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  1. Ambbergris, I don't know who cookiejar is. But I do hope she is ok. She must have been a member long before me. No thinks to George Soros, New york and CA. VA has gone total blue. Seems that the outsiders, pro abortionist, planned parenthood from CA and NY both along with George Soros bought themselfs some dems to do their bidding. There has to be a way to stop these people from interfering in the elections of other states like this. So VA will become like CA and we are doomed.
  2. Jeepers, I'm glad you are ok. Those falls can be bad. I do know how the neck problems can be. I have a plate with 4 screws and godiva bone from C4 to C7. It can be painful and radiate into the shoulders and arms. Have you checked with doctor about getting an MRI. Mine showed the bones had collasped on the spinal cord and was causing all my pain. And if you ever have to have surgery for something like that, always go to a neruologist, never an orthopedic. Spinal cord is nothing to play around with.
  3. I have enough of my own canned veggies to last me a year. So I am good. the only thing is corn. We do not have enough room in back yard to plant that. But we do have green beans, butterbeans,, squash, tomatoes, to hold us. All this is from my garden. So should be ok. Hoping nothing else gets recalled but I am sure something will. The FDA is a failed system.
  4. Homesteader, the room is coming along and looking great. Can't wait to see the finished product. I know you will greatly enjoy it when it is finished. I have still be working on the kitchen cabnets. More to do than I thought. This time I changed up a lot of things to make it easier for me to find things. Still have the cabnet under stove and sink to do and then that job is done. So hoping to finish up in the morning and move on to another room. With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, I need to give the house a good cleaning. So that will be next on my list. General cleaning just doesn't cut it for the long run. Windows need cleaning after all the cement dust from driveway. That was one big mess. So far I had just hosed off the whole house and used DH's air hose to blow off the dust from the brick on house, then hosed it down. But it is all still in the garage and I have only got it halfway cleaned up. Will have to take everything off of shelves to clean them and wipe and wash up things that were on the shelves. Need to do that anyway as I want to do something different on those shelves for storage. I did get all the summer and winter clothes switched out. Just have a couple of boxes to go to shed. So that job is done. As far as preparing, I have also been taken inventory of all the food we have stored. With all the oldest food now in kitchen. Will be getting to the closets after the first of year as that is going to be one hard job. Three closets are full of long term storage as well as store bought foods for long term. Only wish I had some help on that one. But looks as though I am on my own. DH just gets to tired even though he tries to help me. I really don't want to ask him for help unless it is something I really need the help with. Daughter works and is in college so not going to ask her as she is really working hard on her college coarses and both grandkids that are still around here are both working and in college as well. So it has been a tough year for getting help with some things. But I am getting there. Daughter only has one year left to go.
  5. Just found this while lurking around. If this is what was going on in 2010 to 2013. Just think about what is about to happen in the next couple of years. already i have seen our homes being devalued and realestate taxes going up. Though that is here in VA. Can't answer to what is going on in other states on this. Also seeing less food in grocery stores. Some things we used to buy we can't get any longer unless it is on line. I am seeing an increase in food prices as well as clothing. What are you guys seeing now that either relate to what went on a few years ago compared to what is happening now? I think that the 20/20 elections are going to be the end of society as we know it. We are heading down a slippery slope and I don't see a way out. My gut feeling is starting to tell a story of I am not preparing fast enough for things to come. Nor do I really know how to prepare for the unknown. But civil unrest, famine, water shortage in some places, our weather changing like it is. What is your take on this?
  6. So what's next. Seems something is being recalled all the time now. Drugs and food. I have never seen the Mann's products here but will keep an eye out. As for Sysco, that is a food distrabution center and one of the center's is located not far from us. My son in law used to work for them. It's getting to the point you don't know what is safe to eat anymore. We have already had to have our blood pressure meds changed due to constant recalls on it.
  7. That picture is beautiful. Great job Annarchy. My father was an artist but was more commercial. He did the store adds for Giant Open air markets for newspaper. Designd bank bags for the banks. and did advertising for Leggett's department stores and furniture stores as well. he did do some drawings but nothing like what you did. You have a great talent. Love it. Still working on the kitchen cabnets but almost done. Only have the one under the stove and one under the sink and I am done. Got a great deal of reorganizing done in process. So happy with that. But 4 days on this one project is rough. Hoping to move on by tomorrow afternoon to another project that needs to get done.
