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  1. Good question on Hawaii. I've not heard about anyone not being able to fly in. Wonder if you could call the airlines to find that out? Bad timing to be going to Maui. They are checking on the people that stayed in the hotel with the man that went to Japan and got sick. Question would be was he contagious before he checked out of hotel. Dee. Keeping your nephew and family in prayer that they won't be near where that man that got sick was at. All any of us can do at this time is be aware and know where the problem areas are. If that is even possible. And yes, most of our meds or the ingredients come out of China. Right now that is not good. Hoping that the drugs will be able to come from Canada or another country. Right now we just got all our RX's filled at a 90 day supply and some of those are a good 6 months ahead. DH and I on a couple of our meds take the same ones. One is B/P medication. And though he has to take his daily, I don't take mine unless my B/P is up. I have to check it on a daily basis. So far mine has been running without the medication 118/ 64. So I don't take the meds when it is like that. I do not recommend anyone doing that as it might not work for some people. But for me I have been doing fine and feeling better off of it. For my DH I would not let him skip any of his meds.
  2. Miki. Did you have to remind me that my car needs cleaning out. Now I have more work to do. As you can see I am on computer instead of doing what needs to be done right now. But needed a break. DH cleaned kitchen today. Shocker. Been doing a lot of bookkeeping, washing clothes, sheets, and towels. Getting ready to vac. and dust as that is a never ending job around here. Still can't get DH to help with dusting. My shoulder hurts. So suck it up and help dust. That's what aleve is for. Take one and help dust. Nope gotta watch TV. So I am going to vac. the den with him watching his shows. Anyway. Break over and time to get back to work.
  3. Joyfield, If you are that far away from everyone, You may be safer than those of us that live in town. I used to be in country but now they have dumped a town on us. So we are not as safe and we have military everywhere around here. As for the baby. I don't think he has coronavirus but a cold from what you are describing and possible could have sinus infection or it could be a chest cold.. If he has green or yellow from nose it is bacterial and needs antibiotic. Also if coughing up green or yellow. And one thing I have been wondering: Usually with a virus there is no fever, but fever does happen with bacterial infection. And with pneumonia it is bacterial in many cases. So I am trying to wrap my head around this. So do these people with the coronavirus or whatever they are calling it now, Have the virus while they are running around here and there and then the fever hits as it starts to progress into pneumonia? Seems China is putting pneumonia as cause of death on the death cert. Just a question I have while trying to wrap my head around this mess. Joyfield, Are you thinking of 3 weeks incase you come in contact with someone with the virus, or just thinking of self quarantine for 3 weeks? I am getting things done today that I do on a normal Monday and then I am going to spend rest of week going through everything we have. Mask, gloves, meds, food cleaning supplies, you name it. Just to see how long we can stay put and not leave house for any reason if possible. Will be making a list of things we are short on for something like this and because of where we live and what is all around us, I am looking to have enough supplies for at least 3 months. Could be overkill, but again, the town is dumped on us. Lots of military, naval hosp. airports, shipyards, naval bases, coast guard bases, This is why I am thinking more on the lines of 3 months. Not everyone would need to do for that long. And yes, even I might be over doing it for a 3 month stay. I would like to do a trial run of staying put for at least a week, preferable 2 weeks, just to see how things go. Practice trial run. Just got to adjust doctor appts. to do it.
  4. If was diagnosed after he went back to Japan, then he has infected people in Maui from everyone he had contact with in the hotel he stayed at, where he may have gone out to eat, and anywhere he may have been shopping. Not to mention everyone on that plane. Give it about 2 to 3 weeks and I think we will be hearing about people coming down with this virus. People touching door knobs or anything else he may have touched that other people went behind him and touched. Bad situation, That no one gets sick. Wonder if they will try to cover it up.
  5. That is funny. I also thought they were talking about a real baby, not a baby goat.
  6. Jeepers, both of those are good brands. Went back to Church tonight and we are having our feed the hungry month. Everyone brings in food. So from last Wed. and today we had over 400 cans of food to sort and get put into the food pantry. Got that done and then went to service. The youth helped with it. We are aiming for a 1000 items. So far we are just over 665 items. So plenty of food to give out this Thur. with a good start for next month's hand out. I have to say though, I have really been lazy today. Sandwiches for Lunch and leftovers for dinner. Can't beat that.
