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  1. So true. But those ferrets stink. I already know my grandson will be knocking on my door if she doesn't go to store. I think her DH is about to knock some sense into her. Like I said they have a camper. Pull into driveway and there you go. quarantine room.
  2. Good article. Looks like it has started. There is no controlling this when it is reaching all around the world.
  3. Seems to be climbing in the US, china and S. Korea and some of the bigger countries as well. Guess it's time to get it together. I really don't have the energy for all this but am working on what I really need should we be staying in house for at least 30 days.
  4. Joyfilled, the last thing you want to do is panic. That is the worst. Do not panic buy anything. As far as fresh fruits and veggies. They won't keep but so long. I have canned my veggies from my garden and have some no sugar added canned fruit. This is how we will work around that. If you have a freezer, you could buy frozen fruits and veggies. potatoes will keep awhile as well as onions. But you could use rice instead of potatoes, I canned 10 pounds of potatoes about a month ago. Just buy what you eat and find ways to substitute the fresh stuff like the fruit for canned, etc. They are saying about 30 days but I am looking at these other countries and thinking a good 6 months of food and water. Buy what you can now and just keep adding. If you usually buy two cans of corn a week then buy 4 instead of 2. Do that with everything you buy each week for as long as you can. You will build your stock up. Buy in bulk if you can on things like flour to make bread etc. I have been canning for years and have a good years worth of food. But I started doing it when my kids were trying to get on their feet and on their own. They would come and shop from my food storage. Now they are doing fine and I am well stocked now that they don't need it. But They may end up at my house with their camper before it is said and done. And there goes my stock. She does not stock food. By some powdered milk and pudding and jello to make for snacks as well as if anyone does get sick with nothing more than the regular flu. they could eat that if nothing else. Chicken is a good one. Canned or buy and freeze. Chicken broth is something you might want to add as well. Hope this will help. You will get there. It just takes a bit of time.
  5. Dogmom. I heard that on the news today as well. I think there are more than they are letting on. They also said on world news that the US is not prepared and the White House is releasing funds for an emergency outbreak. They also said that the hospitals are not prepared as they cannot get the mask They need over 30,000 mask for heathcare workers and there is a shortage. So my question is why didn't they get them when the first 2 or 3 people come here with the virus. That should have told them something. You cannot wait till the last minute to get prepared. It just doesn't work that way. I talked to my daughter and told her to get prepared. All she had to say was she doesn't feed people. She really does not cook for her DH, son and daughter that still live there. DH does the cooking and son helps with it sometimes if it's something he likes to eat. She is more worried about those 7 ferrets of hers than the kids and DH. Her priorities are a bit mixed up. So they have a camper that sleeps 10. She can park it in my driveway, Live in it and I will fix her up a care package. That should do it.
  6. Have you tried to contact them? Could be they are just tired from the trip and unpacking and washing clothes etc. Hope all is ok.
  7. I hope it is not from a country that is really dealing with this in a bad way. Just be prepared as you can. going out that your sister is ok.
  8. Ok, I was going through the mail and the Ready Nutrition newsletter was in the email. This is what they are saying. If you are not aware of this company. It is a good one. They keep on top of all types of things like this. When you see these signs, it's time to make preparations for a worse case scenario. Here are the 6 key warning signs: 1- Emergency officials say they have the situation under control but more cases continue to pop up. 2- Local and state governments officially declare an emergency 3- Cases have been identified at local hospital or at schools in your general vicinity 4- General public begins to panic and store shelves start running out of key supplies like food and bottled water 5- Looting and lawlessness occurs within local communities 6- Virus breaches a 50 mile radius surrounding your home or town. If any of these signs begin to appear around you, it's time to seriously concidering distancing yourself from society. No retail stores, sporting events or even schools. This would be when it is time to stay home and not go out. The Ready Nutrition has a bit of info on this. All the above came from them.
  9. We do have a well but right now it is not hooked up. We had to disconnect it for the driveway to go in as it is right at the garage door. We are on city water and not sure I want to trust it if this thing becomes a pandemic. People out of work. So we need to get that hooked up again. Not hard to do, just hook it back to the pipe in ground. But still going to fill up all 8 of my 6 gal. water containers. plus the 2- 5 gal. ones. Got to get the Berkey out as well for filtering water. Haven't used it in a while. got lots of filters for it as well.
  10. Got back from Walgreens. This is what I got and now they are out of some of it because they only had 2 of each on some things. Mattress protectors Charity brand was all they had in the extra large on sale buy one get one free. Got both. So that gives me 60 of those. Vitamins D3, milk thistle, Vit. C, the 81 mg asprin, and Q10. We take these on a regular bases and they were buy one get one free. The Vit. C was buy a two pack and get a two pack free. DH's cream that he uses on his arms were buy one get one 1/2 price. So got 2 of those. Bought more emetrol, pepto bismol another box of elderberry pills, Mucinex, Nyquil, both day and night. I have some of the night time but only a 1/2 bottle left. Also bought the Pulse Oximeter. Ouch they are not cheap. But did get $15.00 off on the sale they were having. I am hoping we are set for whatever happens and hoping this virus does not get much worse than it is. Also got extra gloves and only 2 boxes left also on sale. So everything I got was on sale. Saved a lot of money that way. I usually shop Walgreen twice a year and it has been over 8 months for our vitamins. So figured now was the time before any panic sets in with people around here. Better now than when this mess hits. Don't want to be out with the crowd.