  8. Out of the Ordinar: We have gone through what you are going through. I hope that things go a lot smoother for you in finding a new doctor. Not many good ones left around here. The doctor I worked for was also mine and DH family doctor. he was 81 when he had to retire for medical reasons. Bad part was when Obama pulled that obama care and our edlery patients couldn't find a doctor that would still take mediare. We to found ourselves in that boat. We did find one doctor in area that we had all our patients go to and then to hang in there till hopefully things changed and they could find better doctor. We have changed doctors 3 times since then. Hoping this one will be better. He is internal medicine and takes care of both thyroid and diabetic also. The doctor I worked for was internal med. That might be your best bet is to look for internal medicine doctors verses a family doctor. They take care of a much wider range of illnesses. But beware not all are that good. Will be praying that you will find the right doctor soon..Also I will tell you what DH's neuro doctor told him to do for the high Blood pressure. Drink a small glass of wine. It should bring your BP down. He said if it does not take it down to go to ER. You could try drinking a small glass and try relaxing. Hopefully it will go down.
  9. Wow. Mexican Birthday. Love the jar. The two of you look so sweet together. I know you guys had a great time with your friends. I love mexican food as long as it's not to spicy. I am still working on kitchen cabnets. Used to be able to get it done in one day and now I will be 3 days getting it done. Got all the cabnets with food in it done and new shelf paper down. Had to move some food around from back of house to kitchen. So the older food would all get used up first. And yes the cold weather is here and it's not really that cold yet but my hands are killing me. They said I need knuckle replacement. But I am not going there. As long as I can use my hands I'm good. Though I am not to good on the key board again tonight. Off to the pots and pans tomorrow morning. And then get the summer clothes put in dresser in spare room. So much to get done and feel I will never catch up. But it is what it is. I will get there eventually. DH is swollen bad today and had to take double on his fluid pills. But was able to get out and vote. We picked a time when it wasn't very busy, so it would be easy on him. In and out in no time. No waiting.
  10. Was in the 30s this morning. And warmed up to low 60's this afternoon. DH was cooking collards at market, So got clothes started and then started cleaning out the upper kitchen cabnets. Put in new shelf paper. And went through the dishes I haven't used in a couple of years. going to pack them up to put in shed for the grandkids. I have one grandchild that is planning to buy a house when she and her DH get transferred. So she will be wanting some things that I have packed away for her now and will see if she wants any of those other dishes that I am going to pack up tomorrow. Got the cabnets more organized now and going to start the lower cabnets and last 2 upper cabnets tomorrow. The last 2 upper cabnets has all my can goods that are the oldest. Going to go through those and get them all to the front. Then the cabnets under the side cabnets has a few can goods and pastas that we are going to be using up this winter. Going to clean that up and make sure all the older foods are to the front. The 3 closets that house our food storage will get done after the first of year. Been at it since 5 am this morning, so I am very tired right now. And I hate this time change, it was dark at 5:30 tonight. So now we have to deal with that for about 3 months before we start seeing it stay light a bit longer. Wish they would have left the time like it was.
  11. The adrendal gland meds came in today so will start that tomorrow. Hoping to feel a big difference by end of month. Already feeling a difference from the Bovine thyroid meds. labs will be done end of month. So wll see what happens. Really hoping it is working so I will have that back up. right now with the synthroid, I am 6 months ahead of the game. But might not be able to get any if SHTF. I think that was me that forgot to finish a post and never hit submit. Think it was DH was calling me as he scratched himself and was bleeding all over the place. Gotta love blood thinners. Sorry for that.
  12. Have been cleaning out kitchen cabnets all day. Did the ones with the dishes first, using new shelve paper. Tomorrow I will be doing all cabnets that house the food. Need to pull everything out and change shelve paper as it is worn out. Then I am going to get all the oldest cans together and get them in kitchen cabnets to be sure they get used first. When that is finished, I am hoping to have a better place for pastas, I have most in mylar bags but need to repackage a few more that I got on sell. I have some now that were put in canning jars with o2 absorbers and dry vacummed. Don't want to use my canning jars for this as it takes up to many that I need for my canning. Went though most of the spices and was able to get many of the larger bottles in top shelf of a corner cabnet that I keep my spices in. Still have that box of spices I need to get out of closet and figure out what to do with them. need to come up with storage plan for spices. We do use a lot of them. And the grocery store that went out of business,, Yes I was buying $7.00 a jar spices for .50 cents each. Couldn't pass that up.
  13. Haven't done any canning since middle of Oct. But here is a list of all I have canned this year' Chicken 12 pints Veg. beef soup. 24 quarts pizza sauce. 12- 1/2 pints green beans 48 quarts salsa 12 pints carrots 24 plain and 24 glazed Beef stew 24 quarts Chicken soup 24 quarts So far this is about all I have canned this year. Hoping to have a better year next year. We are not going to plant a garden per say. Might still do tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers. But that will be about it. Those I will plant in flower beds instead of the garden. Going to hit the farm markets next year. Still have a ton of meat in freezer that I need to get canned but will wait till after the holidays. To much going on right now.
