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  1. Gas prices here are up to $2.89.  I heard there is a gas station in Richmond that is price gouging at $7.00 a gal. for regular unleaded. Also read that that is why they suddenly decided about not having to wear mask so as to cover up the price gouging. I don't think they can cover that up. People can see it going on. But it has not been on the news that I have heard of yet. Or I missed it. 

  2. Miki, you might be right. I know a wood fence would be high price, don't know how the plastic ones have risen in price. Something I need to check on. Though I haven't seen that neighbor walking up my way now in 2 days. When I looked down toward his house when I was watering the flowers this evening, it looks like they are having another one of their secret meetings. They close up the blinds and everything when they have one. Can't say if it is church related or something else. They have had a Thank You Jesus sign in their yard for a couple of years. Nothing wrong with the sign but why do they close the house up like Fort Knox when they have all those people over there? Just odd.  Anyway, when he came over when I was planting the marigolds, I wasn't as nice. I was tired and he got the message it wasn't the time to be there. So he left. Hoping that took care of it, but time will tell. Still keeping my guard up though. 


    Been really busy today. Finally, I got the inside of the car cleaned out. One and a half years since it had been cleaned. It was nasty. Got carpet cleaned and all. The new shop vac worked great. Tomorrow I will wash and wax it.  Was to tired to do all of it as it took me most of the day to clean out the inside.


    Kids are coming in this weekend. :hapydancsmil:The double bed, wrap around monster desk and other things will be gone and I can then work on inside of house. I have been at a standstill till all their stuff is out and the other things I am giving them is out of the way.  I am so ready to get this house back together again. SIL is going to get that bed frame put together so I can get a  box spring and mattress for it. Then I will have a bedroom for the grandkids in Washington when they come in. They want to stay with me. And I can get the smallest bedroom together. That will still be a multi purpose room but I can make it work with the smaller furniture. Then I can start getting things fixed.  Need to jack up the dinning room floor and have the fireplace repaired and need to call someone for the well. So maybe in another month I can get all that taken care of.  

    And I best be taken some time to go buy a dress for the wedding in August. 


    I know I have been dumping my issues on here a lot over the past several months, and I thank everyone for putting up with it. But for some reason it has helped me get through it all.  Hoping I will be back to my old self within a year. It has been  at least 3 or 4 years since I could just be me again. Or I should say my old self again. Being a care giver for any family member is not easy when you are doing it on your own 24/7.  It does take a lot out of you.  But I am getting there and trying hard to move on.  The changes in house will be a good start and I am looking forward to the changes I want to make. It will make cleaning the house easier and my life easier I hope. 

    Was going to pull all the chicken out of freezer and get it all canned, but decided to put it on hold since I needed to catch up on some much needed stuff and the kids coming in this weekend. Next week I am going to try to get that done. I really need to get that freezer emptied.  Once the chicken is canned I will move on to doing something with all the beef in the freezer.  Need to check my canning books for some new recipes.


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  3. Well back on the subject of what I have been doing.  I didn't go to church today as I was so sore this morning when I got up from planting 72 flowers all the way around the boarder of my flower beds, or I should say now garden as the flower beds around the house is like having a raised garden bed. My shoulders are still hurting and I am so tired. My house is still one big mess. I took the other bookcase out of hall and that is now sitting in my bedroom as DD and SIL were coming down to get the desk, their fish tank and other stuff out of here and I had to move the bookcase out of the hallway to be able to get furniture moved around and out of the bedroom doors. I now have the headboard of my bed that I had to take down for DH in what was my office. I am trying to turn that room into a guest bedroom as my grandkids and DD and SIL stay with me when they all come in. So I need those bedrooms to be bedrooms again. So sewing machine will stay in dinning room. Which is where I had it when the kids were still living at home. And it works and I have better light under dinning room window. The living room and dinning room are all back together and clean.  Since the kids could not come in this weekend due to the gasoline shortage, I am now at a standstill. Can't move the furniture on my own unless it is the light stuff. I am thinking of putting the book case in den as it matches the tables and stuff in there anyway. So might be thinking about that instead of putting it back into the hallway. Hoping the gas situation is getting better. I haven't really been keeping up on it much like I need to. But from my understanding some of the gas stations are starting to have trucks coming in. So maybe next weekend the kids can come and get the rest of their stuff I am storing for them and the desk and things that I am giving them.  Going to get me a small desk after I get things cleaned up and back together. The one I have is a wrap around desk and takes half of the bedroom space. 

