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  1. euphrasyne all goes well with the mamogram. Miki also for your thumb to get much better. I know how that can be. I have had surgery twice now on my fingers. Not any fun. I have to have knuckle replacement on 2 fingers. Not going to do that for a long while. Also for everyone in path of the storms to stay safe. Mt. Rider yes, prayers that we all figure out what we need to be doing to prepare ourselves and loved ones for whatever happens in this world. I really do feel like my preparedness will be taking a different direction but not sure of which way as of yet. Gu
  2. Yes, I heard about that. Did they get it out yet?
  3. Didn't make it to the feed and seed this morning as a friend of mine wanted me to watch Biden on Fox news. So I did but was really not interested in what he had to say. Daughter coming in tomorrow evening late, and is staying in hotel as they are heading straight out to the 2 sheds they have to empty and then she is going to see a friend as it is her birthday and she wants to give her a gift. So on Sat. I am going with my neighbor to breakfast and then to the farmers market in Smithfield. I should be back by noon. I won't see DD till sometime in the afternoon and Friday night I go to
  4. I forgot to log out last night. Seems the middle of the country is really getting a beating. This is really bad. Please everyone in those areas stay as safe as you can. If this type of weather keeps up the middle states which is the bread basket of the country will be wiped out. Prices will rise because of this. Hope this one won't do the damage the last one did.
  5. Midnightmom, I did get another social security check the second week of March as they said they owed DH money. Then I got a second social security check on the 24th which was the one I was suppose to get. I think that I will be able to keep the 1400 that they also sent for Dh. my financial planner called this afternoon and I asked him about it. He said he is fairly sure I would be able to keep it as Dh was still living when they decided to give it out. So that would be nice. I have now payed off all the charge cards from the funeral. So no more bills. Big load off my mind. Now I might feel
  6. Thank you for letting me know euphrasyne. Glad you are ok on food. I am going to pack it up to take to the Church food ministry. Just more than I will be able to use before it goes out of date. Our church feeds about 40 families that can't afford to buy food so I know they can use it. Here it is 3:30 in the morning and I just can't sleep. I will dose off and then wake up. I hate nights like this and glad they don't happen often. Might be because I was taking the winter clothes out of dresser and putting the summer clothes in and I packed up Dh's winter clothes that was in the
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAULINE! Hope your day is very bright and lots of fun.
  8. Got ours on the 17th but I am betting they will take back half of it as DH pasted away on Feb. 14th. But still got the money. So holding back using half of it till I see what they are going to do. Should know after my taxes are filed if they take it back or not. Time will tell. Hoping I will be able to keep it as I will use it to pay a year of taxes on house again like I did last year instead of just 6 months on it.
  9. Homesteader, I am so sorry to hear about your mom. Seems these past couple of years have been hard on so many. Glad you were able to get a hospital bed that would work good for her and she was able to sleep much better. That will help her so much. I haven't been to Walmart in over a year. Wonder how empty the shelves are there now. Will have to make a trip over there sometime next week after all the kids have gone home. They will be here this weekend. Daughter, son in law and grandson. Grandson has his plane ticket and will be heading to Washington on the 4th of April. I re
  10. Littlesister


    Might be something for me to think about. Now that I am living alone. Having another dog would be good. I was was outside yesterday and my neighbor across the street got another puppy. That makes 2 dogs for them now. The first one is almost 2 years old. I sort of fell in love with the puppy. Both dogs are labs. But not sure if I would want a lab as they are not the best watch dogs and protectors. But they are so lovable. I would want to fence in the yard or at least part of the yard for a dog to be able to get outside when I can't take it walking. But that is something to think about at a
  11. Thank you for that Annarchy. It has been five weeks this past Sunday that DH had passed and I am still trying to figure out my life without him now. I have been back and forth with the post office about loosing my tax papers again. Hoping this time they will get them delivered. Right now I have no money coming in till everything from our retirement is done and fully turned over to me for my monthly checks. Though I do have money to pay my bills so I am ok for now. But found out today that AXA made a mistake and my financial planner is having a fit because of it. So he is trying to push it alo
  12. Gas here is now 2.69. I am sure it will be up another 10 cents before the week is out.
  13. I have heard about the volcano in Iceland but had not seen pictures of it. Pretty to watch but I wouldn't want to be there. Earthquakes as well. Signs of the times for sure.
