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  1. Yesterday I made chicken salad, tuna salad and egg salad. Be nice if you could can that. We eat a lot of that stuff. Last night was egg, tuna and chicken salad on a plate of lettuce and tomatoes with some club crackers, (unsalted of course). I have already gotten the boston butts out of freezer, made vinagar based barbeque and canned that up. Turned out really good. Just wish they made hamburger buns with only 2 and 4 to a pack instead of eight. I don't always have room in freezer for extra bread. I really do need another small freezer but need to be able to get into garage to clean up what
  2. Ok, that is not good. I to will be checking the pump before lifting the handle. Don't like snakes either. Guess you never know where one will show up.
  3. I have been giving all this for Dh and myself some thought. Dh started getting sick 4 months before we even knew about the Corona virus. So in 2019 when I started noting something about Dh wasn't right. I had started going with him to the market to help him cook collards as he just wasn't right. Also made doctor appts for him from 3 different types of doctors. Then in 2020 when the corona virus hit. Dh really started going down to point of ER visits, hospital, more ER visits and 2 surgeries later, we have been stuck in house other than a doctor visit and me going only to pickup RX's and gro
  4. Right now I should be dusting and working on taxes some more. More things came in but still waiting on one bank. They are always slow. Dh woke me up several times last night. His hip was hurting and I can't make him understand he cannot sleep on that same side all the time, so I got him up to sitting position for a bit and rubbed some liniment on it. Let his sit for a bit more then got him laying down and rolled him to the other side. Right now my rib cage is killing me. Muscles right between the ribs on right side. Lifting Dh and rolling him side to side is starting to really wear on me now.
  5. Love plum jam. That looks really good. I need to get back into canning. Haven't had time with taking care of Dh. Got to get things in freezer canned. Hoping after home health comes in I can start getting it started again.
  6. Midnightmom, we must have been typing at the same time. I have seen that geography u tube channel before. Not to long ago. It's very interesting.
  7. Midnightmom, Dh's family doctor is taking care of everything for him and me as we both have the same doctor. The plastic surgeon did not know how to go about getting Dh wound care. He gave me the main number for the hospital and told me to just call them. Doen't work that way as he has to give a referral as to what needs to be done. So still no wound care. Home health should be calling me next week as I talked to family doctor this morning and told him everything going on. Even the wound care issue. Told him again I had to call rescue squad to get him up again as he decided he want
  8. WE2, I am glad your grandson is doing better though it sounds like he still has a ways to go. Keeping him still in prayer. That song sounds like one I have heard before. Good song. And God is the only one that will bring us out of this mess we are in. Things are not looking good for 2021 in more ways than one. Mt. Rider I am so glad to hear you are doing better now. Kappy, keeping you and Mary in prayer still. This is not the time for any of us to be going through what we have endured. But God takes us all through trials and we just have to keep our faith that he w
  9. That looks great Annarchy, I did that with the 2 turkeys I canned and made stock as well. That stock comes in handy for meals and yes the stores are like over $10.00 a quart in the stores here for bone broth. I need to get things together and get back to canning what is in my freezer as well. I really want that emptied before summer. I am finding some wide mouth pint jars at times but not many. Need more for canning what is in freezer. I have both chicken and beef and I want to make soups and stews with some of it and the rest just can the meat. I have a rack or two of ribs I want to co
  10. Mt. Rider, I have some grain that is the long term grain and also some grain I put up in mylar bags with the 0x. absorbers. I am looking into buying another 25 lb bag if not to expensive. I have a grinder already. The non electric one. I want to get an electric one but will have to wait on that a bit. My gut tells me I better get some energy to do what I need to do around here at a much faster paste. But broken sleep every night getting up with Dh 2 to 5 times a night is a killer on energy. Trying to get myself into some sort of routine and have been talking with Dh about that
  11. I think this corvid virus, the elections and what has been going on for the past 4 years with the left attacking the right and so forth. Fake news, rising prices both in grocery stores and now at the pump, etc. Has played on everyone. I think we are all tired now of all of it. And trying to keep ahead of everything so we will know how to prep for hard times. It's a wonder any of us want to get out of bed. I for one am ready to crawl under the bed and not come out. Zzelle, hang in there, you are not alone in the being tired area. I think most of us are worn out. It has been a long
  12. Littlesister

    Pill Bottles

    Dh used to use bore snake. I think he still has all that stuff in one of his ammo can's. It has all the cleaning stuff in there. Oil, rags and all the rest of that stuff. Haven't pulled that out in a long time to check it. Thinking that might be a good idea to go through that stuff. Hello and welcome Dwarven 1. That is a great idea for bore snake. I also have a lot of the altoid tins. With some of those I have made up sewing kits and fishing kits.
