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  1. Haven't seen any post from Westie, but sounds like a great idea if they can be bought back up. Maybe they are archived somewhere. I need to learn a few things for future times coming. My father was a commercial artist. He did newspaper adds for Giant Open Air Market, Leggett's furniture store, designed bank bags and did the monster signs for peck iron and medal. He also when he had a heart attack. He sketched drawings in the hospital using chalk drawings for people and sold them for $25.00 and up. None of us 3 girls came close to being an artist. Though my oldest sister was better at it than us. Guess it skipped a generation because I have a granddaughter, the one getting married in March that is really great at it. She has designed tennis shoes for people painting birds and flowers on some and other things for others. She sold those for $50.00 a pair plus the price of the shoes. She has painted things for us as well and I treasure all of those pictures. My oldest granddaughter is the one that does the poems. I have copies of those as well in an album. I treasure all of them. My grandson is really good at drawing as well, but has not taken a real interest in doing it yet. But then he is a boy and has other things he likes to do better. Fishing and hunting, though hunting is not going to happen for a long while now. No where he can go. Will see how N.C. pans out on that.
  2. Dee, My family is from Lynchburg and Madison heights area. My grandparents and 2 of my uncles had homesteads and planted a lot of things. i used to stay with my grandparents during the summer months growing up. I loved it there on that old homestead. Now that most of my family has passed on and the old homestead has gone commercial, it is up for sale and has been for a long time now. I was thinking of buying it but with being commercial and so much business has built up around it like where we are now. I decided not to buy it. i want to be in the country not back in a town. I don't remember the type of strawberries they grew there. But I know they did grow them.
  3. I have a granddaughter that has written many poems, we have been trying to get her to publish those as they are really good. But she won't do it either. Mother, I agree 100% that this year is going to be better. I for one am taking 2 months off just to sit back and do things I want to do, not everything I need to do. I am not going to worry about this pandemic nor anything else that happens unless it effects me directly. I am going to sew, read books, and do some canning geared more for the things DH will eat now. He has a swallowing issue, so having to change things up a bit. Tomato soup, chicken broth, beef broth all no salt. And anything else I can think of to can for him. Otherwise I am going to have a relaxing 2 months. No stores other than for picking up RX's and milk and eggs. Just relaxing doing things I want and like to do. It has been a very hard 12 to 14 months for us with DH's illness and now I am just going to relax and spend my time doing things with DH and things I want to do. After that I will see what happens. And will be doing a lot of praying for a much better New Year for everyone. Happy New Year everyone. May it be a blessed year for all.
  4. Finishing up a book I had started reading before Christmas. Two more chapters to go. Then I will start on some of the new ones I have. Got the Christmas tree and other things put away and back in shed today. Been a bit warmer today at 61*. Walked outside for a bit. Tomorrow will be cold and rain again. DH had a good day today and hoping for many more good days. Going to be getting his therapy set back up on Monday. SIL is bringing his motorcycle over tomorrow to park. Till after the 11th. They will be bringing the fish tank and flowers as well till they get settled and then will come back to get them. Don't know where they will park that monster camper while living in an appt. till they find a house. Unless they are going to keep it at SIL's place of work. That would be where the trucks park I am thinking. If so, at least it will be behind a fence. Going to take the next 2 months easy. That will give me time to build back the emergency fund and to think about what we really need to doing to prep. DH's eating habits have changed and he won't eat much when he does eat. So going to take that 2 months and rethink my canning options. I already know I need to make some more tomato soup for him. He went through the 14 pints I had fast. So going to double or triple that amount next time. My gut feeling says there are going to be some big changes happening for 2021. We have a CD that just came due and I am going to cash that out to put with my emergency fund. Then I am going to close out the savings account, also to put in the emergency fund. Making no interest on the new CD''s and nothing on the checking account. My gut feeling says to start removing money now. So will be working on that next week. From there I will be doing some canning from freezer and making the tomato soup, then just sit back and relax for the next 2 months. Not going to stores or nothing during that time other than to pick up RX;s milk and eggs. I could use powdered milk and eggs, but I already have that set up for long term and don't want to go into anymore of it yet. Got to new flannel sheet blankets for Christmas that I don't need to use right now, but think I will go ahead and get them washed up and put away. Wanting to make some new bathroom curtains, the old ones are showing their age now and need replacing. When I say old, I mean they are like 30 plus years old. Time for a change. Going to enjoy the next two months of just doing things I want to do, such as sewing and other projects I have started that I want to finish up. At least they will be relaxing things to do. i feel I need that right now. Just relax and enjoy life.