    Wondering if I will ever get this house situated and organized again. It is just taken so long to get it done.  I have a stack of old papers to shred. Thinking of getting the firepit going and just burning it rather than sit here and shred it all. It is a big box and would take me days to get it all shredded. So out with the hotdogs and such and get the barn fire going. Been a  long time since I cooked hotdogs over an open flame. The kids would love to do that again. Just might be a plan for when they get back into town again. Hopefully next weekend. 


    That just made me think about something about that guy.  He stayed away from here the whole time the motorcycle was sitting in my driveway. he didn't start coming up in yard till that was gone.  Just a thought.


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  4. euphrasyne,  It is a known fact that in a death of a spouse, never to make rash decisions about anything. I have no plans to  sell my house for at least 2 years. Yes it is a good time to sell but not to buy right now anyway. I have one neighbor that is a nosy person. She is the one that used to work real estate and her sister in law was the mayor of Suffolk and she and her husband are in real estate. So the neighbor told me when and not if I sell my house she is going to buy it. I know that scam all to well. She will try to get me to sell on the cheap and then flip it to make a profit. She barged her way into my house as the rescue squad was coming in. Like to have never got rid of her and practically had to throw her out of the house so I could leave for the ER. 

    As for this man,  I don't know him nor his wife. He can see my front yard from his house but not the back yard. He has never come up into my yard before now. And he has asked one to many questions with how many bedrooms do I have and oh you have a fireplace. Well the chimney is no secret. You can see it from the front and back of house over the roof. He also has scoped my house. So he knew I had a chimney before he even came around to the front door. It could be he's looking to buy the house also but will have to fight with the other neighbor for it. But it is other things like when he walked up into the shed and started snooping around. I live on a corner lot and no fence. I am now thinking of looking into the price of a fence for back yard. Maybe if his wife was friendly and they both were coming here at same time, I would not have put my guard up like I have. But it is always just him and she won't speak to hardly any neighbors and goes the other way to walk by herself and no longer comes down my street. I never see the 2 of them together anymore. So if he is lonely and looking for a rich widow, he's out of luck and barking up the wrong tree. Rich I am not, but I do live comfortable.  Anyone could have seen the ramp in my garage and me bringing Dh in and out of house for doctor appts. He may have seen that when he went walking a few times. And the fact that I needed help to get Dh in and out of the car and back into the house even with a ramp. He never offered to help with that. I had friends lined up to help me with that but he did not know that. 


    Miki, I do keep my pepper spray with me and in hand when I go off but not at home. I will start keeping that with me. also I do have a concealed weapons permit and I might just start carrying at home when I am outside. Just in case.

    Anyway for now I am just going to stay watchful of this guy and start looking to see if his truck is in driveway before I venture outside to do any yard work or clean out that other shed which I am going to figure out how to block view from street so he or anyone else cannot see me dragging things out to go through. I also have another way to leave the neighborhood so he cannot see me leave from that way. Going to start changing up the way I always do things. Hopeful it will discourage him. I do have neighbors that I am friends with and we get together and chat and such, but this guy just pushes his way into my business and I don't like that. Something about this guy. I might talk with one of the neighbors a little to see if she knows anything about him and his wife. Just need to do it in a way that she doesn't think I am just being nosy. 


    This is not something I need right now nor is it something I ever thought I would be having to deal with. Though if it keeps up, I might sell in a year instead of maybe selling in 2 years. And with that said, I am going to just keep my guard up and be more watchful of this man. Just seems strange he decides to be so friendly after Dh passes and not before and with a wife that won't even speak to neighbors nor walk the neighborhood with her husband. Just strange and something smells.

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  5. Right now from what I remember is that his wife, if they really got married as they did at first move in together. So I am thinking they did get married. This guy looks to be in maybe his early 50's.  She is older.  She sold her house in another city to her son. I do not know if she at that time was devoiced or her Dh passed away.  But she moved here in my neighborhood. She always kept to herself. When she would walk around the block, if I was outside I would say hello to her and she would just turn her head the other way and not speak. So I never said anything to her after a while of saying hello. I am not the only neighbor she is like that to. Now when she walks she does not come down my street and goes around the other block. And she never walks with her husband. I do not know their names.  This guy has never come up into my yard to talk to me or my husband before now. But would say hello when walking the neighborhood.  Now he just walks into the yard when I am working out there. There was no one in the truck as when I shut the door, I went straight to the kitchen window and watched him get in truck and leave so nothing was missing. But am aware of that scam.  I always keep my doors locked. Just something I have always done. But now I also had started closing my garage door when I am outside working. Not because of him but because you never know if someone might walk into the house when you are on other side of house doing yard work. 

