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  1. Granddaughter came over this morning for her sweet potato casserole. She called me this evening and said that was really good. So she was happy.  I also gave her the recipe for it.  She wants to try to make it. I think she will do good at making that. Only thing is her boyfriend does not like sweet potatoes. He told me he will eat anything but sweet potatoes, peas and mushrooms.  Little will he know when I make squash casserole. It has mushrooms in it and GD and I are not going to tell him. We are just going to let him try something new. 

    Slept on the new mattress last night. It's a keeper. I was a tad bit sore at first this morning but I wasn't in pain like I am with the old mattress. I could even roll over in bed without the muscle in my side screaming at me. Still going to keep using that bed for a while.  

    Ordered the new bed for my bedroom and it will be here between 16 and 20 weeks. So will order another mattress on the sale for 4th of July or if they have a sell on Labor day weekend. The lady that I talked to said that if I have a mattress and box springs here, the delivery guys will put it on the bed for me after they get the bed set up. So I might just buy it and put it against the wall till then.

    Went outside this afternoon and pressure washed some more of the patio. It is looking a lot better. Hoping to finish it up tomorrow.  Washed towels and sheets this morning as well. 

    Still looking at boxes in small bedroom. I will go through some more of them tomorrow afternoon. I am just about ready to just pitch whatever is in them and be done with it. But I also know that might not be a good idea. Might throw out something I can't eat. That would not be good. So I guess I will just have to keep lugging away at it till the last box is done.

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  2. Annarchy, glad Dh is feeling better, I do hope your MIL is feeling better also. Keeping them in prayer. 


    Made sweet potato casserole for granddaughter's birthday. That was her request so all done. Her birthday is tomorrow. 

    The mattress I ordered for my old bed that I moved to the front bedroom came today. I forgot how high that rice bed was. Had to go up to attic to pull down the step stool that goes with that bed. It has been several years since we used that bed with a regular mattress and box springs on it. We had bought a bed that raises up and put that inside the bed frame and was like that for a few years. then we had to take the bed down from around it for Dh when he got sick and lower the legs to make it easier for him getting in and out of bed. So now the guest bedroom is done. Though I am going to sleep on that bed to see if that is the mattress I want for me. It is a firm mattress and though I tried it out in the store, it is not like sleeping on it for a few nights. that way I will know if I want to go up or down on the firmness. 

    It has been hot today, so I need to start getting out early morning and get in habit of walking the neighborhood again. Used to do that, but have not been able to for the past 2 years. Hard to get back into those old habits. 

    The hard rain we had pulled some limbs from tomato plants down to ground. Had to go out and tie them up to the cages.  I forgot the plants make me itch and I am itching all over now. Will have to remember to put on jeans and long sleeve shirt before working on tomato plants again. All the plants are loaded with tomatoes. I figure in about a month, I will be canning tomatoes.

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  3. Jeepers that is so true. Fauci has done nothing but lie about how he is tied into this virus. There were no bat soup or bats at that wet market like they were saying. Now he is trying to back track his lies.  Just wonder how much he was involved along with others that this virus was used as a weapon to destroy a lot of the population. China is just as guilty by hiding the truth when it first came out. And we the people are the ones that had to suffer for it. 

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  4. I agree.  We have been lied to by the media and Fauci the whole time. I am still not getting that vaccine as for one I don't trust that it is experimental and still not FDA approved. Plus the fact I have auto immune disease and can't get it anyway. 

    I am betting there is a lot about this whole pandemic that they are not telling us. Also just hearing what they are saying it almost sounds like they are planning another pandemic. Everyone just keep your ears peeled to what is going on in this world. It is not what we think, but what they want us to think. 

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  5. Dee, liquid fence is the name of what I use as well. We have had so much rain and more coming, so I will have to put it down again when the weather clears again. 

    I didn't plant carrots this year, but I do have several jars I canned about 2 years ago. Though I had to add store bought to that. 