  5. These are the books I just got for Christmas: Mountain Myjesty 1 wild country by Ardath Mayhar How to grow and create fresh air: 70 plus plants to purify your home & office. by Ayako Etsuke God's plan in the coming depression: America's last call by David Wilkerson On the brink of a financial halocost: David Wilkerson Lawless End times war against the spirit or antichrist by Terry James The lookout: A gripping survival thriller by Jack Hunt SHTF survival boot camp by Selco Begovie and Toby Cowern I have a lot of reading to do this year, Decided to take it easier this year. 2020 and the last 4 months of 2019 were rough months for us. So we are going to sit back and take it easy for a month or two. We need to catch our breath with all that has gone on over the past 12 to 16 months. That will give us time to build back up our emergency money and to take a good look at what we really need to be prepping for.
  6. Been raining on and off here all day. Got up to 58* but didn't feel like it. felt more like maybe 54* because it has been so damp. It has been a cold rain. We are staying home and having a nice quiet evening at home. With DH, can't go anywhere anyway. Usually we watch the fireworks from our back porch, but not sure if there will be any yet with the rain. But if they do manage it. We will be watching for it from our patio door. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE AND PRAYING FOR A MUCH BETTER 2021.
  7. Wow! Snow for you guys. Be careful out there traveling and such. The CG, take the precautions needed, we don't want you to get this virus. Stay safe. We woke up to a light rain this morning. Think it will be off and on all day. Temp. right now is 47*. So not to bad. We have already had below freezing 31 and 32* during night with a quick warmup during day to the 40''s and 50's. There is going to be a New Year's party at neighbor's house right behind us tonight. it starts at 8 pm. We were invited, but no way we can go with DH. Also there are going to be around 50 people that have said they are coming. That is to many for me to take chances with DH's health issues. We have been to them before but not with this many people. It would have given us a chance to meet some of the new neighbors that will be there, but not this year.
  8. Don't think it is going out yet as they are still trying to get the $2000 to pass. But it will be what it is. Mine will be taken out of the bank and added to my emergency fund this time. The last one paid my real estate taxes for a year.
  9. WE2, so sorry to hear about your DH's cousin's husband. I do hope and pray he comes through this. And right after loosing his wife. That just makes it harder. Prayers for him and your family that is coming down with this virus. Hope it will not be to bad on them. Had an easier day today. Started going through a few things and getting it put away where it belongs. Need to get that done so I can start going through the 2 bedrooms and getting things out that we don't need. I need to get the small bedroom cleaned up by March as my granddaughter and her husband will be here for her sister's wedding and are going to stay with us. Though that room is also my pantry, that is also where the other bed is. But they know about my food storage as they used to shop for groceries at my house when they still lived here, trying to get on their feet. Military wasn't paying at first. They are doing much better now as both of them are working and her DH is now either an E5 or 6. I forget which. He is the one working at the Naval Hosp. in the Navy.
  10. Got DH's bath, and got him settled. Went to pick up RX then came home and got all the end of the year paperwork done. Had some phone calls to make on our insurances to make sure of the monthly payments. So now we are all set for the 1st of year. Gee, How I do feel broke. Now to cut back on everything and build up that emergency fund. We have a CD coming due and it won't make any money if we renew it. Less than 1% interest. So I am going to go cash it out right after the first and put that money in my emergency fund. Then I am going to go to the other bank and close out our savings account. Not much in it anyway. What is left will also go into emergency fund. That will help build that back up and give us the cash we need again. The end of next month I will start getting things together for taxes. It will be that time before we know it. Might have to find a new CPA for ours next year. Seems they want us to do it in a way I don't think we will have that ability to do. Going to call them to see if we can do it like we always do. Just mail them everything and they will have what they need to do it by mail. It has been working for a few years like that and no need to change it. Will call them after the first of year. If it wasn't for DH's father's trust we wouldn't need to have a CPA. But it is what it is. We always use certified mail when we do it that way.