    He and his wife still live together but I don't know if something is going on with the 2 of them. I am not looking for a boyfriend if that is what he thinks. He should know better than that anyway at my age. It just seems odd that he would come up into the yard to the shed when I was in there working and then yesterday when he bought the barbeque over and wanted to know how many bedrooms I have. I already have one neighbor that told me when and not if I sale my house to let her know that she is going to buy it. That is not happening as she was a real estate person at one time and her sister in law was the mayor and both she and her husband are in real estate. I know that trick all to well. Get me to sell to them cheap and they flip it and make more money off it. Sorry not happening. She wants to buy it, it will be at my price. So many of our good neighbors are gone now, either passed away or in nursing homes. We still have a few elderly living here but the neighborhood has changed a lot.  

    I am starting to feel like I can't walk out my door without him showing up.  But I am going to tell him next time he comes over to bring his wife. Though I don't think that will happen. This man got my trashcans in 3 years ago when Dh and I were both able to bring them in but never once did he do that when Dh was sick.  Just makes no sense to me. I have signs up in both front and back yard that says 24 hour surveillance and gives a company name. But they are for deterrence. I also have them on windows and doors.  I am wondering if he walked all the way around the house to see if he could find any cameras. If that is the case, he will soon find out as I am getting ready to have cameras installed. My granddaughter in CA is in cyber security and has told me what and where I need to put them. These are so small, they would be hard to spot. And she would be able to see my house from her computer in CA. So house would be watched both by me and her. 

    I can say one thing, these are trying times when you have to be so careful about neighbors, criminals, and what you say to anyone. Things never used to be this way. Makes you wonder what this world is really coming to .   We have this thing now so I have heard that neighbors are suppose to tell on their neighbors if they think they are doing anything. This started with the having to wear a mask if you have family gatherings and such. So they were suppose to call police or something if a neighbor was having a family outing in the back yard and no one wearing a mask. I guess that will come to an end now that we don't have to wear those stupid mask anymore. 

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  6. Wow, I just started to read some of what I missed and this is bad.  I have been across that bridge in clearwater when I went to visit my younger sister when she lived there several years ago.  

    They have been working on the bridges around here and they are in process of rebuilding and adding another bridge beside the old Churchland bridge. 

    I had not heard about all this with the barges until I read this. That is a bad break in that bridge. And  a lot of headaches.  

    I think I need to catch up on the news as well.

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  7. Mt. Rider, I am still praying for your parents. Take care and you can join me in trying to catch up on everything. Though It is going to be a lot of reading for me to catch up. I have missed a lot. Haven't had a chance to start reading the older post yet, but will get to it as time permits. Hope everyone is doing well. I know with spring everyone is busy with gardens. 