  11. These are great list. Thank you. I do need to get the stuff for the fish, Got to keep them well. I have some but may be way out of date by now. That is the next thing on list to go through. Hopefully I will get it done tomorrow. Might start on it tonight if I can muster up some engery. Right now I feel like a nap but going to head out to drug store in a bit. Seen a couple of things on the above list I need to get. Thanks for that reminder.
  12. Did not know they had puzzles on line. going to check that one out. We like to do puzzles. I have several of them here to put together. We were at market at 6 am this morning cooking collards. I am very tired. Need to get some more things done and do a little reorganizing. Yesterday I got all the bath soap, extra toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss, razors and blades, deodorant, etc. all in plastic shoe size boxes. Found things I forgot I had. Stuff stuck everywhere in those cubbies. Now they are separated and in the plastic boxes under one side of our bed.. Marked and easy to find now. Got all the laundry done and sheets washed. Now I am to tired to go through all the OTC medications I have. I really need to get that done. Got to check dates as well and take inventory on what we might need if this coronavirus becomes a pandemic. At this point I am not even sure what we might need other than Emetrol for nausea, something for diarrhea, Pepto-Bismol, and things like that we don't usually need. Those are something we very rarely use. But in the case of this virus would be good things to have. So need to make a drug store list. I know we need more Vit. D anyway, so will be looking to get this other stuff as well. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it and not able to leave house to get any. Need to check if my fish need anything like the antibotics. Need to take care of them. Though that won't help this virus. But then I don't think fish can get it. .
  13. This in from Alerts USA and has now been on news. CDC formally says now is the time for businesses, hospitals, communities, schools, and individuals to begin preparing to respond to coronavirus. Comments were made during telebriefing by Nancy Messonnier MD, director , national center for Immunization and Respiratory diseases. They are awaiting full transcript of the telebriefing. Guess it is time to get serious about what we need to be doing. I have been doing inventory of a lot of things. So far I think I am good. I have several boxes of gloves, over 165 N95 mask. Enough food to last a year if it is just the 2 of us. (Need to talk to son in law as daughter thinks nothing will happen) I am tired of her looking the other way and not preparing for this. Good on cleaning supplies, though I am thinking if I need more bleach. I have 5 1/2 gal. bottles now. Need to fill up the rest of my water containers. Good on personal supplies as well All this is what I have been inventorying yesterday. Thinking about the suits to cover body if must leave house in case of isolation situation. Praying that it doesn't come to that. Can't help but feel that I am leaving something out. I want to find those shoe covers that workers wear when they enter your home to do work. I know here the cable company wears them when they come to check the cable boxes as well as others. Just don't know where to get them.
  14. I think you are right about Facebook, twitter, and you tube. they are monitoring us. Facebook is the worst.
  15. This in from Alerts USA CDC issues level 2 (practice Enhanced Precautions) Travel notice for Italy due to sustained community transmission of COVID 19 coronavirus. CDC issues level 3 (Avoid Nonessential Travel) Travel Notice for S. Korea warning of widespread, ongoing outbreak of COVID 19 coronavirus. With what Amberbris has posted on the numbers in each country. And the travel alerts, I would say we are getting closer to a pandemic unless all these countries can get this under control.
  16. I love white kitchen cabinets. Makes the room feel light, bright and larger than it really is. The knobs sound really pretty.
  17. I have heard about this. If they catch up to her, they more than likely will kill her. I still wonder about that doctor that let the cat out of the bag from the beginning and then he died of the virus. it does make you think. I think what she is saying is true because of what China is doing to their people anyway. This is something that got out of hand there. Maybe Bioweapon. Questions to be answered that we may never know about.
  18. Around where we live the postmen have to where gloves. They are the thick blue ones. I've not seen them in stores but in medical supplies. That started with the white powder stuff being mailed to post offices. But for picking up your mail from box, you can where gloves, but would have either open the envelopes carefully and throw in outside garbage in a small trash bag. Then change the gloves to see what the mail is. Junk mail just pitch in trash and don't open it. At this time that is the only suggestion I can think of.
