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  1. Been a slow day today. fixed DH and Myself a big breakfast, Then just picked up around the house putting things away. Gave kitchen a good cleaning. Then just rested. Have felt like I was coming down with a head cold, but feeling better now. Might be why I have had no energy all week. fixed some beef tips in the slow cooker for dinner and then spent part of the afternoon lessoning to Jan Markell with olive tree ministries.
  2. Do you have any family that is or has been in the military. We are members because DH's brother was in the military. Though he had gotten out after 6 years, we didn't need any prove that he was in there. They just said ok and we got in. Can't say if it will work for you but worth a try if you have anyone like brother, father, sister etc that served.
  3. There is no universal consensus regarding where the virus originated. It spread world wide in 1918-1919. In the US, it was first identified in military personal in spring of 1918. It is estimated that about 500 million people or one third of the world's population became infected. The number of deaths was estimated to be at least 50 million worldwide with about 675,000 occurring in the United States. Dogmom. that is a better article than what I had. It may not have started in Spain but it was unclear as to the exact country it started in. But at least we know where this virus we are dealing with now is from. This in from Alerts USA Coronavirus globally is 34,866 confirmed China 34,598 with 3,401 new cases 6,101 severe cases with 1,280 new severe cases 723 deaths with 86 of those new. Outside of China are 288 confirmed cases 24 countries with the virus and so far only 1 death. Risk Assessment China Very High Risk Regional level high risk Global high risk Official COC case numbers for the US is as follows positive 12 Neg. 225 pending 100. I assume these are in quartine. States with confirmed cases Washington State CA Arizona Wisconsin Illinois and Massachasetts China continues to ignore repeated offers by centers for disease control and world health organizations to send teams of specialist to help both in their response as well as learn more about the nature of this virus.
  4. Jeepers, I hope you can find another bank that can help you move everything there. from that bank. We are with BB&T and looking to change banks. Had several run in's with them. They got the idea when we stayed and wouldn't let them close up till they put our deposit back in our account that we had to show prove of before they would remove it from someone else's account. They put it back once and the guy called and said it was his money. Never had to show proof or nothing, just a phone call. That second time was the last straw. They now know when I speak they best be getting things straight. Kept them open for another 30 minutes or so till they put a freeze on the other guy's account and they learning a lesion that when someone shows proof of a deposit not to take the word of someone that just calls and says it is their money.
  5. I would think that China is already in pandemic mode. They are the worst country. I heard Japan is on the rise. Not sure of other countries yet. But for a full blown pandemic, I think it would have to get at least almost as bad as China in all countries. I am going back to read up on that Spanish flu of 1918 that killed so many. That was a pandemic. Maybe can learn something from it. That started in Spain if I remember correctly during WW1.
  6. I don't see a end to this in the near future. It's not over till its over. With flu season at it's highest state and this virus. It will make it hard to know who is in a store with just a cold, flu or may have that virus. And yes this virus can effect you by way of the eyes. I think I mentioned it earlier on one of the sites. some form of tight fitting glasses or goggles would help. But be sure when you remove them to clean them good. The mask need to fit tight around the mouth and nose. NO GAPS. I am going to join you all behind the Run, don't walk to get to that
  7. Seems there are EMP's that have not been taught about protection from these things. I pray he does not come down with it and passes it to his family and everyone else. New Jersey is getting way to close to my end of VA. People travel from there to here a lot. I decided not to go to the family night of Dr. Matt. Some of the ones that came in from Japan, flew in yesterday and this morning. There has been a rise in Japan with this virus and I decided staying home and just talking with Dr. Matt's wife by phone was enough. Not taking that chance where DH is concerned. He would not survive that virus. And I have an auto immune issue. So best to just stay home. As it is, I do have the sniffles which I think are just allergies acting up. But still not chancing it. Besides. I did have fever a couple days ago but it went away. So if Dr. Matt's brother or sister and any others of his family are here and they get a fever, they would not be allowed to go back to Japan but be in quarantine. Not worth the risk. Cruise ship also in Japan as well with the virus as well. So glad I made the right choice.
  8. Jeepers, that is great news. Now for getting over that infection. Praying you get well quickly. It has been very windy here but temps not to bad. In mid 60's. But cold weather will be coming. Have been working on kitchen to get some things reorganized. I now have a way to keep my applances in the kitchen instead of having to run down to garage to get what I need. Put the folding table which is 5 ft. long at the height of the kitchen counter. It is on the den side of the counter. So I got the table cloth made for it and all appl. are on that table. Out of way and where I can use them without running down to garage every time. That was DH"s idea. I think it will work out well. Other than that, I really haven't had the energy to do much else. though I did get clothes put away that I washed the other day. Yeah, a bit slow getting that done. Kappy, glad to see all is well for you. Possum stew. Not so sure about that. Sorry about the kitten. Maybe there is a way to block that area off so another possum can't get to the kittens or the food. Ann, glad to see you are doing ok. I am trying something new. Growing food from scraps. Had some lettuce that I cut ends off and put in water for three days. When they started growing new leaves I transferred them to a pot of garden soil. Going to try it with celery when I buy more. Hoping it will work. The idea was on Pinterest. I want to try several things like that. Will see what happens.
