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  1. My Mom and Dad did it when I was young, too....but I was very young. But you're right. We've seemed to have lost the ways of the past. Hopefully not all of it!!
  2. What are you watching for, LS? I'm finding a lot of "no way this could happen" stuff ...😥
  3. We haven't gotten any yet....but I can't wait!! We got them in May (mother's day!). We have warre hives, and hubby has given them a couple more boxes as the top ones are completely full of honey. One of our hives (we had 2) absconded. That was sad. We used to have bees a few years ago, but not for honey, for pollination. Anyway, they absconded, then came back a while later (or maybe a different swarm? I'm not sure). Anyway, we sure like having them. Sorry if I'm using all these terms wrong. I'm still learning!
  4. Well, I mean..... Praying for your family on the E Coast. And mine (well, W Africa). And....well, the whole situation.
  5. Thank you, Darlene!! We are at a point that it's a yes.....as soon as we are able to get the space ready for one. I dream of all I can do with the milk. Everything I can learn. And how we can (hopefully) bless others with what I can make (yogurt, cheese, etc). I just hope we can do it in time. In time for what? I dunno....I just think that our time is running short. It's good to hear about your experience, too!! Nice to know others have gone before me and "paved" the way. I hope to be able to update soon. Right now we're getting plants into the greenhouse and are expecting (hopefully) some piglets here soon, too. But....like I said, we feel like we're running out of time, so here's hoping!!
  6. We're thinking Jersey.....I'm not sure I would know what to do with a holstein....ach! We considered Dexters, but they are pretty small. Hubby is 6'4" so we are wanting to make it easier for him. We aren't ready for the cow just yet....we have the space for it, but need fencing, etc.... Hopefully soon!!
  7. I was so proud of myself today....I've been roasting tomatoes and onions to use for Creamy Tomato Soup in the colder months. Today I remembered....it calls for fresh basil, of which I have a ton right now!! I'm so thankful I remembered....I went ahead and made the soup, and now only will need to add whole cream when I make it. Talk about a bit of summer on a cold winter night! We have enough for at least 5-6 meals. Also, Mom and I cut up 3.5 quarts of tomatoes and froze them. They will be good for chili and soups....I love cooler weather!!
  8. CA....I got two letters. That's not too shabby! And really, more even....if ya rearrange them a bit.
  9. Cayman, Canary....hey, I was close!! I did know the Spain part (because I speak Spanish, so understand their language, and it's close to W Africa where my sister and her family live)....but that's funny right there! Good advice. I'm in Central KS, so I don't think it would affect us here at all, but I think that your advice is solid. Keep an eye on it, have a plan. Have a go bag. Good advice!
  10. I think having a plan is a good idea, but I wouldn't panic. Maybe know what routs you would take, where you would go? Have a Go Bag ready (you seem to be a pro at this, so I'm mainly typing it out for others benefit that may be looking for ideas). Treat it like a fire? But leaving before the masses would be important, as to not get caught up in traffic. Keeping your vehicle filled with gas, maybe extra to take with you.... The nice thing about those preparations is that they cover a bunch of other things, too! I'm not saying (at all) that this is GOING TO HAPPEN....just something to keep our eyes and ears open for. And of course, our eyes fixed above.
  11. We've been keeping an eye on it.... For those of you that don't know or don't remember, this is a volcano in the Cayman Islands that has a section that is thought will someday fall off into the ocean. If (or when) it does, it will cause a massive tsunami all over the E coast of N and S America (less to the S, more to the N is what I understand). We live in central KS, but are still keeping an eye on it. May God have mercy! If you've been looking into it, what are your predictions? How would it affect the rest of the country? If you live on the E coast, what would be your cue to leave? A lot to think of.
  12. I listened to this with the kids....this was great!! Thanks for sharing. Will pass it on for sure!
  13. We have most of our Christmas gifts bought....more than anything because of inflation. Also, availability. The only problem with this is that in spite of me having lists of what we got for who, I still end up buying a little something here and a little something there....so now I have too many! My kids wouldn't mind, but we do. I can always store stuff for birthdays, too....not a bad idea!
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