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  1. Wow! I have never heard of using coconut oil for low thyroid. I have low thyroid. I am so going to give this a try. I take synthroid and of course will have to take it the rest of my life. So any extra energy I can get will make me very happy. I love finding things that will help me.
  2. Posting this oldie as now is the time for flu season to start. So time to get prepared.
  3. Well, I didn't do some of the things i needed to do as to cleaning house. But did finish off the rest of the roma tomatoes that took forever to riping. So made pizza sauce and canned it. I can it in 1/2 pint jars as one makes a 12 inch pizza. For the 2 of us that is plenty. So now that that is out of the way, I can get back to getting the house cleaned up. I had started washing windows and never got around to finishing them. Now I am glad I didn''t because the whole outside of the house is covered with cement dust. That was one big mess and they still have to pour the cement if the weather wi
  4. Hi Jeepers, I like the idea of using the mylar bags for the meals in a jar. It's great to be practical. Saves on the jars for garden stuff. So when I can get the time to start doing those, I will be pulling out my mylar bags. Need to hit the market up for more 5 gal. buckets.
  5. Ambergris, He strips the large stem from the leaf but keeps the small stem on them. Then he chops them. Not real small but small enough to be able to get as much into a quart container as possible with the juice. We made the mistake of taking some to our church dinner and now we are stuck with having to take them for every church dinner. They love them. The market sells them at 9.99 a quart and they can't keep them in stock. And now with Thanksgiving coming up he will be cooking at least 3 or 4 times a week. They freeze them for the Thanksgiven orders coming up soon. Time is flying and i
  6. Ambergris, Praying for your friend's pressure sore to be healed. I have had friends that had those problems. Not an easy thing to deal with.. We still need to be in prayer for both our president and vice presdent. Things are looking worse and worse for this country. The list of what if's are no longer all what if but how long before these things start to happen. EMP, pandemics, mass shootings, nuclear disasters, weather patterens, possibility of war here in the USA, bank closures, collaspe of this country, 401K's, stock market crash, recession, depression. And so much more that
  7. Ambergris, I hope you get well soon. Prayers going out for quick recovery. I did not know that this forum had no life with loosing members. I know that is like loosing a family member. I am still reading and looking around at the different topics. So I hope I can get things revived again. Maybe after Thanksgiving and Christmas, I can get some things going for some challenges. It seems that most of the ones that are at least active on here are maybe in their 60's 70,s and maybe even 80's. As I am 69 and my DH is 81. So I know that prepping for things to come will be a challenge
  8. This is a tough question as so much can happen. We are in hurricane area, but for past 3 or 4 years we have not had a direct hit from a hurricane. Though we are always ready for it. I have been working on ways to harden my home. Such as making the front, back and side doors more secure. I am going to be switching out the scews on the hinges for steel 6 inch screws. Also working on getting cross bars to go across doors to make them even harder to break in. We have already changed out the old wood doors and replaced them with steel doors. the patio door will be the hardest to secure. We real
  9. The CG, I have been checking into Butcher box. You are the first one that I have heard that uses it. That is good to know. I have been trying to get my freezer emptied so I can order from them to try it out. Right now I have no room in freezer for anything else. As soon as freezer has gotten down low, I will place an order.
  10. So many folks with special needs for food variations. Only thing we have is that with my hypothyroid, I cannot have soy and DH with his heart issues cannot have salt. I do not can with salt and also is one of the reason I can my own soups, stews, and veggies. I also can my meats. I try to buy organic when I can as well as grass fed meats. I have been looking into buying from a company that sells all grass fed meat but I need to get my freezer empied first as you have to buy a certain amount at a time to get the prices. It would be cheaper than buying in the store. Wish we still had more farm
  11. More great ideas. We love radishes, but the white ones are a bit hot. So I don't plant them anymore. Just the red and red and white ones. We haven't been doing to much on winter gardening as DH has not been able. About the only thing he does now is to cook collards at the farmers market his cousin owns. He does 6 bushels at a time. They can't cook enough of them. They sale faster than he can get them cooked. They sale them by the quart. We took them to one of our church suppers and now they want us to bring collards everytime. DH is known as the collard man around these parts.
  12. another old post and a good one. I have a book on meals in a jar. Another project I need to get done but need to find the space and to buy more canning jars as well. I was disapointed that at the end of the season no one around here put them on sale. Not even the lids were on sale. The prices have been steady going up on them. So I always wait till end of season to buy them. I think I am going to have to pay the piper come spring if I run out of jars and pay the full price. Ouch!