  9. All the doctors offices we have been in over the past 2 months, no one was wearing a mask. Though as far as we know we are still safe here as no cases anywhere near our area. But that is subject to change. I was watching the world news earlier and they said about 600 has died in China from this Virus. Also the whistle blower, a doctor that told about the virus in the beginning made the government mad about letting the cat out of the bag. He caught the virus and has died. Was in hospital for 8 days before passing away. The more I read and hear on the news, the more I am beginning to think China engineered this virus and let it loose on the population. I know there are crazy things going on over there and they don't have enough food to feed all the people there. Can't say if that is true or not but something about this smells bad.
  10. Jeepers, glad to know it is not kidney stones but cystitis can be rough as well. Praying you will get through this and very soon. Granddaughter that lives in Maryland came in for the last time. At least from Maryland anyway. They will be moving out to Washington state on the 25th. Driving almost 3000 miles in the winter worries me with bad snows in some places they have to go. I know her and DH are starting out and trying to buy a house this time. So her mom bought her new tires and I gave her a good chunk of emergency money. She has been trying to save up for that house and it has been a struggle for them trying to get on their feet. But they are getting there. Her DH will come out of school as an E5, so that will help a lot. But she will be out of work for a while. Then her DH has to go to medical school for Navy in CA for a year. After that I think they might be back on their feet and in good shape. They are driving that 3000 miles. I know I will be worrying until I here from them then they get there. But I know her, she will be calling me at every rest stop they go to for the dogs to stretch and use bathroom. We took her out for lunch today before she left for Maryland. Had a good time today. Got results of DH's CT scan. Still haven't talked with doctor about it yet. Appt. not till the 17th. He gets the ultra sound of liver on Wed. next week. But I am not liking what I see on the CT scan. suspicious liver lesion small to moderate sized. Rt. pleural effusion. No biliary dilation and significant hepatic steatosis. Or the above. So that is why the ultra sound. just hope it turns out the liv 52 and milk thistle will take care of what is going on. So nothing in house got done today. We did have a very hard rain and it got up to 70* but to wet to do anything outside. Hopefully tomorrow I can get a lot done around here.
  11. Found out there are a lot of cases of this virus in Japan. So not going to funeral home on Friday. Went on line and signed the guest book. Not going to take that chance. He has family in Tokyo and a few other places and I am not sure which areas has the virus. Hoping they are not carrying it as if they are and don't know it. We will be in trouble here on my end of VA.
  12. eupheasyne, I like those shelving units from ikea. We have one of those here. I am thinking maybe of turning the small bedroom into a total pantry in about a year. As right now it is the only guest room I have and my grandson who is now 18 still comes to spend the night. So still need that extra bed. Just got to figure out what's what as far as priorities go. But seeing those shelving units gave me some ideas.
  13. Sorry to hear about Michael. Looks like he had some good info here. Though I didn't know him from these forums, I do hope he is doing ok and maybe will come back when he can.
  14. Everyone needs prayer for good health. Time for healing. Took DH to doctor for lab work this morning. Came home and was going to do some sewing but just don't have the energy again today. Did a few things but not much. I am learning some new tricks though. Took the ends of lettuce that I bought at store and growing new lettuce from them. Hoping it will work. I have watched them do it on U-Tube and it was on Pinerest as well. So I am giving it a try. Watched them do it with green peppers in a different way than just saving seeds from garden, celery, lettuce and other things. Thought it would be fun to try it. You never know. Granddaughter came into town today and will be here to spend day with us tomorrow. Glad to have that time with her before leaving for Washington State. Put some emergency money in an envelope to give her for the trip. The Navy won't pay them back till after they have put the money for the move up front first and then you get that money back but takes forever to get it back. Daughter paid for her new tires for her car so she would not have to go into her savings. Not thrilled about them driving so far, but they have to do what they have to do. That's the military way I guess. Very concerned about the weather in middle states that get a lot of snow. Saw on TV the bad situations with that. Roads were really bad. They don't leave till the end of Feb. or first of March. So hoping good weather all the way. for a safe trip also.
  15. USA Alerts states Wisconsin Department of Health reports confirmed case of the nCoV which is now the 12th case in the US. So we now have 12 confirmed cases in the US as of today.
  16. Kappy, it's good to see you back on here again. Glad the surgery went well. Now for prayers for rehab to go even better and you back to doing what you want to do with no issues. Just start out slow and work up to it.
  17. Euphrasyne, one thing I can say for this group is they all pray. I am praying for you and baby as well as others on here. These folks prayed for my DH and though he is not over his issues, I know those prayers were answered and they will be answered for you as well. Keep the faith, You will get there.