    I want to get all the older food used up before next spring as much as possible and then I am going to do both raised beds and the back yard garden that I will be plowing up this fall to get ready for spring. Will be working on a list of things I want to plant in the spring. 

  6. Got an early start this morning. Big sale on chicken breast at Lidle's, so went early to get some. Limit of 10 lbs. So got just over 10 lbs. with no problem. Bought some pork chops on sale that I froze as well as some fish.  Came home and pressure canned the chicken. Got 16 pts. out of it. Not bad. 

    While pressure canners were running, I got clothes washed as I have not washed clothes in 10 days. So past time to get that job done. 

    Granddaughter and her boyfriend were over for dinner last night.  Made a pot roast, squash, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy. I had fixed 3 quart jars of squash. Those kids went after that and that was a huge pan of fried squash and onions. Glad they liked it. Wasn't much left but a couple of spoon full.  So that is tonight's dinner along with the one small slice of roast beef that was left and a few green beans.  I think they were hungry. 

    After dinner, the kids moved the tall dresser from my bedroom to the front bedroom that I have set up for a guest room. So now all the furniture is in that room and the mattress and box springs will be delivered on Tuesday. Then I just have to make bed and shut the door and that room is done. :hapydancsmil:

    I am going to turn to my bedroom next and start looking at bedroom furniture for it. Only thing in that room now is the old bed that raises and lowers and is about on it's last leg. But will do for me till I get the new bedroom suit and that room set up. Then comes the small bedroom. That room is still full of stuff from what was the old office along with the shelving units for the food I have canned. Still not sure how I will set that room up for use yet. It will be a multi function room. 

    I go to see the foot doctor on the 23ed. Hope I can wait that long as the heel of my left foot is killing me today. Finally got in to my family doctor and will be having my lab work next month. I don't think it will be a good outcome this time. I need to get my health back in order again. I had let it go for over a year taken care of DH and still have not gotten my act together with my health. Will see how things go next month.

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  7. Mt. Rider, I am so sorry you and your family are having to go through all of this. It will be hardest on your mom, but with you and other family members to be there for her, will make a big difference for her.  Take care with your issues as well.  Keeping all of you in prayer daily. 

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  8. I also have cat and dog repellant that I sprinkle around the edge of garden, but have to do it again after the rain. So far I have only caught the cat in the tomato plants once.  The repellant does not hurt animals, and the smell keeps them at bay. So when I get the fence up,  I will still use the dog and cat repellant at edge of fence to deter the cat.

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  9. From that map it looks like the fires are jumping. and also the two larger places almost look as they are going to meet in the middle. 

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  10. Miki, glad you had a great trip and glad you had a safe trip back home. I am still waiting for great grandkids. Though the oldest is now 35 years old and the 2ed oldest is 28. They best be thinking about kids soon. 

    It seems the paperwork never ends. I am still doing some paperwork but not like it was. So glad that is slowing way down now.

    Got the ramp taken down today, and he took two pieces of the wood and made stair rails on each side of the steps going down into the garage.  And better yet the bill is going to DH's cousin. He told him to give the bill to him that I am not to pay for it. I was shocked. But very happy he is doing this for me. I will be catching up to him to thank him.

    Went through a few more boxes today and got the bookcase out of my bedroom and back into hallway for now. Can't get all furniture where I want it till the new mattress and box springs come on the 14th. Then I can finish up that room and just close the door as it will be done. So I will have the guest room ready before the wedding in August. 

    Filled up more boxes for yard sale this fall. As soon as I get the small bedroom done and fixed up like I want, I am hoping to be able to start on the shed. And get that situated. A lot of stuff is going in yard sale from there. though I fear it is going to be to hot to work on it, but hoping there will be some cooler days for that. Found a home for the old spice deodorant and shave cream. I gave it to the guy that took the ramp down. He is a friend also and a neighbor from the neighborhood next to ours. So he is going to give some to his oldest son and grandson and keep some for him as well. Everything I can find a home for is really putting a big dent in my decluttering. 