  19. Ambergris. Thank you for that info. I saved it to my computer books. That is a great list to know about.
  20. Mt. Rider, Did you see the picks I posted from back in 2013 of my make shift pantries. If you could come here and see what I have in those closets now and that doesn't count the kitchen cabnets. You would have a ball rummaging through all that food. We got lucky when a long term food place was going out of business and had the #10 cans reduced to first 50% off and then up to over 80% off. We got well over 125 or more cans of food. Though some things now DH cannot eat. But I am hanging on to it for family members to eat. Got hard red and white wheat, powder milk, eggs. veggies, fruit and the dinners which is what DH will not be eating. I want to try to add to that but in just the fruit and veggies. What we have are both freeze dried and dehydrated foods. After what I paid for the food I have now, it's hard to put out the high price for the full amount of a #10 can now. I think those prices are going up even higher as I hear they are now in high demand.
  21. Went to church this morning and DH was able to go. He did well but was tired when we got home. Fixed some lunch and then cooked the chicken for tonight that I was hoping to cook last night. So we had that for dinner this evening. I went back to church tonight and helped to move all the food that came in for our food drive to the pantries. We met our goal of 1000 items by 1107 and still things are coming in. Church for coming through to feed the hungry. Came home and checked on DH who was in chair asleep. Fixed me a cup of coffee and now in office on . I think that single cup coffee pot is spoiling me. Just grab a cup of joe any time of day now. But still make a full pot for both of us in morning. Tomorrow is going to be a big work day for me, so don't know if I will be able to get to computer or not. Laundry day, need to give kitchen and bathrooms a good cleaning and not the usual pick it up cleaning. Need to get DH out of house so I can use bleach. So sending him to market to spend some time with his cousin. Got some things I really need to go through. Medicines, vits. and a bunch of other things. Got to get them better organized so I can find what I need.
  22. Wow! Mt. Rider. that is a lot of snow and an ice sickle that big would do damage for sure. Stay safe. No slipping and sliding. It' not allowed.
  23. Anyone that thinks this cannot happen here. Needs to take a good hard look at these other countries. We here in the US have had it so easy for many, many years. When God is removed from a country the way it has been happening here. We best be on our knees praying and asking forgiveness for both ourselves and for our country. I have seen stores not quite like those pictures but right here when a hurricane was coming. We already know what going for 2 weeks without electricity and for my daughter and the neighborhood next to us was like without water. It can and will happen here in the US. As to where in the US, we don't know. Could be city wide or the whole country that goes through all of this. This Virus is already here in just 4 or 5 states. We all need to pray that this virus does not get out of control here in the US. And we need to pray for how we should prepare. God knows our needs and will answer us on what we need to do.. All we have to do is ask. We do not know if this virus is from something that just happened with bats and snakes or if it is God's punishment like the Bible said will happen. We don't know which it is. But the Bible does state we will have trials and tribulations, There will be famines, wars and rumors of war, pestilence, famine, and much more. We need to be ready, and prayerful at all times. I know that everyone on here that is following this virus is doing everything possible to be ready for it. Prayer needs to be at the top of that list.
  24. Psalm 37:1-11 Trust in the Lord, and do good; dwell in the land, and feed on his faithfulness. As followers of Christ, we are constantly finding out emotional and spiritual reserves drained by the challenges of life in a fallen world. In such times, we need nourishment to strengthen us. In Psalm 37, David encouraged us to strengthen our hearts by feeding our souls. He wrote, "Trust in the Lord, and do good; dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness." When weakness afflicts us, the reassurance of God's never-ending faithfulness can enable us to carry on in His name. His faithful care is the nourishment we need, giving us, as the hymn "Great is Thy Faithfulness" says, "strength for today, and bright hope for tomorrow. " Pray for God's protection. he doesn't want you to live in fear. Heavenly Father, we ask in Jesus name for protection from this coronavirus. We ask that if it be your will, to stop the spread of this disease from entering into our country as well as other countries. We ask that you be with those that have become inflicted with this virus that you will put a healing hand on them and remove this dreaded disease from their bodies. Also I ask that if it be your will to put a healing hand on WE2's brother that this cancer be removed from him. Only you can do this though the doctors are doing everything for him, it is you that can do the healing. Thank you Jesus for that healing power. Also Father, I ask that you guide my grandson as he is going through some things that he doesn't know how to control at this time. Heal him as well and please speak to his heart to come to you with his problem Let him have the understanding that you are the only true way to happiness. He is a very confused boy at this time but I know with your help he will get through his struggle. We ask Father for healing of the other members on this forum for both strength and healing of MS and other illnesses. I can't remember them all but you know who they are. Please give them that healing that only you can give. Father, I ask for healing for my husband, as he is very swollen today with fluid. He has NASH Cirrhosis and Hyperbilirubinemia as well as other medical issues. I ask for healing for him as only you can cure these issues. We thank you Father in the name of Jesus Christ for all you do for us. And we think you for any healing that be in your will for us. Through Jesus Christ A-Men.
  25. I am halfway through this book and it is well worth buying. It explains a great deal about how it is passed from person to person. Where it started and much more. Like I said, I am only half way through this book and it is well worth the read. It gives symptoms and much more. It also explains the stages of the disease if you get it. This is good stuff to know.
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