  14. After church today we went to Kroger store. Needed gas and had enough points for 1.00 off a gal. Went in store to check out prices as we had not been in awhile. They had a great deal of things on sale that was not in the add. So I may have to start going there at least once a week. It is not the closest store to us but not really that far either. Got spices buy one, get one free. So got some I knew I was low on. Picked up a few other things on sale that I use a lot of. So now got to get busy getting things organized and repackaged into mylar bags and 5 gal. buckets. The store was so packed you would have thought it was a race to stock up. So many people, you couldn't get down some of the aisles. So had to do some back tracking. Will be cleaning out kitchen cabnets tomorrow, so going to try to figure out a better way of storing the older foods in kitchen. Going to pack up some dishes I haven't used in a couple of years to give me more storage. Thinking I may have found a way to get all my spices out of the boxes and onto a shelf in small bedroom. Still working on those plans to make sure it will work. also going to be going into attic to put toilet paper into the plastic bins. I started on it and then couldn't get back to it again. So I will be mulitasking tomorrow. Just hope I can get it all done in one day. DH will be at market cooking collards. So he will be out of the way. Makes things go much easier. Also got laundry to get done. Wish me luck. Lots of projects to get done tomorrow.
  15. This week I picked up some sales on canned goods. Since we are not doing a garden next summer, thought it would be a good idea to get in on some of the sales. Peas, corn and greenbeans were .27 a can with a limit of 15. So DH went with me and he used his card and I used mine and we were able to get 30 cans. I can use them in soups and stews. Been watching U-tube when I can on canning different things. That's where I saw them canning bacon, but I really am not to sure of that one. I am waiting now for boston butts to go on sale. Willl be picking up about 4 or 5 of them to can depending on the size of them. Some of them are rather large. So if that is the case when the sales start, I will only get about 3. Mt. Rider. having family members with heart problems do present a whole new way of prepping. Salt restrictions which is what got me back into canning back in the early 80's. that was when DH had his stroke and was put on low salt restrictions. Been canning and gardening ever since. Next summer I will hit the farm markets. Might try to get my daughter to go with me to the carolina's to the markets there when she is inbetween college classes and has a day off from work. Need to pick up somemore food grade buckets. Need to get my noodles in the mylar bags and into buckets soon. Also want to get started on the meals in a jar and get them into the mylar bags and buckets as well. Seems work just never ends around here.
  16. Got clocks set back an hour. Though I like the way it is now. I do better on this time than falling back. So today I have been trying hard to catch up on house work. Switched out the summer clothes to winter clothes and went through all the ones we don't wear any longer or are worn out. Stripped bed and got sheets and blankets washed. Had to run to pharm. to pick up the RX's. Now that the pharm. close to us closed. I have to go a way down the road and fight traffic to get to the next closest pharm. Got things together to start in on Monday cleaning out kitchen cabnets. Was hoping to start that job today, but DH gets cold easy these days. So decided to get the winter clothes out. So much to do and so little time. I don't remember ever being this far behind before. But the driveway had to be done. Still work outside to do but will have to put off most of it till spring. Will try to do what I can when time permits for outside work. Did get the bigger garden weeded and ready for mulch as soon as we can use the driveway. Got about 2 weeks before we can drive on it.
  17. Jeepers get the shingles vac. We got ours about 3 years ago now. DH's father and brother both had the shingles. And I have a friend that it just about ruined her. She ended up in hosp. and on a walker. Shingles about did her under.
  18. Out of the ordinar, the bovine thyroid is all natural from pigs and is very much like our own bodies. Armour thyroid is suppose to be the same but by RX only. I have now ordered the bovine thyroid from Neuta meds. And yes the bovine is from cows. Guess I had pigs on my mind. And with the swine flu or whatever is killing off the pigs maybe bovine is the best choice. I have now been taken 32.5 mg a day and can already feel a difference. Waiting now for the other one to come in for the adrenal glands. Hoping it all works for me as well as the ratings are saying. Only time will tell. At end of month I get labs done. So will see what happens from there.
  19. This is an old post but with Lymes disease increasing, we need to be fully aware of it. And now that deer hunting is starting soon, this is very important. My daughter has lymes disease. There is no cure but can be controlled. She also had rocky mounted spotted fever. Found out she had both when she wasn't feeling well and was preg. with 3ed child at the time. She has to take certain vitamins daily to counter act the symtoms and at times has to go back on an antibotic for the lymes. She has had this disease now for over 18 years. So you will never get rid of lymes disease once you get it. I see above they had a vacine for it . Never new that. They need to come out with it again. I for one don't like vac. but in this case I would get that one. Right now the only ones I get are the flu and phnemonia, with the phn. being every 5 years. Lymes disease if not treated can lead to arthritis and can be debilitating. I have already seen what it has done to my daughter. If she does not stay active, her muscles and joints get very stiff.