  14. Seems everyone has been busy. New car that looks great. Bet that is a nice quiet, smooth ride euphrasyne. I like it. I have been busy with some paper work. Seems it never ends. They got my taxes all the way to Norfolk and now another notice that they will be late. They have been late since the 8th of March when they were suppose to have been delivered. Guess I will be on phone again tomorrow about it. Fell asleep on couch watching TV yesterday and must have had my left arm under me some how. I can't hardly move it today. Took a muscle relaxer a bit ago and the pa
  15. Littlesister


    First time seeing this. Interesting. My granddaughter in Washington state trains service dogs. That is good that the dog could pull that little boy in the wagon. Good job.
  16. Glad everyone so far is doing ok in this messy weather. Please stay safe from all this. We didn't get anything so far. Just cloudy weather. Hope we don't get it but I think tomorrow is suppose to rain. It was in the low 70's today and was nice other than no sunshine to speak of. And I really don't want to see that much snow around here.
  17. My taxes are still in limbo. So I put in another service request and went higher up the latter. Will see what happens now. My granddaughter got here yesterday from Washington state and my other granddaughter's friend from Alaska also got here yesterday. I haven't seen her in a long while. We all had dinner at my granddaughter's house and then a bit later my granddaughter and I came back home. We went out to breakfast this morning and then went around to a lot of the small shops around here. She has left to go back home this afternoon. So it was a short trip. My other granddaughter's fr
  18. Waiting for granddaughter to get here. Should be here in an hour or so. My other granddaughter had a doctors appt. and then met up with her, so they are grabbing a bite to eat and heading this way. I have been very dizzy today. Never like this before. Checked B/P and it was a bit high but had just taken my blood pressure meds so had not kicked in yet. I am thinking it is my neck. All that lifting and moving furniture around may have messed it up again. Got to work it to get it lined up again. Will be talking to doctor after things calm down about getting an X-ray to see if the plate
  19. Mommato3boys, Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Hope you are doing better today. Just got an alert from USA today that a NWS storm prediction center issues rare Level 5 "high risk" alert for severe storms, incl. strong, long track tornados, for parts of AL, AR, LA, and MS. Please everyone in those areas stay safe. And stay alert to the news on this. I am reading these storms should start sometime this afternoon and peak sometime this evening.
  20. Jeepers I do have those sliders, I used them to move the bookcases to living room. They look so much better in there and getting them out of office has opened up the office. But it is a mess in there. Got to go through a lot of stuff. Called the post office this afternoon as my taxes have still not been found. I don't think they are looking for them. I am calling again in the morning and will keep calling and pestering the &&& out of them. Going to also call my CPA to let him know what is going on. Midnightmom, the food I need to take to church is a lot of store boug
  21. Thank you for that info Jeepers. I am going to check that out when I have more time. Getting ready to go to store shortly. euphrasyne, I have used the pressure cooker many times for cooking beans. I like to put them in the slow cooker in early morning and let the cook all day. But the much older beans don't get as tender in there. I soak my beans overnight but did not know about the baking soda. Will be coming back to watch the video after a bit.
  22. So glad to see everyone weathered this storm. That was a lot of snow Mt. Rider. Be careful outside. We don't want you slipping on ice.
  23. Been working on office this morning. Got one bookcase emptied and ready to move to the living room. Need to go to store for a couple of things as granddaughter will be coming in tomorrow and staying with me. We are going to my other granddaughter's house for dinner as she has a friend coming in from Alaska that will be staying also. I haven't seen her in a long while either. So would be nice to see them all again together. Started raining last night and early morning. Just cloudy and not much sunshine. I hate days like this. Ready for warmer weather and sunshine. I am doing a bit
  24. Homesteader I your mom is ok. And the nitro will take care of her chest pain. Hope the Angina is mild and will not cause any heart issues other than what is already there. I agree about the hospitals and the lack of care for non corvid patients. I have been through it with DH and I know he didn't get the care he would have 3 years ago. The medical field has also killed off many of our church members as well. It will be up to us to be sure to take care of ourselves as much as possible. Checking our own blood pressures, and anything else we can do for ourselves medically. My blood pre
  25. That is bad. Everyone in the path of this storm, please stay safe. Check in when you can to let us know you are doing ok. for all that is in this mess.
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