    I think I have a neighbor problem and not sure how to take him yet.  This guy that lives down the street that I don't know him or his wife about 3 years ago for some reason started taking my trashcans in for us. Dh was not that bad off then and was outside a lot. Then he stopped doing it. I did not know who it was till about a year ago and when I saw him, I thanked him for bringing them in. Though I never knew why he was doing it.  He walks the neighborhood twice a day almost everyday and just waves if we were outside.  He did not know about Dh being ill as I had never talked to him.  Now for the issue.  Since Dh has passed this guy just walks up in the yard and starts talking and he is never with his wife. They don't walk together. I was outside the first time cleaning out the garden shed and he comes out of no where, walks into the shed and starts checking things out and then comments on how much bigger his shed is than mine. I just said I wouldn't know as I have never seen his shed. He didn't see all the lawnmowers, tiller, etc. that was in there as my son in law had already gotten those out and took them home. But my electric tiller was in there. He was looking at everything.  I walked out of the shed and said I need to get cleaned up and started shutting the doors so he left.  A few days later I was sitting outside in swing and here he comes. Then a couple of days ago he is here again. This time he said he was making barbeque and was going to bring me some later that afternoon. I thanked him and then later here he comes but this time he drove up in driveway and I did not see him drive up. My driveway is in back of house. He didn't knock on back door but I saw him walk past the door and go all the way around the house to front door and rang the bell. When I opened the door and he gave me the barbeque, I thanked him for it and then he started with how many bedrooms do you have, and oh, I see you have a fireplace. I didn't let him in house but he could see the fireplace from front door. I just looked at him and said most all these houses here have fireplaces. But the red flag had gone up when he wanted to know how many bedrooms I had. This man was nice in his talking to me but I am not sure of his game. Today I was outside planting flowers and here he comes again. During the time that Dh was so ill, not once did he offer to bring in the trashcans. I don't even know how he found out that Dh passed away other than a neighbor that knows him told him about it.  I need to clean out the other shed but now am afraid to even open that door. I have all my canning supplies and emergency supplies in there. I don't want neighbors to be walking up and snooping around while I am going through things. There is a lot of stuff in there I need to pull out and go through for a yard sale this fall but I am thinking a fence is now in order and I don't want to put money into a fence if I decide to sell in a couple of years.

    What would you think about someone like this? I don't want to be rude, but I can't have this man walking up on me every time I walk out the door. And I don't want him in my sheds or asking questions about my house. How would any of you handle something like this? Just seems strange that now all of a sudden he wants to come up in yard to talk and never with his wife. 

  8. Love the pics Annarchy. I would love to go visit that place some day.


    It has been a while since I have been on.  Ii am doing a bit better with good days and bad days as well as been very busy trying to get things done around house. I am very much trying to down size the house and did away with my office which is also one of the bedrooms. I am trying to turn it into a guest bedroom with 4 grand children living on west coast and daughter and son in law in NC.  And another granddaughter leaving for SC next year for medical school. They all come here to stay so I need the bedrooms to be bedrooms again. Grandkids will be here in August for other granddaughter's wedding and they plan on staying here with me. Daughter said they will stay in hotel on that trip since I will have at least 3 grandchildren staying here.


    I was so sad to hear about Momo.  I know full well what she is going through.  Prayers go out to her. 


    I had promised Dh a garden this year after he wanted me to do one last year, but was unable to plant one and take care of him also. So I kept my promise to him and I have planted a garden this year. His cousin that owns the market said to bring anything I can't use and he is going to buy it to sell in store. So that will give me a little bit of an income. The garden so far even with the cooler nights is doing really well. Already have some cherry tomatoes forming as well as the blueberry bushes are full of blueberries but not ripe yet. Dh is surely looking down over his garden. 


    I see I have a lot of catching up and reading to do and will try to catch up as I can. Seems everyone has been busy and has had some snowy weather. But I will catch up on it all as I can. DD and SIL did not get to come in this weekend because of the gas situation and it caught me off guard. Something I usually don't let happen. But I was able to find gas and top off. And i still have half a gas can in shed that I will put in tank just to get it used up next time.  Don't know if Dh had put the stuff in it to prolong it. But SIL put some of it in tiller when he picked it up and it started up. So it is still good. But I will go ahead and put in car when it gets down to half a tank again. 


    Right now my house is still a mess as I pack up things from the china hutch so it can be moved out of way for the floor to be jacked up and the floor boards that broke under it can be replaced. Granddaughter's boyfriend is going to come over and help me get that moved when the time comes as well as help me get some bedroom furniture moved around to the other bedroom. I do have the living room and dining room back together again but will have to move furniture when I get the floor jacked up. Just don't feel like dealing with getting that done right now. Once that is done though I will then turn my attention to the fireplace. I have been told I should get gas logs but I am thinking for hard times coming down the road to keep it a wood burning fireplace since I have an outlet to get all the firewood I want. Once I get that fixed, I will have a couple of cords of wood delivered for next winter. 


    Momo if at anytime you want to chat just shoot me a message. Maybe we can help each other to heal.  

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  9. Momo, it has been a while since I have been on here myself and just finding out about your husband. I am so sorry for your loss and I know very well what you are going though as I lost my husband in Feb. this year.  If you want to chat just message me and we can chat a bit. Ii am still having hard times but also some good days.  it's not easy but just remember all the good times you and he had. my Dh was also much older than me and we did everything together.  Remember all the good times and keep him in your heart. I will get better over time, but this first year will be the hardest. But time and God will heal both our broken hearts.  :hug3:

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  10. Wow!  Fishing trips are great and even better when you catch something other than logs. :)  It is also so relaxing.  I haven't been fishing in at least 3 years.  Fishing poles might be calling my name.  

