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  1. Not sure if this is where to put this or not. Watching Fox news. Hannity. Our income taxes are going up, death tax coming gas tax coming. They are raising taxes and putting taxes on things we are not taxed on is coming. We are in the dog house for sure. Time to pull money and get prepared to pay the taxes while you might not have anything left to live on. They are going to bring back the inheritance tax. So we will be taxed when we are born and taxed when we die. Not to mention we will be taxed to death in between life and death.
  2. First I heard of this. That is really bad. Just glad no one was hurt.
  3. Gas here has gone up to 2.69 a gal. now. Seems it is going up 10 cent a week. I heard someone at church say that eggs have gone way up at Walmart. I haven't been to Walmart in over a year, so don't know what the prices were. But there were complaints about how high the prices on eggs are going. I have noticed a lot of canned goods are going up more now. So now to buy a can of fruit is now 1.99 a can. That is for a 15 oz. can. Used to be able to buy canned fruit 5 for 5.00 or sometimes 4 for 5.00. So 1.99 is crazy. Will be buying peaches when the market gets the good ones from Carolina
  4. Big difference in price for the same thing. Yes we need to shop around for prices now. One of the things I also use is honey and capital one one shopping that finds coupons for even more savings. Seems the places that are selling long term foods are charging much more but on other places they are selling those products much cheaper. That sounds like they are boosting up the price on their own sites in hopes no one catches on that you can buy it cheaper from other places. They are selling it to Amazon at a much cheaper price and that savings is pasted on to us. But must remember Amazon is
  5. Jeepers, I also have a natural gas wall gas heater in garage. Mine has a fan on it and without the fan to blow that heat out, it doesn't warm up the garage as well, but does take the chill off of the garage. If I decide to stay here I am going to insulate the garage much better than it is now. The large garage door is fully insulated. Midnightmom, I like that heater. That would be a great backup. Might just check into that when I get things straight around here.
  6. Went to see Lawyer this morning about disbanding Dh's father's trust for the money to be given to the 2 grandchildren. That will end Dh's father's trust. Got the changes made on my trust. So I now have my daughter as my power of attorney and granddaughter is second if a power of attorney if needed. Made some other changes as well to bring the trust Dh and I had made years ago all bought up to date. Then came home and called the postmaster general about my taxes being lost in mail and post office refusing to trace certified mail. It is now being traced and sent to the CPA. It has been 10 days
  7. I bought some freeze dried foods from the ready store to see how they were going to come. They were packaged in boxes and good for 30 years if stored properly. Each box has 6 packs of food in them. I don't like the way it is done as like you say, mice can get into them. I am thinking of keeping them in the packs and putting that food still in the package in one gal. glass jars. Don't know if I open them and put in jars, if they would even last the 30 years. Though I know it will be eaten long before that 30 years. I have some food I packaged up in Mylar bags a few years ago and now I need to
  8. Jeepers I agree with you about the fireplace sucking the heat out of house. You have to have a barn fire in it to keep that from happening. We haven't used ours now in a couple of years or more because it is no longer safe to do so. The fireplace is on an outside wall. Wonder what it would cost to just take it out instead of the big repairs to fix it and then having a free standing wood stove put in. I have seen the stoves at Leman's and they are very expensive. Out of my price range for sure. And since I would have to have one shipped from that store, I don't even want to know the cost of th
  9. Got clothes washed today and cleaned up some more in house. I am going to go back to church tomorrow. It has been a year since I have been able to go. So will be glad to get back. I have really missed it. I have talked with several of my Sunday school classmates but just not the same as being able to see them all again. Just hope I can sleep tonight. That is still a problem for me. I guess after a year of getting up and down to care for Dh when he needed help during the night has messed me up. Thinking about taking melatonin before bed to see if that will help me to get back into a sleeping
  10. I have a fireplace and had been thinking after getting the fireplace inspected and repaired, putting a wood burning stove insert. But not sure about it yet. Depends on price. I have a couple of the scouring sticks and didn't know about using them for fire starters. I will be remembering that one. I do save the dryer lint as we have a firepit on patio and I use the dryer lent for fire starters for that. I like the way he did the wood but please no sitting down while cutting wood. Your family would be done for sure.