  11. It was on the news just a while ago that they are going to do an audit of how many deaths occurred from Corvid. Seems they really were counting people that died from other illnesses and did not have the corvid virus. will have to wait to see what will happen on that. If it is true then as usual the news is fake and lying to us on every count.
  12. WE2, so sorry to hear about your DH's cousin. Sad time indeed. Poor Abby, glad she is ok and didn't hurt herself. Annarchy, glad you had a great time and back home safe and sound again. Cleaned den, and kitchen and got laundry done today. Been sort of taken it easy today. Got some paperwork to get done tomorrow that I was going to do today and also have to go pick up an RX tomorrow. Was hoping to be able to stay out of the store for awhile. But got to go get the RX.
  13. Hello Motherhen, I missed your post. Nice to meet you. DH got over his sinus infection fast this time. Must be all the vitamins he is taken. Though he did pass it to me. But more of a slight cold than a sinus infection. I am also about over it.
  14. I do have the book one second after and have read that one a couple of times. Not heard of the book The Testing. Will have to check that one out. Didn't get any new books this Christmas but still have a lot of books on my kindle to read as soon as I can get the time to sit down and read some again. After the first and all the Christmas stuff which this year isn't much gets put away and back in shed, I want to get the office back together and then sit down to some good books. Haven't had the chance this whole year to be able to sit down and just read. Going to be working on that situation for the rest of the winter before I hopefully can get a garden going again next spring. Missed my garden this year, but things happen and you need to be prepared for those things just incase you can't get a garden going. More than just illness can stop a garden. To much rain or not enough rain. You never know from year to year but we were covered for this year with no crops.
  15. Jeepers, I am not sure which is the best. But what I have is hard wheat and hard white. i have had no issues with either of those and they make up some good bread. The Amish store might be able to better help you on that.
  16. We had a wonderful Christmas despite all the changes taken place around here. Though step daughter didn't come. But then that is a long story I won't go into on here. Let's just say she is special and leave it at that. New boyfriend she doesn't seem to want us to meet. Nothing new where she is concerned. They have all been losers in her case. Many bad judgements on her part. But DH wasn't the one that got to raise his daughter. But it wasn't from trying. Though my step grandson and his girlfriend came over and we all had a great time. His girlfriend works for ( I forgot) but in North Carolina tracking the corvid virus. It was suppose to be a temporary job for her but she has been there long past the time for temporary. Seems to be a nice girl. And my daughter and grandkids were all here. Though they are also getting ready to move away due to SIL's job. We used the alexa while everyone was here to see and spend time with granddaughter in Washington state. That was nice to be able to see her. Her DH has gone crazy, his parents got them a smoker and he has been using it almost every day. They love it. They smoked a turkey and ribs in it for Christmas. Had some military friends over for dinner. DH did very well and didn't get tired like I thought he would having to stay up all day. He did sleep good last night. He also ate much better today as his sinus infection is clearing up now. Jeepers, go on line to Blair. They have some big sells and that is where I have been buying my clothes lately. They do run a bit on the large side for most of there things and I have to take that into account. But I like a lot of the clothes they sell. Very comfortable. I also cannot stand anything tight like jeans around my waist anymore. Must be an old person thing.