    Annarchy, glad to know your mom is doing better. Love the ducks, I think they are waiting for more food. 


    My neighbor called me over her house this afternoon.  She found a baby rabbit.  She had it in a cooler for the time being because of the dogs. Hoping she will call someone to take it and take care of it till it can be released. 

    Still going through all the food in house. Will have more going to the church food ministry.  I am so glad to unload all this food. I am only keeping enough to get me through a few months. I think that should do me. So pantries are getting a great clean out.  At least what is going to church this time is not near as much and mostly boxed items. The can goods were heavy. But I got it out of here and unloaded at church. Got all the oldest foods in kitchen and cabinets cleaned out and all that food put away.

    Went to the cemetery this morning to check that they had the plack in correctly. All was good and area was cleaned up and leveled off. Now for the grass to grow. Need to call the cemetery office about the in law's plack. Though I never knew them, I would like to put flowers on their grave also. But I can't get the vase out of the ground. So will have the office check into it and fix it. 

    Tomorrow will be busy doing the normal housework as daughter and son in law will be coming in this weekend. 

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  11. Last I checked here a few days ago, gas was 2.69.  Over where our church is it was 2.63.  Problem is. it is in two totally different directions. So will wait till Sunday to fill up again. 

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  12. Prayers going out for your mom to be better and she gets to the cardio doc. soon.  

    Mt. Rider glad to know you are doing better also. 


    It is 12:45 here and I am wide awake. Been working on the food still. getting more boxed food together to take to church.  I am only keeping so much and the rest goes. Know way one person can eat all that and now that daughter is in N. Carolina and Grandson has moved to Washington to live with his sister and her husband. They won't be raiding my pantry anymore. So no need to keep all that food. And since our church is feeding at least 40 to 45 families that need it. I would rather donate it to them.  I will still have plenty. But I think 6 months to maybe a year's worth will be more than enough. I'll have it to keep me out of grocery stores for at least 3 months at a time. 


    Been texting with granddaughter from CA, granddaughter and granddaughter from Washington this evening. Nothing like all three at one time. That was interesting.   Grandson started first day of his new job today. He really liked it but not what he really wants to do. Medical equipment that he has to assemble. So tools he's not used to but he will learn. He has another interview on Friday that is more what he was doing here. And a lot more pay. So hoping that will pan out since he really needs to get a car at some point. He was using his mother's old car, but to expensive to ship out there. His sister will help him with a car. 


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  13. Hello Paulene.  I think just doing the squares would be easier for me with my arthritic hands.  I want to hopefully get enough out of them to make a quilt for each of the grandchildren and one for my daughter as well. And for me if I can get enough material out of them. He had at least 40 pair of jeans if not more. I had packed up all the ones he had when he lost all that weight and they are still in shed stored away. So hoping to get a few quilts out of them. 

    Jeepers I think I best be getting to that fabric shop. I will need the cross stitch thread for them and I will need more thread for machine also. I have to go to fabric shop to buy it as my machine won't take the cheaper threads. 


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  14. I like that quilt. Very pretty.  Dh had lots of jeans, so I think I just might make a jean quilt with them.  I was thinking using those clothes for quilts as if there is ever an EMP I could keep warm. I think they would be great for that. Though the one I want to make for the memory quilt will be from his tea shirts. He had a lot of the fishing ones and of course we can't leave out star wars. He wore all those shirts and liked them a lot. So the memory quilt will be made from that. I want to fix that one to hang on wall.  The rest I can use on beds. I am going to just pack up everything till I have time to really go through them.  Once I get house back together and downsize everything in the house, then I will have time to sit down and get some sewing done. I also want to get to JoAnn's fabrics this week. Will try to do that near end of week.  I need to hit that flannel sale. 

    Need to check the sales for all the grocery stores to see how much prices have gone up this week. Though I am not buying anything, I do want to keep on top of how much things are going up. 

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  15. Kappy glad you all made it through and got nothing but rain.  

    Hope everyone else is doing better and that Mothers brother is now much better.