    Don't know what is going on with my family doctor as I have been calling and leaving messages as that seems all I can do and they won't call back. The heal of my foot is getting worse, so I called 1 foot 2 foot. Got an appt. on the 23ed as that was the earliest they had. But I will take it. Going to call family doctor back tomorrow and hit the number for the nurses station to find out if I can get an appt. that way. This is crazy.  Went through this with DH with his doctors and now it is happening with my doctor. Things in the medical field are not looking good. 

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  11. I should be in bed sleeping now. but my body is screaming in pain right now. Took Advil and a muscle relaxer and so far it is not helping much.  I have been going through boxes of stuff from small bedroom all day. Totally cleaned out closet from my bedroom and have a lot of stuff organized in there. All the vitamins I take along with the Rx's I take are all on the one shelf set up like a pharmacy. So now I can see exactly what I have at a glance.  The upper  shelf has my shampoos, etc. set up where I can now find what i need at a glance. I was going to get rid of the cubbies that was on each side of closet, but decided they would make a great place for my shoes and purses. Worked out great and they are off the floor. So that closet is done. Still have a lot of stuff in small bedroom to go through, but at least I can see the floor now. Mostly office stuff and craft stuff that I need to go though. Not sure I will need to keep a lot of that now. I feel like I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel but I still have a long way to go  to finish up. I have a buyer for my den furniture. So will have to go soon to buy new den furniture. Just hope I can find a sofa bed like I want. 

    I have shaving cream and old spice deodorant, etc. that Dh used that I don't know what to do with. Going to see if grandsons, and granddaughters husbands use it. If so I could give that to them. Seems decluttering this house is harder than I ever thought it would be, but at least I have put a big dent in it.

    With hurricane season here now, I want to take a couple of 5 gal. buckets to set up an emergency kit. Each bucket will have a flashlight, batteries, emergency radio, candles, matches, etc. oil for lamps I have in shed and easy to get to. I will just bring into garage before a hurricane hits. Also need to get a couple more propane tanks and get them filled. 

    I feel like a one man band trying to get all this stuff done. Don't have my daughter here to help me with stuff now as she only comes in when she has the time.  She is still trying to get things done at her house as well, plus she works. So that makes it harder for her to come in.  Sure not the same as when she lived only 15 minutes from me. But she will be here on the 17th or 18th. So hoping she will be here the whole 4 days. She would be going back on Sunday. 

    We are going furniture shopping as I need a bedroom suit, den furniture and a new TV stand for den before the old one falls apart completely. 

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  12. I also have kept carrots in fridge like that for long periods of time. Never had a problem. though the last time I planted carrots, I canned those. Did not plant carrots this year. This fall I am going to get the larger garden plowed and ready for spring planting next year. Also going to buy some chicken wire to put around it to keep neighbors cat from using my garden for a bathroom. 

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  13. Those fires are not looking like they are going to be under control anytime soon. They are getting bigger. The bad thing is that I heard today we are going into a drought in many parts of the country. This will not play out very well for fires to flair up in many states. The heat index is also getting worse.

  14. And so it begins.  Stay safe everyone from these wild fires. This is not good for anyone. 


    Annarchy,  Praying these fires don't come near you. Though I know you will have the smoke from them depending on the wind. Stay safe and prayers going out for all in the area of these fires. 

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  15. Had a lot going on the past few days and still trying to catch up on some of the post on here. Not getting very far with reading but still trying to catch up. 


    Prayers going out to all that is in the areas of these fires. I pray for everyone to stay safe.  My prayers are with all of you. 


    Kappy, I had to turn the TV off. I am over Fauci.  But he has become a multi millionaire if not a billionaire off this virus. And he is not the only one. These people need to be thrown under the jail for what they have done. I really do hope and pray that all truth will come out about this mess. So many lives have been lost over this. 


