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  1. Hi...I have not been here in many years and decided to check back in. My name was “A New Me” way back then if I remember correctly. I popped in a time or two but that was it. Life just got busy. I just submitted for a new membership and I’m currently waiting on approval. I didn’t realize I had this one set up...probably from when I popped in a time or two over the years. I wasn’t sure if everyone was still around but was hoping the site was still here. At the time we lived in a rural area and this site helped me learn to build a garden and can for the very first time. I have always had a prepper mentality but since we moved I have not “lived it” as faithfully until recently. I got the jump on the virus Since I watched things unfold in China online before much was said or known here and prepped Like crazy. Paid off....didn’t have to fight a soul for TP!!! LOL In saying that...I don’t think things are going to get much better. Too much craziness and everything at one time WITH election around the corner. Our living situation is different and I knew that this was one place I could come to and find the info and come up with a common sense plan to play catch up and get as ready as possible. We now live in more of a suburban/city environment...in a neighborhood....30 minutes from a large major city. No gardens here. Is Cat still here? What about Louis, Arby, And Mt Rider?? I look forward to hanging out and catching up if anyone is still around. We could delete the other membership request and I can just use this one. I couldn’t figure out how to find my old one
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