    Took a trunk and backseat of food to the church this morning.  It was a lot of food. I still have boxed food to go through and pack up to send. What I took this morning was mostly canned goods.  I would never have been able to eat all that. I did keep 12 cans of everything and I do have my foods that I canned so doing the way I did it will keep me out of the stores for at least 3 months. 

    Going to head out to cemetery in the morning to make sure they have the plack in ground and properly set. Then will be coming back home to get more work done.  I really have to get this house back together. I am going to clean out closets as soon as the plastic containers come in. I had to order them to get a cheaper price.  Prices are getting really bad now. I priced shelving for the one closet and that was crazy.  Price of wood has doubled.  Seems the dollar has really started to devaluate now. 

    Grandson that moved to Washington starts his new job tomorrow.  That didn't take long. Flew in to Washington on Sat. and has a job on Monday. Not bad. 

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  16. euphrasyne, I agree with that. Only buy what you know you will use as the rest is just a waste.  Right now I am going through a lot of food. Not that we didn't eat it, but because it is just me now and I will never eat all of it before it would be so far out of date, i would have to trash it. So I am going to have a car load to carry to the church tomorrow. 

    Now that the kids have moved away, they won't be here to raid my pantry's like they used to. So not keeping it. 

    As for clothes, I have bought socks and underwear before the price went way up and the shortages have already started. So I am good on that. Only thing is, what to do with Dh's things. I will be giving some of it to the kids that can wear some of it and then I will have the memory quilt made from some of it. But I can't see keeping a bunch of jeans and things like that. Not sure if grandsons or SIL can wear any of those. But they can go through them. 

    If anyone has any ideas on men's clothes other than a memory quilt, I am open for ideas. 

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  17. Yes Kappy, what Jeepers said.  We have been worried about you guys.  Glad to know you are both doing ok.  

    Mt. Rider still keeping you and family in prayer.  Hope things are better.

    Jeepers praying for those headaches to stop.  I know they are no fun. I get them if I turn my neck to much or lay wrong and get my neck hurting. 


    Grandson got to Washington state Sat. afternoon and went job hunting today and landed a job. That was fast.  So far he seems to love it there. Lots to do. Hiking, paddleboards. And lots of other things.  His sister will keep him very busy as she also loves hiking, and paddleboards. She said she is going to teach g.son how to plant garden and grow veggies.  We had him helping us when he was little and he loved pulling up the carrots when they were ready. So he will have lots to do. 


    Today I have been cleaning out the kitchen cabinets and pantries. I am donating a lot of food to our church food ministry. And yes it is going to be a lot of food. Right now it is all sitting on the couch and floor.  I will never eat all that and now with the kids moving away they won't be here to raid my pantries anymore. So they are on their own because I am donating the bulk of it.  As far as canned foods from store, I will keep 12 of each of what I have. Some I don't have that much so will just keep what I have. It will be enough to keep me out of the stores and only having to go maybe once every 3 or 4 months. Still have a lot of what I canned also. Mostly it is what I have canned over the past couple of years.  Just have to get it all better organized as I have not been able to get that done in a couple of years while taking care of DH. I spent most of my time with him instead of cleaning house. Only did what I needed to do during that time. And yes I am paying for that as it is a lot of work and catching up to do. But was well worth my spending time with Dh. 


    Now in the morning I have to load all this food into car and carry it to the church.  And my back and right arm is killing me right now. It is all upper back and the right arm. I think it is from lifting up on Dh for the past 4 months. But it will all heal one day.   Had a jar of my homemade soup out to heat up for dinner and then I got so busy, I forgot to eat dinner.  Not hungry anyway, so it will be there for tomorrow. 


    Granddaughter and her fiancee are going to help me with a yard sale later in the year.  I need to go through the shed and get rid of a lot of stuff.  Her fiancee is going to put the Japanese figurines on the internet to sell for me as they are not something I want to put in a yard sale. They are worth some money and he knows how to do all that and get a good price. 

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  18. Went to sunrise service this morning and then back again for our 10 am service. It was great.  Came home and went to the cemetery to check out the plack. Everything was good. They just have it sitting on ground and will be setting it in tomorrow. I got the Easter flowers on the graveside. Will be going back tomorrow to make sure they have everything set right. Granddaughter might be going with me this time. She made a coconut cake from scratch. First time and it turned out really good.  She's becoming a great little cook.  

