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  1. Ambergris, I do have to agree with your take on Where there is no Doctor. Mine is a much older version and I don't know what the newer ones have. You really have to read between the lines on that one. You are right about what it says on the acetaminophen. There are cheaper ones. I am going to check out the Rachael Weaver books. Hoping to find them cheaper than 25.00. But will think on that one. Right now I am reading a book by Cat Ellis. The Wuhan coronavirus survival manual. how to prepare for pandemics and quarantines. This one has a great deal of info that will help us to prepare. I am still reading it and so far I like what it has to say.
  2. I have started reading a book called The Wuhan Coronavirus Survival manual. by Cat Ellis. It is on how to prepare for pandemics and quarantines. It is both on Nook and you can get the book. Amazon has it. This book is worth buying for everyone. Great information about it and on how to prepare. I think it will answer a lot of questions though I have not finished the book yet. But so far what I have read, it has some very good advice.
  3. This virus is spreading like wild fire almost. Well over 20 countries now. Praying it won't get any worse not just for the USA, but for all countries. This virus is bad for the economy also. No one able to work so no imports nor exports in or out. This is going to play bad for everyone. It will cause a food shortage, auto parts, medications, both OTC and RX. clothing and so much more. China has been forcing people to go back to work. Brace yourselves for more people to become infected. They still don't know how this is going from person to person as the time before you have a fever it may have already spread to others.
  4. Mt. Rider, I know it is a great time when you can spend time with your mother. Though you do get tired. I know you both enjoy the times together. Now time to rest up for the next trip with her. It is nice that your DH can come along and help with the store trips so you can stay in car and rest a bit. Jeepers quartz is very good and durable. Will last forever. I love it and if I do decide down the line to replace mine after maybe 30 years as my kitchen was done about 21 years ago now. I am going to get the quartz countertops. They look like marble and even granite but they have NO maintance to deal with.
  5. I don't recommend reusing disposable mask. But if it comes to that, the best source would be if you can wash them. do so in a weak bleach solution depending on what they are made of.. Using a heat source that would be hot enough to kill germs but not catch the mask on fire would be the best method. Back in the old days when I was in nursing, we sterilized the instruments using an autoclave. The items were wrapped in a paper material that had strips showing If they were sterilized after coming out of autoclave. It does take a lot of heat to sterilize something. Think of your dishwasher having a sterilize button on it and sterilizing canning jars. Have you noticed how hot they are ? It takes that kind of heat. Be it a dry heat or damp heat. Will check further on this for a disposable mask. I myself would not do it if possible. But in hard times, we don't really know what we might have to do.
  6. I have heard of the book Be Your own doctor. But never bought it. I have heard it is a good book. I do have the one where there is no doctor. Will have to check into the others by Rachael Weaver. Don't think I want to pay 25.00 for it though.
  7. Good info here. I am going to start going through what I have on flu and post it when I can get it all together. Maybe we can all come up with something that will work toward keeping us all safe from this mess.
  8. I am starting to wonder if this virus is going to end. It just seems to be getting worse and I haven't kept up with it the past 2 or 3 days. This is one we really need to keep ahead of if possible.
  9. Homesteader. your kitchen looks great. Love that counter top. We redid our kitchen about 21 years ago now. We put in corian countertops when we did ours. We also had the double sinks put in. You will love them. WE2 Really nice picture of your family. I would frame it. Praying your brother gets through the cancer and gets better. I know it is hard on the family. But prayer prevails in everything. Today I did a bit of cleaning and then went to lidil's to buy those raised bed planters they had for 29.95. I got there and they were gone. So missed out on that one. But did get a cold frame green house. It's not real big but will do for what I want. Something tells me I should have bought 2 of them. They only had 4 of those left. Things like that go fast. And I wasn't fast enough. Said they won't going to get anymore in. I am hoping they do. Got DH cooking dinner tonight. He needs to keep busy some what and not sleeping all the time. He did really good for a while and now back to falling asleep watching tv. Got to keep him moving a bit more to keep his muscles and joints from locking up on him. Going to buy him a rollator walker with the seat on it. His balance is better when he holds on to a cart in the stores, so that might be the ticket to get him walking around the block again. Get his legs stronger. I forgot to tell you guys, we only got a dusting of snow. temps today is 38. so snow has just about all melted. Other places got more snow than we did here. So the weather man messed it up again. I am beginning to think they can't predict the weather forcast any more.