  20. With flu season around the corner. This needs to be bumped. We never know how bad the flu season can get from year to year as it is also based on location as well. For some it won't be bad and for other areas it can be really bad. I see some good post on pandemics as well. I know elderberry is very good. My daughter swears by airborn. But must be used at first signs of a cold. We have started back taking Vit. C. We don't usally take that during the summer. Fire cider is another one that is great. We got our flu shots about 2 weeks ago, so that should have now kicked in. October is the best time they say to get the flu shots. Any other ideas on staying well from the dredded flu season?
  21. Out of the ordinar, the bovine thyroid is all natural from pigs and is very much like our own bodies. Armour thyroid is suppose to be the same but by RX only. I have now ordered the bovine thyrod from nutri meds and as soon as I can find out about dates and how to store long term I will post on the other forum about it. I ordered the 130 mg and quartered it. So starting off with the lower dose. I have not taken the synthroid now in about a week and feeling better. I went back and ordered the 65 mg. So only have to cut in half and after a bit of research, I also ordered the adrenal glandular. Those haven't come yet but has shipped, so will be adding the adrenal glandular to see how I am feeling. Hoping that this all works out well for me. Then after a bit more research to find out shelf life of both of them. i am going to start to stock up on it as it is looking like our heathcare system is starting to fall apart. Already they are talking about a shortage of heprin that is needed for heart surgery. This is not a good sign. And just a sample of things to come. Most of our prescription meds come from over seas. It's past time that we start manafacturing our drugs in the USA and fix our FDA for approval of these drugs and not having the FDA paying our politians for favors to look the other way.
  22. Yes thank you. Something we really need to know about medications and how to store them. Will be checking my books on this. And post as I find answers to these questions.
  23. Glad it worked out. Yes wanting to see the finished product. Love what I see so far. Very pretty. Now I want to get back into doing it again. Been a few years since I did it but should come back quick. For me it was very relaxing.
  24. Be careful with those hot tubs. They say do not stay in them no more than 15 minutes. My DH cousin's wife got in one and stayed in it for almost an hour and when she went to get out, she was so relaxed that she fell and broke her ankle. They had to put in rods and took her a long while to be able to use that foot. Had a rough night last night. DH was having a hard time with the fluid and just could not get to sleep. So was up with him most of the night. And Halloween was something else. We went from having just 2 to maybe 6 kids for past several years with one year with no kids. To having 4 car loads bus in a slew of kids putting us over 60 kids. Cars everywhere on street. Neighborhood next to us had over 140 kids with half being bussed in. Don't know why parents bring their kids to other neighborhoods for trick or treat but a lot of folks here was not prepared for that. Didn't get a lot done in house today, but did get the work done on the car. That put my whole morning in the shop. But everything is good. Still need to go get the inspection done. Have to go to a different place for that. But shouldn't take long for that. We had a bad storm last night. Though it was only 6 tenths of an inch of rain, it was blowing sideways with winds 60 to 70 miles an hour. Current lost for about 2 hours, but generator kicked in. Thinking we may need to get new battery for the generator. Noticed it was hesitating a bit. It is getting about that time for a new one. Thinking of maybe buying an extra for emergency situations. Annarchy that is so sweet that your DH proposed like that and everyyear for that long. That just goes to show how much he loves you. My DH was sneeky. though it was a second marrage for the both of us. Daughter and I was at his house for Christmas and he had talked to my daughter, she was 12 at the time, about him marrying me. She was all for it. So they plotted to put an engagement ring in the tree where I would not see it. And nope I never saw it. He had me go look at all the tree decorations and there it was, well hidding. He had done things like that almost every year. Been married almost 35 years now and loving every minute of it, even though we both have slowed down in our old age.
  25. Driveway is done and now paid for. So that is out of my way. Still trying to clean the dust up from it in garage though. Cement dust in everything. But I am halfway through getting it done. Turning my focus now on getting kitchen cabnets cleaned out and going through dishes I don't use much and pack them up. These are not anything I want to get rid of, just don't use on a daily basis. Don't have a lot of cabnet space so going to move those dishes out into where I store my canning supplies. That gives me more space in kitchen for things I use daily or weekly. Now that Halloween is past, I need to start concentrating on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Getting things together for the plans and getting the house cleaned up.. But don't think I will do as much decorating as I usually do. Maybe this year just the tree and fireplace as I am so behind this year and DH just isn't up to the challange this year. He is really having a hard time with the swelling in his feet and legs as well as his stomach. Fluid pills are a hit and miss. So has days he has to double up. Getting those embolism socks on is a pain. With my arthric hands and him not being able to bend over without loosing his breath is tough. So went shopping for a type of sock aid that will help get them on him easier. It has great reviews, so hope it works like it says.
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