    Grandson is now in Washington state and has called me several times today already.  I know he can't be homesick that fast. Granddaughter there will keep him very busy.  Hope he finds a job fast. 

    Though I have had several phone calls and the one granddaughter that still lives here. Easter just wasn't the same. I think holidays are going to be rough for a while. Not just because of Dh but because it seems my whole family is moving away now. The granddaughter that is still here, may be moving to another state for medical school. She's just not sure where yet. So about a year and a half to make a decision about moving to NC.  


    Mt. Rider :pray: for your mom and dad. 

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  19. From what I understand, cotton is going up. which means anyone that loves flannel is also going to pay a heavy price for it. I need to get to JoAnn fabrics and have not been able to get there yet. Missed one good sale, don't want to mill another. 

    Plastic has started going way up.  I went to both Low's and home depot and the plastic containers were 49.00. I am not going to pay that for a plastic container. So I need to go to Wal mart and general dollar store. I bought some from general dollar last time and the were 13.00. they are not as heavy as the others, but for what I want, they will work fine. From what you are saying about the poise and men's underwear. I guess I better save the men's depend underwear and such. I don't think I could use them and was going to donate them. Now I'm not so sure if I should keep them or donate them. I can't use them.  I do have lots and lots of poise pads though. I started stocking those up every time there was a sale. I need a lot of those plastic totes to put them in. They are all just stashed in the closet right now in bags. Plus I need totes for Dh's clothes. I am going to pack everything up and put in shed till I have time to go through them for the memory quilt. 

    I had bought a lot of socks and underwear several months ago when I heard there was going to be a cotton shortage. Now I have brand new underwear that DH never wore. The T shirts I will keep as I can wear them for when I am using bleach as they are white. And also when I am working outside in garden they would be great for that as if I get them really dirty, i can bleach them with no issues.  

    I have noticed that the stores are going way up on lots of things. Even the fresh fruits and veggies are higher in price. I need to check on rather we are now clear from frost so I can get my tomato, pepper, eggplant and all the other things i have planted. Good on canned things but i really do like my fresh veggies for salads. 

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  20. Mother I am so sorry to hear about your brother.  Keeping him in :pray:.


    I do agree that everyone is done with this corvid mess and wants to go back to living again in a normal way. But this virus is far from over. If it keeps mutating like they were saying, I am starting to wonder if the vaccine will work on these new strains.  I have not gotten the vaccine as I have an autoimmune disease and I need to see the doctor first anyway. But I really don't think I am going to get it.  To early yet to see how this will effect people in the long run. 

    I do wear a mask when I go to stores and in some cases I wear gloves as well. I have several small trial size cans of Lysol that I carry in my purse. Even though they wipe down the baskets I still spray them with Lysol. I then come home and first thing is to wash hands and face. I say face because you never know what is lurking. Mask don't really protect when others don't wear them right. Many here don't even cover their nose. just mouth or they don't wear a mask at all. 

    Jeepers I would love to go to a rolling stone concert. Hasn't been many concerts around here in a long while. Not even before the corvid hit.  I would have loved to just go to a movie with Dh before he got so sick. But it didn't happen and I can't see me going to a movie by my self. No fun in that. 

    DH and I used to watch all the Bible stories on TV during Easter.  I did that all day yesterday. That is a tradition I will always keep. We loved watching those movies about Jesus. DH's favorite was the Bible. 

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  21. Mt. Rider, glad the horse back riding helped you.  May you continue to get better with each time you go riding. 


    Today I have done nothing but watch Biblical movies on TV all day.  Dh and i always watched there movies through out the year, but mostly during the Easter holidays. So I am keeping that tradition.  I love to watch those movies anyway, and it is something Dh and I always did. I will be going to the sunrise service at 7 am and then for the regular service at 10 am. Then going to head to the cemetery as the plack has been put down and I need to make sure it is right. And I want to put flowers down also.  

    I was in bed asleep and my grandson that is now in Washington state hasn't learned that they are 3 hours behind us. Though he just got there this afternoon and has to get used to the time change. He was nice enough to wake me up to tell me all about his trip. So now I can't get back to sleep and I have to get up at 5 am. But it is what it is and he will learn about the time change. My granddaughter did the same thing to me when she first moved there. 

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