  7. Ambergris, I didn't see Jeepers post when I posted the above. There have been pandemics over many years. But this one for some reason doesn't sit well. Something in the wind smells. How long has China been fighting with this virus before any other country new about it. People had been coming in and out of China long before the US or any other country new anything of this going on. Then all of a sudden this virus is out of control and the people coming into China and people leaving China are spreading it to other countries. Maybe I am just being paranoid. But it really doesn't sit well.
  8. The RX of Vit D3 is usually 50,000 mgs. You can only get that amount from a written RX. The highest over the counter is 5000mgs. Check the Rx for the miligrams. Natures Bounty is the one I use. I had to take the RX one for a while a couple of years ago. Now I take 2000 over the counter. The Natures Bounty is what I use. Glad to hear you are heading home from PT on Wed. Kappy. Keep up the good work. You have past a milestone. Hello Cowgirl. Sorry to hear your DH has Gout. There are several things that can set it off. High Uric Acid is the culprit. Best to stay away from these foods: Cod, Scallops, shell fish, sardines, anchovies, mussels, salmon, trout, haddock, nd organ meats. These are the worst ones. Main one being shell fish. The ones to limit are: pork, turkey, bacon, duck, mutton, veal, venison. Also diabetes, and pre diabetes can be a factor. Medications that can trigger Gout: asprin, diuretics, chlorothiazide, chlorthalidone, hydrochlorothiazide (HCTC), Indapamide, metolazone, spironolactone, Ace inhibitors, beta blockers, angiotensin II receptor blockers, cyclosporine, and chemo drugs. Not all of these will set off Gout but a comonation of these together could raise the uric acid levels high enough to set it off. All these are good things to know so they can be limited or avoided altogether. Shell fish is the worst of all of this. Very high in Uric acid. Hope this helps and gives you something to check into that he is either eating or taken in medication.
  9. I heard some where that a Japanese man was in Maui and stayed in a hotel and Lord only knows where else he had been. Turns out he was running a fever and sick. They are checking the roster at the hotel to see who was there at the time and checking on all of those people now. Have not heard anything more since. Hoping it was not the coronavirus. But nothing since then. If it is the coronavirus, it will spread and we will here more in about 2 or 3 weeks. Baring that rather it was true or not.
  10. That this gets under control before it gets any worse in the United States. Haven't heard yet of any more than the 15 confirmed cases here. But can we trust the government to tell the truth? I don't really watch the news other than the local news but what little I do watch, not much has really been said about this. I'm with Mt. Rider. Stay home behind the blue couch. for all those in all the other countries that they will recover from this. Hoping and praying as well that a vac. can be found before this gets much worse. But that could take a good year to develop.
  11. This is an old post. I have been trying to find salmon at a cheaper price around here. I am thinking about canning it. We make salmon cakes with the store bought canned salmon. When DH used to go deep sea fishing, he would bring the fish home and fillet them. We packed them in container of water and freeze. They always tasted like they were just caught. How I miss those deep sea fishing days. Canned tuna cannot hold a candle to fresh caught tuna.
  12. Dogmom, that is not good news. Seems there will be a lot of damage to young people because of this. Very sad indeed.
  13. Miki that changing of the timing of the symptoms is what is scary. How many people can be walking around and not know they have it and then infect others. Wish I knew how this could be contained. But there are no clear answers to this. The only thing I can say at this point is to pray for protection from it and that it will not spread any further than it has. We must all keep our faith for the Lord to protect us. That is all we can really do other than to be as prepared as we can be and not go out other than when we must. No trips off anywhere we don't need to be going right now till this is contained.
  14. Katz, I have never heard of it. I will be checking it out. We have everything but coveralls that we need if we must stay home. Hoping it doesn't come to that. One of the things I found out about is a liquid cleaner and wipes. It is called Oxivir Tb. It is not cheap but worth it for keeping the spread down at home and even going to the store. I put some of the wipes in zip lock bag when I go to store to wipe the baskets and such down.
