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  1. WE2 so sorry about your brother. going out that he just might get through this. Miricles have been known to happen. Praying for you and your family for strenth to get through it as well.
  2. Ann, you will have a safe trip back home again.
  3. Wow Mt Rider, I havn't heard about pertussus in years. Hope you are feeling better soon. Guess this could mean maybe we all should think about getting our old childhood vaccinations again. Ann Glad you made it to Texas safely. Get some sleep. You earned it.
  4. Jeepers that is how ours is. We have a two car garage as well and I park in the middle. And yes I came out like usuall and bamb. Not bad but insurace was called to fix both cars.
  5. WE2, It is already fully stocked and over flowing. these are from 2013. We have used all this food up from 2013 through 2016. It has been restocked already plus what we have under the beds and in 2 bookcases. These pictures were the start of our prepping days.
  6. MidnightMom, I have a set of those cornflower bowls. Didn't know they were worth anything. Interesting. Today went with DH to help him cook collards for market. Came home to catch up on some things around the house as gargage clean up kept me out of doing things in the house that needed to be done past couple of days. Grandson came over and parked where he always does at back of driveway. But i pulled out of garage and backed up to back of driveway like I always do to go forward toward street to leave driveway. Needless to say, I forgot that his car was parked there and I backed right smack into his back pasinger door. Dented his door and popped out the fender of my back passinger rear side. So called insurance. We are both covered with no issuses and both will have rental cars. Only $100.00 deductable and will not go against my insurance. So rates will not go up. So glad of that. But the inconventance for both myself and my grandson sucks. habits are habits and one I need to break so it won't happen again.
  7. Trying again. Pics of pantry. Finally, it worked.. This does not include all that I have canned over past couple of years. that is all under the beds. this was pantry from 2013. All this has changed over time and pantry is much more than this now. I have buckets of rice,, flour etc. in 5 gal. buckets in mylar bags ext. plus I do mostly canning my own foods now. Much less of what you see in the store bought stuff. We have already gone through everything you see here except the long term foods. Those we still have most of. from 2013.
  8. http://photos Not sure if this works. But should be pictures of pantries. First attempt at this. Nope didn't work. Will try again.
  9. Thanks GC, I am going to check that out and try making my own mayo. We do use a lot of it. Mt Rider. Hope things get better for you. Been sick to long. time to get well. Ambergris Hope all your doctor appts and things went well for you. Today I worked on garage again. Almost there now. Got most of the cement dust out and off of everything. We threw away a lot of stuff and was able to empty a lot of boxes full of stuff we didn't know we had. So tightened up what we needed to keep and the rest was trashed. Worked on it till 6 pm tonight and then went in washed up and fixed us a bowl of homemade veg. beef soup. Missed grandson's call that he wanted to come spend the night with us. So texted him back a while ago and he's coming tomorrow to spend night. 18 years old and still loves coming to grandma's house. We are cooking collard at market tomorrow morning so that will take part of my day away. But DH is no longer able to do it by him self any longer. I will help get them washed and in the pot as 6 bushels is a lot of collards. He can stay and keep an eye on them and put seasoning in when ready without me. So I may come home and work awhile and then go pick him up when they are done. Will see how he does after they are washed and in pot before I decide to leave and come home first though. DH did help me a bit with the garage, so that is a good sign that his energy levels might be starting to pick up a bit. Not for long but even a short time is a good thing. Maybe while grandson is here, he can help me get pictures on to the post on pantries. He is good at figuring out those things. He is going to college to be a computer programmer so there you go, put him to work with pictures. It had been a good 5 years since that garage got a good cleaning. Though the cement dust from driveway replacement didn't help it any. Just a lot more work. My time is no longer my time it seems and so much I want to do. Haven't had time to sit down and read and I am now behind on my Bible reading as well. Tomorrow cooking collards, Thursday we have food ministry, and Friday taken DH for another test. CT scan this time. No wonder I am getting so tired.