  17. I have read the book lights out a couple of times. But I have also read several other books on the subject. Some of the things we will be dealing with will depend on where we live. Those that live in the country with well and septic as well as fireplaces and other ways to cook will be better off as long as they have live stock and gardens. Some of the things others will be dealing with if they live in appts. or city dwellings. as well as in neighborhoods, is no running water. We do have a well but it is on 220 electric. will need to get a hand pump. We are no longer on septic tank as we had to change over to city sewage. Well, anyone that knows about city sewage, knows it takes electricity to pump the sewage. Sooner or later that raw sewage will back up into you sinks, tubs and toilets. It will not be a pretty site. And you may not be able to stay in your home because of it. Also for those that live near a nuclear power plant it needs electric to keep it cooled down. So issues for anyone living near one. There are about 5 or 6 to close for comfort for us here. Both in N. Carolina and VA. They will all effect us here and all along the E. Coast. No heat for many without fireplaces and many here have the natural gas or electric inserts in their fireplaces. They also will not work. We have a fireplace and is still wood burning. Also natural gas will not be able to be pumped to your homes for very long. Not sure as to how that works. But we won't have the natural gas but for a short time. Also most cars and trucks unless they are from before, if I remember right 1985. Cars today have to many electronics that will be fried. So no trucks making runs to deliver food. That also means propane for those that depend on that as well. No gas pumps to fill your gas tanks even if you do have an older car or truck that would work, you still need gas to run it. Many will die within the first year. The elderly and very young for starters. Those on oxygen and other life saving equipment will not make it. This is only the beginning of a long list of things that can and will happen. But will give everyone things to think about if they haven't already and I do think everyone here knows what could be coming down the pipe. There is so much more that can happen. Riots will happen. People are going to get desperate. I think we all know where that is leading. Break ins, robberies. Neighbor turning against neighbor because their children are starving. This and more has been on my mind for a long time. The real question is can we prepare for all of this. If you live in the country, yes, you do have a better chance to make it. Other areas not so much. It will take a lot of planning and doing. Skills will need to be learned that we may have not thought about.
  18. I confess, I spiked the eggnog.
  19. Neither myself nor my DH has had it. None of my family members have had it either. DH was tested twice before surgery and once when they readmitted him to hosp. He was neg. all three times. No one in family has been sick. I think DH made up for all of us. Though that is CHF. I will be setting rules for Christmas day as family comes to house though. They all must go to bathroom and wash their hands. I will not be playing around with this virus. Also there will be no double dipping from the containers of dips. I have single dip cups to put the dip in. Yes step daughter is special. She does what she wants and I will be watching her close. A sign will be on table by the dips. Do to Corona and DH's health, put your dip in the small cup or on your plate. NO DOUBLE DIPPING. Small cups will be by the dips. I am doing this because if DH gets that virus, he will not make it. So we are putting in some strict protocols. We have to be careful around DH. I don't play around.
  20. Have been hearing this could happen for a while now, but first time I saw what you just posted Mt. Rider. Will be reading that later for sure. Our water systems has been hacked. They have been working on it for over a month now. They said we will get our bills maybe by mid Jan. Paid the last one in Nov. and they just cashed that check a few days ago. So Dec. and Jan. bill will be a double. Have been trying to do what I can incase of an EMP attack. Guess it is time to step that up. Though how do you protect your cars and everything in home from it. Cell phones will not work as the towers would be out. No communication. I have been wanting to get some walkie talkies for DH and myself because when I am outside this summer working garden it would be easier for him to call me in when he needs me. So going to do that right after Christmas. Those I can easily EMP proof them.
  21. Went to Kroger this morning with DD. What a joke. had to wipe down your own baskets as they didn't do it. But at least they had the stuff there to wipe them down with. Got what we needed and got out of dodge. That place was mobbed. I have never waited till Christmas eve to go to store for things I needed but I am not doing a lot of cooking. I am making deviled eggs, potato salad buffalo wings and meatballs. Chips and dips and such just pull out and put on table. There will be other things as DD is making ham biscuits and some other things to bring over in morning. Right now I am sitting down with a drink and resting before I get started. Lots to do but will be much easier for us this year. Trays already made up. Oh yes, should I or should I not spike the egg nog. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!
  22. VA country hams are great. What I do is soak overnight in white vinegar water. Depending on size of ham, about 1 to 2 cups of vinegar. It pulls out the salt and makes the ham more tender. Also of course you need to scape off any mold and stuff that might be on the ham. I have done all mine like that.