  10. Yes, I retired from nursing about 6 years ago now. Worked 40 years ago for the heart surgeons and later for OB, GYN, then moved on to internal medicine where I retired.
  11. This just in from Alerts USA. Commander, US forces Korea implements elevated health protection measures and travel restrictions for USFK pers due to COVID-19 outbreak. Korean government just confirmed 31 new cases. Most of these are from a Church that one person had it and infected the others. They are now all undergoing a mandatory self quarantine and is highly recommended for their family members as well. All travel in and out of Daegu has been halted. All schools, day cares etc. will be closed tomorrow and they are thinking about Friday as well.
  12. TurtleMama. Don't think it is conspiracy. I just don't think they are telling the whole truth of this. Something is in the wind and it is not good. It all started in China. Japan is almost next door to them and now they have it bad. It was also one of the reasons I didn't go to the funeral of the Dr. I worked for. His family came in from Japan and things where happening then. Wasn't going to chance it with DH's issues. As it stands now, look at the ones running for President. They all make promises and don't keep them. Trump I have to say so far has done his best to keep his and as far as I know he is a first. So to believe that they are being truthful about this virus. NO. I don't think so. I think it is going to get out of hand within the next month and then it will be to late for people to prepare for it. And there will be millions of clueless people. And for that reason it will spread fast. We are as prepared as we can be. About the only thing I don't have is one of those suits. But then I won't be going out anywhere. But something to think about. We only have so much money and it just doesn't go far enough. Right now if we had to stay home, we are good for maybe 8 months. I have heard them say for 30 days and some say for 3 months.
  13. Gotta love banks. I have been thinking about slowly pulling some money out of ours. It is changing hands again. Every time a bank does this we loose $200. We are not the only ones in there raising cane over it. So here we go again. But they know me and what I will do. So it best not happen this time. Took DH to Gastro doctor today. He has scarring on liver but not bad. Test showed he has NASH Cirrhosis. It can be turned around if I can get his sugar levels down. This type is caused by Diabitics. His A1C on last check was 7.0 and that is to high but his family doctor said it is in range. No it's not and his Gastro doctor said that is to high. So we have some work to do to get that number down. He will now be taken Liv 52 and Mild Thistle for the liver. Doc. said it would be good as they are a liver cleanse. It helps with fatty liver as well. We are going to get the snow. So off to store for coffee creamer and just a few odd and ends as I am not driving anywhere for a couple of days. Though tomorrow morning I have food ministry but will be home by noon. The snow starts tomorrow evening. yuk. They can't seem to decide on the amount. The projection said from 1.5 to 8 inches. We know the 8 inches is off and figure maybe 1.5 to maybe 2 inches. Was hoping it would by pass us this winter.
  14. The story on this keeps changing. Last I heard was 15 and now 29. And yes if this gets into Africa. It is going to really get bad. For all countries. It will spread like wildfire. I heard that Iran had 25 cases of the coronavirus and kept it quiet till 2 people died from it. Trying to find out more about this and why they would keep it boxed up. So not sure of the story on that but they did have 2 to die from it. World news said Virginia has no people infected with it. But they are concerned because of the fact that you can give it to others and not know you have it. That is the scary part of all this. My concern also is why in New York and another state I can't remember right now has all those Chinese living there and during Chinese New Year they were traveling back and forth to China and none of them have the coronavirus. Seems a bit odd.