  10. Kappy that is great news. Glad your doctor is working out. Just wish we could find a good one around here again. Praying for your surgery to go well and for a speedy recovery. Just stopped working in garage. It is 9 pm and I am tired. The cement dust is on everything and I have to wipe everything down. But it is getting there. Found 2 bottles of lamp oil that was not suppose to be on that shelving unit. But thats good because now I have 2 more bottles to add to my supply of oil. Think I am going to have to wake DH up to go to bed. He is in his chair fast asleep again. Seems he does a lot of that lately. Hope we can get to the bottom of all this soon. Next test is on the 17th and then back to specialist for results.
  11. That is just to funny. Wonder who thought that one up.
  12. Love him, beautiful dog. I know you can't wait to get him home. I have a granddaughter that rescues dogs and cats. She went to school for dog training and also trains police dogs. She decided that being military and moving around alot, she needed something that she could do anywhere she moved. So far so good. She finds homes for the ones she rescues. She has 2 that were rescued that she kept. I just at this time cannot bring myself to get another dog or cat. We loved the ones we had but just not the right timing for us at this stage in life. The last cat to go was 21 years old. But I do have a neighbor's dog, pit bull that I play with sometimes when she is out. Waiting to see more pictures when you get him home. Beautiful dog. I like German shepards. Good dogs. and make for great guard dogs as well.
  13. When I get more time I am going to work on getting some pictures on here. WE2 your idea did not work for me as these pictures are already on computer. Ann I am looking at your suggesting and going to work on that one a bit later. Getting ready to feed DH as I am going to have to wake him up for dinner and then go work in garage a bit longer.
  14. OK, this is an order: Everyone that is sick is to get well now. Prayers still going your way. Being sick is no fun. DH went with me to grocery store to pick up his RX. He walked around store checking prices and was not happy. I kept telling him they were going up. Helman's mayo. 4.99 for 30 oz. That is crazy. Wonder if I could make mayo. Though when he got home he was worn out. So now he is in his recliner sound asleep. I am just going to let him sleep. Getting out like that tells me just how weak he is now. I got all the clothes washed and started working on garage. I have two very large shelving units with chest freezer sitting in between them under window. I have one with 3 shelves cleaned off and now working on the bottom shelf of cleaning supplies. I am going to move all the cleaning supplies to top shelf. and use bottom shelf for my water supply. I have 8- 5 gal. water containers I want to fill up and put the stuff in so they will last 5 years. Then I also have 6 boxes of the 50 year cans of water. That gives us 144 cans of long term water. I will get anyone the site I order it from that wants it. Got applances in trunk of car to take to good will down the street. That alone has given me a lot of free space. I think this garage is going to be a lot of work and time consuming trying to do it by my self. But it is what it is. When I am done I hope to be able to get to what I need as well as see what I need before going to store. And yes, buying from Sam's club and B.J.'s wholesale club in doubles adds up. But less trips to store that way. I think right now I have 4 or 5 large bottles of dawn dish detergent as well as dishwasher detergent. I like to take advantage of when you buy one item you get the other one free. Saves some money and B.J.s takes manufacturer coupons with their coupons. So if they have a 2.00 off and I have one for 1.00 off they will take 3.00 off. Also if the product has more than one of the items in it they will take 2 or 3 manufacture coupons. So it really keeps my cleaning supplies stocked for cheaper than the grocery stores.
  15. Miki those are good ones also. I love that I can now have a lot less applances on my counters or having to run out to garage to get the one I need off the shelf out there. I am hoping after getting the garage cleaned out that I will have room for my canning supplies on shelfs in garage instead of the shed. Then I won't be having to run outside in cold or raining weather when I need something.
  16. Wish I could figure out how to put pictures of my make shift pantries on here. Don't know how to transfer them. Though they are from I think 2013 or 14. But would give you an idea of my situation on space.
  17. Jeepers, you will love it if you do get one. The one I got replaces several of my 14 applances. Most of those were given to me by way of Christmas presents or what have you but I don't have that kind of counter space. So most have been sitting in garage on shelf. So far the only ones I am keeping out of those are my blender, mixer, bread maker, and though this air fryer also works as a slow cooker, I am keeping my slow cooker. I also have another one that is a slow cooker, oven and I can bake in it as well. I am thinking about keeping that one or not for back up.