  18. WE2, you are so right about colder weather and snow. If cold enough it will kill off bugs and viruses. At least that is what I have heard. The viruses need that warmer air to survive. It has yet to get cold here long enough to do that. And no snow in sight. Though we are about to get a massive thunderstorm rolling in this evening and even worse tomorrow. Possible straight line winds gust as high as 60 miles per hour and hard rain. Possible tornado maybe. This just in from USA Alerts, Multi planeloads of travelers from Wuhan will arrive this week at Travis AFB CA, Marine Air Stn. Miramar CA, Lackland AFB TX, and Eppley Airfield NE. It should be on the news sometime today if not already. This is not good. Also I heard yesterday that Sentara hosp. in my area is in larging the ER there and getting ready for a Corina virus pandemic. These are not good signs. I need to be able also to figure out how to send something from my e-mail to here. I have been receiving good info but can't get it to here.
  19. euphrasyne, I am just reading this for the first time. I will be praying for everything to work out for you this time. And now with the MIL out of the house. That should help you a great deal with this new baby on the way. Congratulations and prayers for you and the new one. Maybe DH will get his wish and you will have a boy this time.
  20. Jeepers, praying that they find what it is and can get you on the right track fast. You have had enough issues with health. Miki, 2.5 hours to get your pantry cleaned out. That's great. It took me 2 days because of the stupid sliding door wouldn't slide and DH was working on it. He's not as fast as he used to be. But that door just did not want to stay on the track. But it is all done now. Washed sheets and the throw covers that DH always covers up in the den with. Also washed the throw pillows that I prop is feet up in the recliner when his feet and legs are badly swollen. DH has come a long way from 2 months ago. I really was worried he would be in heaven as bad off as he was. Yes it was that bad. But again prayers pulled him through. Thank you Jesus for getting him through it. Today he asked if I was going to store. Told him tomorrow but he wanted to go today. That is a really good sign if he is asking to go somewhere now. The more I can get him out walking the sooner his strength will start coming back. He is starting to become more of his self again. I didn't really need anything from store other than sour cream and to pick up the prescriptions that were ready. He walked every isle of that store and it was one of the bigger stores. Good exersize for him.
  21. H5N1 is the Bird Flu. As for H5N8, not heard of that one But the H1N1 is Swine flu. Hope that helps.
  22. jeepers if it is a stone, try to drink as much water as possible to flush the kidneys. Not sure if cranberry juice will help that. If the pain gets to bad, try taking 4 Advil as that is a prescription for Motrin. Hopefully it will help the pain if nothing else. If you are having chills, you may be running a fever with it. Might want to take your temp to see if that is cause of chills.
  23. Patriot Nurse is a good one. I use the liquid Lysol all the time as well as the spray. The liquid,, I wash towels and sheets with it. And I put some in dish washer as well as the dishes I wash by hand. Don't use bleach for silverware as it can ruin the finish on them. So the liquid works really well. I started doing that when DH kept getting those chronic sinus infections. Kept me from getting it. This came from my email and I don't know how to transfer the article to here. But the just of it is from Economic collapse, there are 4 plagues marching across Asia simultancoasly… the coronavirus, African swine fever, HSN1 bird flu, and H1N1 swine flu. Also if I heard this right that in China they have lost a lot of pigs and chickens to some of these bird flu and what ever it was that is making the pigs sick and dying. Also heard that the China government is talking of killing off peoples pets, dogs and cats. That part I am unsure of.
  24. Had not seen this. I have a fitbit tracker that I haven't used in a long while. Haven't been able to get out and go walking like I used to with DH being sick. I don't like leaving him for very long. He is not that steady on his feet yet. Though he is doing much better than 3 months ago.
  25. Jeepers, I pray you will feel better soon. And yes I would wear a mask as you never know what is sitting in a doctors office. Working in a doctors office myself before retirement. People do not cover their mouths and they wipe their noses across their sleeves. So be careful and do what you need to do to keep from getting other peoples germs. We always at lunch time sprayed the waiting room down with Lysol and the check in counters as well as the labs and exam rooms were all washed down and sprayed down with Lysol. The receptionist even sprayed the little can of pens down with Lysol to keep those germs from getting passed on. We also did it first thing in morning before opening and again when we closed. I am surprised that these days they don't do that. I had taken DH to his heart doctor several weeks ago and the lady was wiping down the counter with a baby wipe. I told here what we did and she said she was going to get some Lysol and start spraying everything down that she never thought about that. You just never know. And yes Dr. Matsushige and his wife were preppers. They kept the office well stocked and when the sars outbreak happened that was when the ton of N95 mask was bought for the office. Mrs. Matt must have bought well over 400 of them. That is how I got my free 100 of them when Dr. Matt retired. Washed clothes today and got DH out of house and out walking around the house and down to the corner and back. He got a bit unsteady on his feet but did well. It was about 72* today. Very nice day. So while clothes were washing I pulled some weeds. DH said to just use roundup n them. Not going to happen as I plant herbs and things there. What is it about men and roundup? That's the lazy way out of pulling weeds. It's nothing more than crab grass and easy to pull up.
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