  15. I had the mop tops cut down in the front yard flower beds. Not much in there right now. So thinking of expanding that for herbs. I already have rosemary growing in one section. So want to add to that on the one side. Basil, and others. That I can handle on my own. Going to change the way the main garden in back yard is done through both raised beds and learn how to do a no till method of gardening. Just wanting the weather to hurry up and warm up enough to get out there and get it going. Still to early to plant but want to have it all ready to go. Those older post have some great ideas. I like them.
  16. Jeepers things are not looking good for the flu. Regular flu or otherwise. Panic will spread because people will not know which one they have. But at this point I think the Reg type of flu is what is mostly going around as I hope they have the coronavirus contained. USA Alerts state that the US Gov. is preparing for a coronavirus pandemic. I am hoping and this does not turn into a pandemic. I am betting the wife comes down with the virus. She may not have shown any symptoms at the time she was checked. The regular flu, I think a nine year old died here in N. VA from it. She did not get the flu vac. I hate when I hear of children dying from the flu.
  17. As far as I know I have never had it. As a small child you really don't know what you might have eating from your grandparents home. Mine were hunters and of course the gardens. So may have eating deer, and bear. But don't remember. But I am going to try out the harmony for sure.
  18. I was in the small bedroom where I keep my first aid supplies. I am needing to go through it all and resort it all out again. Then I remembered something.. We laugh at the sneeze guards but did you know that the thicker ones make great bandages for bad cuts. And also tampex are good for gunshot wounds. Put the tampex into the hole of the wound to help stop the bleeding till you can get help. The pads I am talking about are not so much the ones for leaky bladder but for menstrual as they hold better for blood. This was on another form I used to be on years ago but also it is in some of my prep books. I have not done this but another good use for things we don't normally use any longer.
  19. So many great ideas to repurpose things and my mind has gone blank. I think I am getting tired tonight. Been a long day. Things I didn't think about that I do. The plastic bags in the bathroom trash cans is something I do. Reminded about that from one of you. I use the paper egg cartons for starting seedlings in. For insect killer take 4 rhubarb leaves chopped, 1 quart of water. Place chopped rhubarb in a stainless steel pot and simmer for 20 to 30 minutes. Then strain through cheesecloth or old tea shirt rag. then let cool for about an hour. Add dish soap. Then pour into a spray bottle and spray on the target insects. It seems to work well for me so far. There are other ones also but this one works on bugs you don't want in garage and such. So I spray on the insects like spiders and crickets that get into the garage. Kappy, I have started doing the ends of lettuce to regrow. My lettuce is doing great. Need to go to store to buy some celery to make some chicken salad. Going to try growing the celery as well. We do go through a lot of it.. This is something I have seen many times and had tried it in past with no luck. I am hoping this time will be a charm. Didn't have a lot of luck with microgreens, but not given up yet. Going to try that again as well. I bought a plastic tablecloth for the dining room table as for some reason things grow better there. Since we don't really use the dining room for eating. I am going to make good use of that room. So that is where the pots are going. Seems to be just the right amount of sunlight. WE2, that is a great idea for the scrubby's. I have a bunch of the flannel clothes also from Walmart. Never thought about doing that. Great idea.
  20. This just in from USA Alerts and not a good sign. San Diego Co. CA has declared a health emergency and local emergency in the response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Two cases are being treated at UC San Diego health.
  21. Ambergris, We don't get it as often nor as bad around here either. Are you in VA? I know Northern VA gets it bad. I can tell you stories about some of my trips to Lynchburg in the snow but here in Suffolk area not so bad. People here don't know how to drive in it either. Ice storms are worse though. Black ice.