  15. Ambergris that is great news. I go for my phys. next month. I am hoping everything turns out good for me this time around. Need to try harder to get my A1C down. but I have been eating to many carbs and need to start cutting back again. Seems I do that every winter. To many carbs. Can I blame it on the cold weather? This morning I went to dentist and then went to Auto Zone to have my computer checked on car. Seems the engine light just loves to come on at any given time and then by the time you get it down to be checked it goes out. So got to Auto Zone and when I parked and turned engine off it was on. When the girl came out to check the problem it was off again but she was able to get the code. Seems the transmission sensor has a short saying it is over heating. So now I need to make appt. with the care dealership as it is under warranty. Then came home and did a little work around house and then off to Lidil's store. Their prices are really going up and they have a lot less food and more junk than anything else. So we just picked up a few sale items and came home. DH went with me which surprised me as he was sound asleep and I woke him up to see if he wanted to go. He said yes and got himself together and went. So he got some walking in today. Though it did tire him out more this time. Made taco's for dinner tonight using the last of my canned hamburger from 2013. Need to start watching for some hamburger sales again so I can get more canned.
  16. Jeepers, I saw something about that early this morning. Wondering what happened to them. Hoping they were taken to a hospital for treatment.
  17. Phillippinans 4:6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God. The possibilities of prayer are to be seen in its accomplishments in earthly matters. Prayer reaches to everything that concerns people, whether it be the body, the mind or the soul. Prayer takes in the needs of the body, such as food and clothes, and concerns itself with business and finances- in fact everything that belongs to this life, as well as those things that have to do with the eternal interests of the soul. The achievements of prayer are seen not only in the large things but also in the small things. Dear Lord, I thank you for Your hand in the important earthly matters, but also for your presence in the little things of life. Amen. Lord, again I ask for protection for all on this form and their families from this coronavirus. I ask that you be with those that have the virus and that you would put a healing hand on each and every one of them. I ask for healing for those with MS, and others that are going through therapy and any other illnesses that they are going through. I ask for healing for my DH as he goes to doctor tomorrow about his test. That it be only the meds going through the liver that can be corrected and nothing more as he has been through so much already. Father I ask that you speak to my Grandson's heart as he is struggling with finding and keeping a job. He has not been doing as he should be and badly needs your guidance in his life. Help him to see his ways are not your ways. Guide us and protect us from whatever comes from the things of this earth. I pray for our president and all of the government that they will repent and see the way this country is heading and turn it around before it is to late. Help them to see that keeping you out of our country will bring it down and cause things to get worse. Thank you Father for all you do for us. In Jesus name Amen
  18. Mt. Rider, I am so glad you are not diabetic. I have been trying not to let it rule me. But somedays. the good food wins. though mine is type 2 and not to bad. I still like eating things I know I shouldn't. My mothers side of family almost all had it. Rest up. You will need it for round 2 of that snow. Just glad that so far we have not gotten it. But I also know that we have had our worse snows in March. Kappy, we are going to have to come have coffee with you in the morning. But I think you will be about ready to get sprung and going home.
  19. Now I'm hungry and I ate dinner. Those are keepers. Going in my collection. Thank you Kappy.
  20. Mt. Rider, I wouldn't let DH buy me any candy. I would eat it and I am diabetic. And you best not be getting sick again. Maybe you were just tired from shoveling snow. Hope you are not diabetic, if so that could explain the candy. Bad girl.
  21. Dee, I hope the virus is not where near where they are. Hope to see those pictures if you are able to post. Sounds great.
  22. I went through my prepping books awhile ago and have a book called Dare to Prepare. It is the 3ed Edition 2009 by Holly Drennan Deyo. So pulled that one out to see if it had anything on Pandemics. I think I can see why the failure in keeping it contained to a point. One being the N95 mask. I am going to have to check mine as I have not checked them in over 5 years. There are different types of them. They are recommending as one type of mask the 3M M40 mask. You can google that and it will show you what it is. I have some reading to do on this. Another one is MSA. These cost between $160 to $350 from when this book was published. What I have is a mask that fits tight but it is cloth with a small filter. Nothing like these they are showing. So that could be one problem. The mask, no matter what type you use must be checked for leaks. To do that place one hand over the air hole on the filter. Breathe in and out. If the mask partially collapses and stays collapsed until you remove your hand, the seal is good. Now that would be a question that makes you wonder, when they put the mask on are they checking it for leaks after putting it on. This book has a guide on mask. I am going to try to take a picture of it and put on computer if I can. Then try to send It to here. Not sure if it will work as this computer is so old and I haven't put any pictures on it in a long time. But will give it a try. There is a lot of info about the mask. then it goes into Decontamination, assuming no severe Exposure. It talks about full protective clothing, hat, gloves, and mask. It talks about a decontamination shower. Basicly it would be building and outside shower like you see at some pools. Using a garden hose to reach a faucet, a kiddie wading pool with a 5 foot or 6 foot diameter. 10 foot x 12 foot length of 4 mil plastic sheeting, garden tank sprayer. 10 foot step ladder Optional. ( not sure what that is for) and duck tape. These are the things to make the shower with. This book has so much info it would be worth it to buy if you don't already have this book.