  23. You can put the spam in water and bring it slowly up to a slow boil for about an minute. That will pull the salt out of it. Then just dump the water and fry it up as usual or for how ever you are going to fix it. We like to fry it up with eggs. Though no matter how we draw the salt out, I still don't trust giving any to DH now with the CHF. Don't want to take any chances. My plan is to keep him around for a long time. So being very careful. I do have other things I fix for him that is very low sodium to no sodium though. Just don't trust the spam. Though I do have several cans of it.
  24. Jeepers, glad you had a nice time. and now home safe and sound. That is weird about the $20. I have a few old ones and have never had any issues with anyone taking them. But if it ever happens, I will just take them to the bank and ask about it. Mt. Rider, praying that your DH's back gets better soon. WE2, praying still for your grandson. I do hope he is doing much better and doing well with therapy. Today I have been cleaning house and got towels washed. DH was worn out just from getting his shower. CHF is a bummer. He stayed in bed resting all day till dinner. He had breakfast and lunch in bed. But did get up and came to den for dinner. He's settled down and watching TV now. So he should do ok for tomorrow. He won't get another shower till Thursday. Usually he gets a shower twice a week as it is just to much on him and he refuses to sit down on the shower chair as he is afraid he won't be able to get up. He has to hold on to the handicap rail and baths with one hand. Though I still have to help him. But it just wears him out. So normally Monday and Thursday he gets a shower and just washes up in between. But yesterday I was so busy and he was not feeling well with that sinus infection. That is not helping anything. But he has chronic infections and it comes from his swallowing issues. Something goes down the wrong way into his lung it comes back into his sinus cavity and starts the infection. So many issues to deal with. But we do the best we can and move on. Daughter is coming tomorrow morning and we are going to Kroger to pick some trays up for Christmas. Then coming back here and the two of us are going to make a few things for Christmas. Not having a sit down dinner as people are coming at different times. But will have some chips and dips, veggie tray, meatballs, little smokies, potato salad, deviled eggs, etc. Things we can keep warm or pull out of fridge as people come over. Much easier than trying to have a sit down meal when not everyone can be here at the same time. DD is bringing some things she made at home over in morning as well. So we should be good to go. And yes we will be doing the distance thing and being careful. That is one reason why everyone will be coming at different times this year. So not to be a big crowd. And it would be much better for DH as well.
  25. Before I ended up dropping out of the food ministry at church because of Dh's illness, I used to go to the stores and buy canned goods by the case load. 3 or 4 cases of green beans, corn, peas, cereal, and much more. They knew it was for the food ministry as I have and still have my tax exempt card. I do not pay taxes on anything I buy for the church and I have to sign a paper with the tax code on it each time. So for that I have always used my loyalty card for those sales. So if they are tracking those sells they will know it was a church purchase for food ministry as we work through the foodbank also. But when I want to buy for myself to stock up by case load of something, I don't use my loyalty card and yes, I use cash each time. I am moving away from credit cards and my debit card as much as possible. I just go by bank when I need to go to store and get the cash out for what I need. No questions asked. And yes I don't get the sale price when I don't use my loyalty cards, but when you look at those savings it is really not that much. Just on somethings that I will use the loyalty cards now. Walgreen does have a good way to stock using those loyalty cards as you do have to buy more than one or two items to get that 1/2 price or free sale. So you are only following the ad for what the sale calls for. For that I would use the loyalty card. But still pay cash. On the spam, they have one that has 1/2 the sodium. But for DH it is still to much. But that is the one I buy. they also now have one that is turkey. It's not bad and also lower sodium. I bought a turkey breast and going to fix some up like the spam and freeze it. It will be better for DH. Can't do the ham unless I can find a ham with very low sodium. This sodium thing will be an issue in a SHTF situation. So got to think ahead for him. I have canned a lot of meats. Made barbeque and canned it and lots of soups and stews. All very low or no sodium items.
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