much to make from scratch. If you have some remedies already made, you won't have to do much thinking: elderberry syrup/elixir, fire cider, garlic honey... and a collection of cold and flu teas. Sage with honey is a GREAT tea, very antimicrobial. I also recommend thyme for coughs. Feel better soon.
  10. This is just about my worst fear, this what happened right here: http://theprimalparent.com/2011/10/16/drugged-out-pimp-gets-revenge-on-the-wrong-girl/ And, while I've thought the scenario through, I know I could always be better prepared. What would you do if you were her? (Or him if you're a guy?)
  11. Maybe I'm too young for this (29), And I don't have sons, only daughters, but if anyone said any of that to me in all seriousness- I'd run away, fast. Wouldn't want them for my MIL! (Only wish I could tell 19 year old me that. Hindsight is 20/20)
  12. Apple peel jelly. I don't eat them, but I like putting citrus peels in vinegar to make my own citrus cleaner. (though some people remove the pith and candy the peels. I can't figure out how to remove the pith. It doesn't seem as simple as "scraping" which is what all the directions say to do) And my personal favorite- stock!
  13. There's a chance I'll be in Elkhart July 16 and 17 for a family reunion. However, the week of the fair I'll be in Cincinnati.
  14. Actually, 30 sounds about right. We moved last year, and did about 30k of work to the house. Refinished all the floors, did some wiring, new water heater, new heating and air conditioning, new roof, all new windows.... prolly some other stuff I can't remember. value went from 40k to 70k. I see you've got bigger fish to fry. I hope things work out for you. I'd be livid!
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