    Kappy you are doing great on your weight loss.. I have been trying to loose weight as well, but getting no where much. I think my thyroid is off and I have been trying to get appt. for lab work with doctor, but I can't get through to the office. Don't know what is going on as they don't return my calls. So going to try again on Monday morning and then I am going to do what I did before. I will leave a message with the nurses station. Maybe that will work again.

    Still waiting for the guy to get the ramp down. I am getting tired of his saying I was so busy today but will be out tomorrow to take it down. If he doesn't come this week, then since it is screwed in, I am going to try to get it down myself. And yes now he wants my den furniture. But he can't get his butt over here to take ramp down. Gotta love handymen. 

    My energy levels have been very low and I am just slowly going through all the boxes sitting in small bedroom. I really don't know what to keep and what I should get rid of at this point. It is getting down now to will I need this or should I let this go situation. As I look at how things are going, inflation, shortages and such. It does make for some hard decisions. The new mattress and box springs will be here on the 14th and then I can get that room finished and just close the door till the rest of the rooms are done. I have been waiting on DD and SIL to come back in to go to Hanes furniture store as she said she wanted to go with me. But now I am wondering if she is going to make it down anytime soon. I don't want to wait much longer as It takes forever to get furniture delivered these days. I also want to go to Lazy Boy furniture, so thinking next week of just driving out there. Will see how the week goes. 

    Heading out to cemetery in a couple of hours to put fresh flowers on graveside. Then coming home and try to get more boxes emptied and things put away. Also going to start going through books and packing up what I don't want for the yard sale this fall. I need to start working on the shed, but we had 2 days of hard rain and now very hot weather. And I need to get the ramp down and out of the way so I can have room to sort though things and box up stuff and put in garage for the yard sale. I am also torn between keeping a lift I got for DH to help pull him up or to sell it. That is one of the tough decisions I am trying to make. I have it taken apart and back in box but it is very heavy and I paid $500 for it and don't know if it would sell in a yard sale. I am thinking of putting a $400 price tag on it but in a yard sale I don't think it would sale. 

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  16. Mt. Rider, I am so sorry to hear about your dad. Though Hospice is great. They will help your mom and all of you through this.  My prayers are with you and your family with special prayers for your mom.  Take care not to overdo and you getting down as well.  Get your rest and listen to your body. When it is time to rest please do so. You will be of better help for your mom if you are not dealing with your health issues.  :pray: :hug3::pray::pray:

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  17. Never would have thought about colors on a bathing suit and something that is good to know. i haven't owned a bathing suit in several years, but will be having to get one in near future.  My daughter is putting in both a swimming pool and a hot tub at her new house. So I guess when I go to visit I will be playing in the pool or enjoying the hot tub. 

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  18. I don't blame you for not telling your MIL about the friends. That could very well set her back also, and you don't want that to happen.  

    I know when I found out right after Dh passed that I lost 2 aunts and 2 cousins, that was just another blow to me. I think that is also one of the reasons i have had such a hard time of it.  Though it has been harder with loosing Dh, I was close to my aunts and cousins as well. 

    If I decide to stay here and not move out to where my DD lives, I just might go ahead and get some chickens, but no more than 3 or 4 to start. I will have to fence in the back yard because of people letting their dogs run loose and the cat across street as it is won't stay out of my garden. I do have the sonic sensors going and that is helping to keep cat out and not using it for a bathroom. I don't need that in my tomato plants.

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  19. Mt. Rider, it is good to see you on here and reporting so we can know how things are going.  I know it must be rough on your dad with his surroundings changing like that. It doesn't help if he can't keep the same routine as much as possible. Hoping and praying that situation gets better and that they find a medication he can take without all the side effects. 

    Glad to here you are getting stronger. Going up and down steps will build muscle and also with the horseback riding, it will make you much stronger.  Praying for your family to get through all of the changes taken place and special prayers for your mom also.  Praying for your brother to be able to get all the bills and paperwork figured out and can make that burden much easier for your mom as well. 

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