  11. Kappy and Mary, that was the sweetest thing to give that person his freedom to do things he couldn't do otherwise. I know he will never forget you guys for helping him like that. I am sure you will both be in his heart forevermore. Never would have thought about car parts. That is not good news. Now we may all start having issues when we need a part. Or is this just a coy to force us to buy electric cars. Sorry, I just don't trust the government. Granddaughter and her boyfriend came over for dinner tonight. The baked ziti with sausage was a big hit. They went back for s
  12. Jeepers the Ready Store has #10 cans of corn. On sale for 18.00 and some cents but can't remember the full prices.
  13. Jeepers, I'm in. I think it would be fun and then you can all come help me pack up when and if my time comes in a year or so. Hope I can still find the vanilla coke. So far it has only been in plastic bottles here. Haven't seen it in cans in a long while. Went to Kroger today to buy some things I wanted to make for dinner tomorrow. My turn to cook. Granddaughter and her fiance coming here for dinner. Going to make baked ziti with sausage and a salad and garlic bread. I can make that ahead of time. Then just pop in oven when time. Need to get back into the office and start cleaning
  14. Yep. That is true. Several years ago I tried using a magnifying glass to start a fire. And yes it does work. But I was outside and set some paper on fire with it. Takes a while but it will catch something on fire.
  15. Jeepers, try the patriot supply. The food is not in buckets or cans but in mylar bags in boxes. I have ordered from there and the food is good. They do have corn and other things as well.
  16. Jeepers, I agree with Mother. You will get through your decisions about moving. Keep that faith strong as you make your next move. Think it through before you make any really tough decisions. I will be where you are in about a year or so. Though I do have very good memories in this house with Dh, and we were also married in this house. The house is what Dh already had before I met him. He had bought this house with his ex-wife before she started her messing around on him. His daughter and her both many times after Dh and I were married, I was told by them to get the h..
  17. Glad you understood what I was trying to say Jeepers. Loosing a child is devastating. That has got to be the worst.
  18. Wow, jeepers you have a really bad neighbor. How much longer before you can move. My neighbors seem to be keeping mostly to themselves these days. Two of them are having to school their grandchildren. So they are home at a computer all day for school. I hope we don't have any neighbors that start that mess. But then on the other hand you found your Vanilla Coke so all is good.
  19. Why do I get the feeling that whatever they will be using might not be good for us. This puts the question about using store bought foods that have gone out of date but is still good. Would resin leach into the food over time is a big concern. As it is they have poisoned us with the GMOs and other things they have used over the years in our food source. One of the reasons we are antibiotic resistant is because of the antibiotics they give to the animals that is used for our meat and eggs. Not to mention milk and milk products. Then there is all that processed food that is loaded with sodium.
  20. Jeepers maybe what I was thinking is not so much the loss, as it is how she is having to deal with her injuries and still having children to raise. The grief will still be about the same for everyone. It's what you have to do to deal with all the things you have to do after your loved one is gone. For me it is getting financial stuff straight and a few other things paperwork wise. For her it is going to be a lot more than just that. Healing from her injuries, children, and anything else such as a job or anything. Will be a bit harder on her with all the other things she will be dealing with.
  21. Went to the other bank Dh and I had opened a few years ago with just a savings account and a CD that now is closed out a couple of months ago. Opened up a checking account with the life insurance check. Will be paying off the funeral when all that comes in and then I won't be using that account. I am going to make that my emergency account. Will be putting money into it as time goes on and will use that money to work on some projects that need to be done around the house. So hoping to build that account way up as much as possible. I really need to get the dinning room floor jacked up and th
  22. Got the counters cleaned off and things put away. Ordered a microwave stand for the small oven. That will get that off the counter and give me more counter space. Dh and I had talked about a small island for the kitchen as it is a small U shaped kitchen. No table as that is on den side of the kitchen. Kitchen is not big enough for a table. But I can get a small island in it. So will be looking into one I like a bit later when things start to calm down. Can't sleep again tonight. I am tired but can't sleep. I guess I just have to much on my mind these past 2 or 3 days. Still working on paperw
  23. I don't do online banking either. I have a set up that the company can get paid directly through the bank. I don't have to do anything as it is automatic. That is the way we had our health insurance set up. Now I have my charter bill set up that way as the mail kept loosing the bill and we didn't get it half the time. Everything else I send by mail and if a bill is lost in the mail or they say they didn't receive it when I see the check hit the bank. I can call bank and they will give me a hard copy. I would then send a copy of the hard copy to the company that said they didn't get paid and
  24. What she is going through is a very tragic thing. It happened so fast and very sudden. Now with her facing trying to get herself healed for her children and the fact that her children are now left without a father, makes it much harder to cope with. My prayers go out to her and her children. What I am going through doesn't even compare to what this poor lady is going through. Will be much harder on her with her injuries and children to raise without a father. Lord be with each and everyone of them as they go through this. Praying that her struggle to learn to walk again will go easier with
  25. That is so cute. I think I would want to keep both ears also.
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