  13. I have never used parboiled rice. Will have to give it a try. I buy my rice in 25 lb bags and put in mylar bags with 02 obsorbers and into a food grade 5 lb bucket. The rice will last for years like that. Though I rotate it out as we use it. I keep about 2 buckets of rice at all times in storage and date it for the rotation. never had a problem. I have never rinsed my rice as that is the first time I have heard of anyone doing that.
  14. Some good receipes on here. I will have to try some of these. The most I have ever cooked for was 27 people at Thanksgiven and Christmas. I hope I can still do it. It has been a long time since I have had that many over for holidays. All family members as some have passed on and a couple have moved away do to job location. They try to come in when they can but one is from CA and now married almost a year now. She was down a few months ago, so we were able to meet her new husband. He is a really great guy. So I know she is happy.
  15. I will have to go thorough my receipes to see if I have the pudding receipe that my mother used to make. It was butterscotch. I don't remember her using clear gel. So I am going to try to find it. I have a load of receipes sitting on my dining room table that I have been going through and trying to get them into a binder in order of breafast, lunch, dinner, deserts, breads, etc. That will make it so much easier for me to find what I am looking for. I have a habit of cutting out receipes that I want to try from newspapers, family receipes, and some I have tried from pinterest that I wanted to k
  16. Wow! I never knew you could use a canning jar with your blender. That is great. And I will be giving that a trial run. I have the ninja blender and that thing is a beast. Works really great, and if I can use the canning jars that would make it even better.
  17. Canned Nerd, will be keeping you in prayer that they will find the problem and be able to take care of it. And thank you for your service. We have a grandson in Army and my granddaughter's husband is in navy. He is naval hospital and works neuclear stuff.
  18. Really love the doggies. Ours are in doggie heaven as well as our kitties. So we have no more animals at this time. Went to church this morning and planning to go again tonight for evening Bible study. DH is sound asleep right now. So just chilling out as it has been raining all morning and looking like we might get a break from it now. Though we really needed the rain after 28 days of no rain. I really wish it had held off another week so they could get the concrete poured for the driveway. Right now the driveway is torn up but almost ready to pour the concrete as soon as city inspector ok
  19. Still feeling my way around and hope I am putting this in the right place since it is a prayer list. And yes I love that God is in the mix here. I feel a great need to pray for our country, our troops and our president. Yes, I do know he is not the best but with the 2020 election and the left pulling what they are pulling I really feel we need to pray for Donald Trump. I have always felt that God put him in office for a reason and so far from what I have learned in Rev. God had put Trump in office to do his work. Things are lining up and this country if it does not repent is going to bec
  20. I have read up a bit on the polar shift and from what they say, I don't think I will be around for it. If water comes in from ocean 100 to 150 miles inland. No one around here will be alive. We are about 35 miles inland. So the best bet would be to move to midwest. They say that will be the best place and only place safe enough for the United States. There will be other countries that will be effected but there will be places in those countries that also would be safe haven. Does anyone remember when the Mississippi River ran backward from an earthquake on Feb. 12, 1812. They say it ha
  21. Thank you all for the warm welcome. Still feeling my way around and reading post. I am enjoying so many of the great post on here. I know I will learn quite a bit from you guys and gals.
  22. Ambergris, I don't know what you did, though I am glad you are getting your stitches out tomorrow. Hope all goes well for you.
  23. I haven't done any canning for a few weeks as garden is about done. But I do have some roma tomatoes that I am trying to get to ripen so I can use them. I think I have enough ripe ones to can some pizza sauce. Will have to learn how to post pictures on here so I can put some pictures of things I have canned on here. Looking now for new things to can and saw the post on canning celery. I have always frozen mine as I never knew you could can it. Will have to give that a try. We use a lot of celery.
  24. Glad to see I am not the only one using the tattler lids. I love them. I have been trying to get a good stock of them to use when things go south and we might not be able to get the one use lids. though I still buy them. The tattlers are really the best. So far I haven't had any problems with them. I am buying extra rubber rings as well.
  25. Thank you Jeepers for the invite. I have posted a few things but mostly looking around for now to see what is on here. I like the reciepes, and looking to see if there are any canning suggestions on here as well. This seems to be a very nice and friendly forum.
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