  13. I must agree Mt. Rider your life is never a dull moment. Hope you are feeling much better now. Slept in this morning as I was up and down with Dh last night. When I did get to sleep, we had an 8 am amber alert that a 3 month old baby was kidnapped. Turned out it wasn't really a kidnapping but the mother left baby in unlocked car to go into Wawa's and some guy jumped into car and took off. This was in Chesapeake. The baby was found by a woman in Norfolk and the car was found 2 miles away. They haven't caught the guy yet as far as I know. Baby was ok. But I am sure when they catch him, he
  14. GD came over today and bought 2 new fish for DD fish tank. Said they needed a couple of algae eaters. So took care of that and then started on the taxes. Seems like forever getting all that mess together. Our taxes are complicated and we also have a trust that I am trustee of. So have that to deal with as well. Still waiting for some tax things to come in. Wish they would hurry up and get here. I can't file without those. Need to get back to that office and get it all cleaned up. I put a pile of papers in a box to go through later. I think most of it will be trashed. DH has
  15. Jeepers I know how it is being a day or two late. Seems my plans get put off way to often. Glad you are getting things done now that you are feeling better and got all that energy. I finally got our bedroom cleaned up. Moved bed and dusted under it as the bed is like a hospital bed. Feet and head goes up and down, so lots of bars under it to dust. Got down on floor and under it to clean it all up. Then moved bed back after vacuuming the floor. Then got everything else dusted, vacuumed and stuff put away. Got the last of the medicines I had been going though out of the closet and
  16. Happy Birthday Kappy. Hope your day was filled with lots of fun and Birthday
  17. Mt. Rider glad to know you are feeling much better and getting organized. I keep trying to do that but I am still stuck in the office that I thought I would have been done in by now. Will try to finish it next week. DH got his bath this morning and is in the den for the day. I was able to get things done in bedroom and washed the sheets though I will have to make the bed back up soon. Didn't make it up as I didn't want DH going back to bed today. He has gotten out of breath quite a bit and feet and ankles are a bit swollen. But swelling in face has gone down. Calling his heart doctor o
  18. I to have had those gut feelings and I have one now that is telling me I need to start moving some things into a good hiding place. I have been looking into that very thing and have an idea of what I need to do but need to get to hardware store to do it. I need some PVC pipe, and the glue to cap the ends after it is filled with what I feel I need to put up in safe place. Have a few ideas but won't mention on the internet. That gut feeling we are being watched as to what we do on the internet is why I don't' mention a lot of what I do. Do I always follow my instincts, not always but most of th
  19. I knew about some of that, but really they are after full control of we the people through taxation. People won't be able to afford their guns and will turn them in because of these laws. Thus, taking away our rights to own them. People are not going to stand for this and yes we here in VA are already fighting this tooth and nail. The VCDL is on it and we had lobby day also. And will be again soon. I am a member of the VCDL.
  20. Midnightmom, I raw packed the turkey and canned it. I am going back tomorrow to get 2 more turkeys. One for freezer for Thanksgiving as the dates on these turkeys are through Aug. 2022. And going to get a second one to cook following the above recipe. I am really wanting to try that method. Had a lot of things planned for today, but DH would not get out of the bed nor get his bath. So did not get to change the sheets on bed today. He is in trouble. Told him he will get his butt out of that bed in the morning, get his bath and go to the den so I can clean the bedroom and change
  21. Wow, Ann, How did I miss that picture. It is beautiful. Love the mountains. The mountains are calling me and I can't go. Rats. Or DH called me and I forgot about it and saw it this morning. O well, my mind is doing to much thinking and I stay to busy. Time for that break now. But I do love that picture. Miki, that was a great find. You really got lucky. Mt. Rider, start now checking around for a cardiac doctor for DH. And enlarged mitral valve may not right now may not be to much of an issue other than a skipping heart beat at times. The heart has 4 chambers, Mitra
  22. They are nice pictures. Love the pups. Gunner and your other pub seem to really get along great.
  23. I love this. But yes, it took more than one guy and I couldn't put that up by my self. I have a small one and also one that is just to put over seedlings in garden to help get the seedlings going and then you roll it off. I also have a small 6 ft. hot house. all plexi glass that opens from top to start seeds early. I will be using that to start the seedlings and transplanting them in the 5 gal. buckets for container gardens.
  24. WE2 hope your son is doing much better. I know what it is like to have a toothache. Took me 4 months to get a dentist to pull it. My regular dentist doesn't do it so he sent me for a root canal that would not have worked, so he decided to send me to a dental surgeon. Couldn't get in for 5 months. So I called affordable dentures. They pulled it and put me on antibiotics. Hope your son had much better luck with getting his pulled. That is nothing to play around with. I love the bathroom. It is coming along really nice. We got a nice surprise this morning. Woke up to snow. O
  25. Miki, I hate when I check on line for something and then I get a zillion phone calls. I have had to block a lot of them. Seems they sell your phone number to everyone. Enjoy that train trip. I know it will be fun. And getting to see your great grandchildren. That will be the highlight of your trip. Have fun. I was so sore today even after taken that muscle relaxer I didn't want to take. My arm is the worst right now. I think I must have had all of DH's weight on that arm trying to hold him up yesterday. Heating pad did help my back and shoulders. He has stayed in bed all day onl
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