  18. I wasn't going to say that earlier, but yes it does look like he is laying down on the job. That would be something my DH would have done. We took out our old kitchen floor 20 years ago. It was no picinic. Hard work. Ann, so sorry to hear about loosing your hen. Just wish I could figure out how we could raise chickens without all the wild animals we are now having issues with due to their homes being ripped out for cement. I haven't seen any here yet but some neighborhoods are seeing bobcats in their yards as the woods are getting cut down around them. Also bears. We have always had the deer even coming into our neighborhood, but bears and bobcats that's another story. We did have a bear crossing down the road from us. Think goodness it just went across to the other side. All that remodeling going on. I know you all will be happy when it is all finished. Then you get to relax and enjoy it.
  19. Love pickled eggs. Haven't made any in a while. Now I will have to try that receipe. It sounds good. I have never canned any, as I never really thought about it. So I am goingt o try that.
  20. Mt. Rider going up for you and your DH to get well fast. No fun in being sick. WE2 You are a good cook from those photos. Making me hungry and it's to early for dinner. We had a pot roast with onions, potatoes, carrots and some greenbeans. We don't usually do bread with our meals. That is only once in awhile due to diabitics. The potatoes made up for the starch. This morning I went through and gathered all the tax papers together. Yes it's about that time again. Then got all the canning things together and got that all put away. Took down all the appliances that I am going to get rid of. Thought the one granddaughter would want them but she has a small airfryer like mine and a toaster. She wasn't interested in the rotisrery. The Large airfryer I bought takes the place of all of those and is larger than the airfryer I was given a few years ago. It never did chicken very well. Got DH outside today to walk a little bit as it is about 74* out today. He got out of breath and had to hold on to me and stop to rest every few minutes but made it all the way around the house back to garage. He is very swollen today. And I think he got into the crackers left over from Christmas, so I am going to pass them to the kids. Need to get them out of house. So though he is not suppose to take fluid pills today, I gave him one to get that extra fluid off. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Taking a much needed break right now and drinking a nice tall glass of ice water and thinking about what to fix for dinner as I want something with no salt at all for DH. Might be some homemade soup today but it's really to warm today for soup. Maybe just a nice big salad. That sounds good and quick to put together. Homesteader and WE2 seems you both have your work cut out for you getting your homes redone. Did that about 20 years ago but have some other things that need to be repaired. After replacing driveway and front porch, it will have to wait a bit. Need to build back up my emergency money again. We always try to pay cash for what we do as we really don't want the bills. So far so good.
  21. Guest Ana Pirs, My grandkids would not touch that type of pasta. They like the normal speggetti sauce. But it does look good.
  22. Had enough cash back from my discover card to buy the Emeril Lagesse XL power air fryer 360. This one does everything. I can even deydrate food in it. Though I haven't tried that yet. Just got it the other day, so haven't used it for much yet. Though I did some toast in it and it was better than the toaster. I can even cook a 14 lb turkey in it. It has a rotistery as well. So going to try a rotisery chicken in it soon. This will replace about 3 or 4 applances from my counter and give me more counter room. That is including the toaster. I can toast up to 6 slices of bread in this. Can't wait to try grilled cheese sandwiches in it. Going to try airfrying some chicken wings and maybe some fries as well. Love that I don't need any oil or any fats for fried foods. The best part is that by using my cash back bonus from my card, it was like getting it for free. I have done this also with another card that I got points from. Bought a newave burner with them. That works really great when I need an extra stove top burner. Though it is electric and not gas. But works great.
  23. That sounds good to me as well. Just wish they would have something like that around here close by so I could go to one.
  24. Been trying to get things back in place from Christmas. Nic Nacks back on fireplace and a couple of chairs I had to move for the tree to go up. Then got the table cloth back on dinning room table. Dusting and vacumn and mopping floors. Now I am tired. DH felt much better today though his feet are swollen, so he is sitting down with feet propped up. He even cooked dinner tonight. Corn beef and cabbage. He hasn't done any cooking for about 5 months now. So that was a good sign. He usually fixes dinner when I am really busy. It does help me out a bit. His only complant was that it was bland. Sorry, but no salt shaker. Don't want that fluid building around heart and lungs again.
  25. Yep, that was pretty much how we had 28 trees removed from our yard.
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