  23. Mt. Rider, I have noticed prayer is all over this forum and that is one of the biggest reasons I love this forum. We all need prayer from time to time. So praying for each other is the best medicine. So with that I will start the prayer chain. The many statements in God's word set forth the possibilities and far-reaching nature and effects of prayer. Yet the range of prayer is as great as trouble as universal as sorrow and infinite as grief. And prayer can relieve all these evils that come to God's people. There is no tear that prayer cannot wipe away. There is no depression of spirit that it cannot elevate. There is no despair that it cannot dispel. Prayer always brings God to our relief to bless and to aid, and it brings marvelous revelations of his power. Psalm 50:15 Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me. Lord God I know that in this life we will have troubles, But thank you that we can know that we don't have to lose heart, because You have overcome this world. Heavenly Father, we ask that you protect us, our families, those on this forum and for those that are in the areas where this virus is at. We ask for protection for those that must travel and could be exposed without knowing it, to keep special protection around them to keep them safe from this coronavirus as well as the other names this virus has now taken on. Help us to keep our faith strong in you and to not fall away from that faith. Help us to know how to prepare for this pandemic, if it becomes necessary to do so. Father we thank you for all you do for us with healing, and protection and given us the strength to get through all that is going on in this world. In Jesus Name--- Now for anyone who wants to be next, please carry this prayer chain on down the line. I Think it will be very beneficial for us to keep God first in our preps and for guidance against this virus and anything else we could be struggling with.
  24. I have been thanking about having a prayer chain. It would just be anyone that wants to come on here to pray about the safety of your families for protection from the coronavirus, Prayers for our country that the country will repent as a whole and turn back to God. For illness or whatever you feel a need to pray about. That is if we would be allowed to do so. Prayers for protection from floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, or whatever type of bad weather you have in your area. And of course we all would be praying together for each other for that protection from these things and for healing from an illness, etc. So if we are allowed to do so and if anyone is interested, I think it would be a great idea. Keeping God's healing, protection, and helping us all to keep our faith strong in these trying times. So if moderators would let us know if we can do this on here. Please let us know and I will start with my prayer and we can take it from there.
  25. OK, So I have a mean streak in me. DH couldn't dust because his shoulder hurt. Poor baby. He is feeling better and got lazy. So I took vac. cleaner to den. Then got the dust rag and polish and the swifter. Looked right at him with my hands full of cleaning items and said my arm hurts but somebody has to keep the house clean. Pain or not I still have to work. And 4 hands are faster than 2. He got up and dusted the bedroom. Wow! I'm impressed. My idea worked. He got off his duff and did something other than unload and load the dishwasher. Yes he cleaned the kitchen. But I went in there and looked around. No, he did not clean off the counters, wipe down the kitchen table, sweep the floor, nada. Just unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher. But I'll give him credit for that. And I did get him to dust one room. I'll take that. It's better than nothing. He needs to start walking and building muscle again. Getting hard to get him to do anything. But even dusting and loading a dishwasher I guess is a start. Was looking through a few things this afternoon on what we have we can entertain ourselves with if we really do have to be quarantined in our homes. I have some board games, cards, puzzles and lots of books. Of course TV for DH. But he will put puzzles together. I can also do some sewing. Just things to keep us busy and not get bored. I also have some adult coloring books. Why they call them adult coloring books I don't know but they are fun. Have some crossword puzzle books as well. That is about all I got to go through today. It was the easier task with having to clean house today.
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