  22. Colloidal silver is great for cuts, etc. We use it all the time. for such things. My ear is doing better. last night my ear was hurting, so I got out the ear syringe and filled it with peroxide and put it in there and let it bubble up. Then let it all drain out. This morning I woke up with no ear hurting. It has felt better so far all day. I had forgotten about using peroxide in the ears like that but did start using it in the canal with a q tip. But drowning the ear with it worked great. I don't remember where I had read that but it came back to me and I tried it. Feeling much better now. I had been taken the elderberry pills for about a week. I still think that is why the cold didn't get any worse. But still a lot to learn on natural healing solutions. I am going to start reading up more on herbs and such.
  23. Kappy I do agree, we need to learn how to cook new things now as we never know what tomorrow may bring. Corn will be coming in this spring and I am going to try it. Though we are not using the fire place now for past 4 years as it needs repairs. I could use the fire pit for the wood ash. My mother was no cook. Though she did some things good but no cook. My grandmother on the other hand. Was a great cook and it never took on my mother. She didn't even learn to can food. But her sisters did. And they were good cooks. Grandma was a country cook. Straight from the garden to table and she is the one that taught me how to can. I used to go spend the summers with her and granddaddy right after school. Sat on back porch everyday helping granddaddy chuck corn and shelling butterbeans. And that was no small back yard garden. He had 18 acres of land that he had gardens in. Apple trees and grape vines as well. Also had chickens and a milking cow. I really miss those days there on that farm. So I guess my grandparents way of life rubbed off on me as it was not easy for them but to me it was a lot of fun.
  24. Kappydell, So glad everything is working out much better for you and you can stand up straight again. That is wonderful news. I know chainsaw Mary has been mentioned on here several times. Don't know her but she must be a great knowlegable person. Yes have her join us. Would love to have her on here. Sounds like she is already an honorary member here. This morning, went with DH to cook collards for farm market. Got home about noon and fixed us a light lunch. Then took a short nap. It is tiring having to get up at 4:30 am to be at market by 6 am. Later got the call that car was almost ready and I could go to Enterprise to return rental and they would bring us back to auto place. Car was done and I got 3 things fixed for the price of one accident. That was great. Back 5 years ago when I bought the car, I was in parking lot at store. Came out to car and man in monster truck was in parking place behind me. Before I got to my car, I saw him backing up. Though I never walked around to back of my car, he was laughing. Seems he tapped my car hard enough to chip it in two places. They were small so never bothered with having it fixed. Then about 1 year later I backed into SIL's truck, no damage to him but I did have to replace a tail light and the trunk was a bit out of line but did not hurt the opening or closing of the trunk. So I let that go as well. Just fixed the tail light out of my pocket. Now after hitting my grandson's car and turning it in to insurance, All 3 things have been fixed. They did a great job and I would recommend them to anyone. All for the price of one claim. Looks like a new car again. They even washed it for me. So I got no house work done today. But tomorrow is another day. It will be a huge temp. drop, so not going anywhere. Maybe with a bit of luck, I can get DH to help with the dusting around here. Would give him something to do besides use the remote control. Yes he needs to follow Kappy's exercise plan. Maybe it will speed Mr. poky up just a tad bit. I am going to start walking the neighborhood again as soon as weather permits. Hoping to be able to start walking that one mile mark daily again and then add to it. Being a caregiver does slow you down a lot. But he is doing good enough that I can leave him home alone for a couple of hours now by himself. AND, the weatherman is threating us with that dirty little 4 letter word for Thursday. SNOW! Can't happen that day as I have food ministry pickup on that day. We give out food every 3ed Thursday and it has never snowed on the 3ed Thursday of each month. My Church is a 30 min. drive down country road. Almost the only country roads we have left around here for that end of town.
  25. Hello TurtleMoma Welcome back. I have only been on here I think less than a year. I must say, everyone on here are great folks. Love the post. Still reading a lot of old post from way back. This in from USA Alerts: HHS/CDC plus the health depts. in Seattle, San Fran, Chicago, NYC, and LA now testing patients resenting with flu-like symptoms for COVID-19 coronavirus. They are saying it may be seeping into our country despite travel restrictions and screenings at airports. This is not good for the USA as this can turn into a bad situation. TurtleMom we will all be happy to know about the info that you have learned from others as well. I think the more we know about this the better we can all prepare for it. And hope and pray it doesn't get any worse.
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