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  1. I don't do online banking either. I have a set up that the company can get paid directly through the bank. I don't have to do anything as it is automatic. That is the way we had our health insurance set up. Now I have my charter bill set up that way as the mail kept loosing the bill and we didn't get it half the time. Everything else I send by mail and if a bill is lost in the mail or they say they didn't receive it when I see the check hit the bank. I can call bank and they will give me a hard copy. I would then send a copy of the hard copy to the company that said they didn't get paid and that settles it. I no longer trust the mail either as half the time they are not delivering the mail. We might go 2 to 4 days and get nothing and then we get a box full of mail. We no longer get copies of our checks with our statements but as long as I can get a hard copy if needed I am ok with that.
  2. What she is going through is a very tragic thing. It happened so fast and very sudden. Now with her facing trying to get herself healed for her children and the fact that her children are now left without a father, makes it much harder to cope with. My prayers go out to her and her children. What I am going through doesn't even compare to what this poor lady is going through. Will be much harder on her with her injuries and children to raise without a father. Lord be with each and everyone of them as they go through this. Praying that her struggle to learn to walk again will go easier with each passing day.
  3. That is so cute. I think I would want to keep both ears also.
  4. I remember way back a few years ago the government was buying up all the foods from all of these places like Augatson Farms, and you couldn't buy anything in a no 10 can for a while. Wondering if this is happening again. I remember several places that said they couldn't sell to the public as the government had made orders that was wiping them out. Something to check on again. Right now I am trying to get free buckets from the farm market. They are the 5 gal. pickle buckets they get the pickles in. He is going to save me some. I am hoping to get at least 10 of them. I have 5 new buckets I bought a while back that I put in attic out of the way for the ramp to go in. I need to go up there and get those down, as I have a lot of flour to put up and other things as well to get put up. I am thinking of a small freezer to just keep the flour in and that would be about all I would use that for but need to clean out garage first. Can't do that till DD and SIL get all their stuff out of it. I am storing a lot of things for them right now. They just moved into the house this past Friday and trying to get the new appliances in now. They got the oven but the gas line has to be hooked up. the Fridge and dishwasher was coming today. She said now they are going to have to replace the bathtub in one of the bathrooms. It is a huge house as far as the rooms are very large, but the house needs a lot of work. Mostly cosmetic work. So they are going to take a room at a time to remove old wall paper and get each room painted.
  5. I only have certain things I will have direct payments from checking account such as insurances. That is because I have had to many checks lost in the mail. I have a bill now that has been lost since Jan. 10th. Can't be traced, so now I send certain things by way of certified mail. That way there is a tracking number. It cost more and you need to make a trip to post office to do it. But well worth it. I am taking a break right now. working on redoing the kitchen and cleaning it up. I am wanting to buy a microwave stand for my Emeril Lagasse oven. I love that oven and got it free with my cash back from discover. DH wanted me to get it after he watched the info commercials on it. You can almost cook anything in it. But it is rather big and I need to put it on a stand and get it off the counter. So will be looking into something to set that on instead of the kitchen counter. My kitchen is rather small and I need that space for when I am canning. Trying to keep busy to keep my mind off of everything. But it all hits me late at night. So not really getting enough sleep. Though it has only been 3 weeks since Dh's passing, sometimes it seems like yesterday. I think I just need for this corvid mess to end and I need to get out of house for a bit. Am going to try to get out tomorrow for a while. Maybe pickup granddaughter and go to lunch or something also. Trying to catch up on so much housework that I had not been able to do in over a year. Dust is everywhere I turn. So now I just keep a dust rag and the furniture polish on a table and as I see dust, I get to it right then. Got to dust under the bed in small bedroom as well. I feel so unorganized right now that it seems like I am just jumping from one project to another before finishing the first one I started. Just can't keep my mind on one project at a time right now for some reason. But I will get there. I think part of it is that there are things I had been wanting to do for a long time and now that I can do it, I forgot just how I wanted to do it and feel as though I am starting over on those projects as to how I wanted to go about it. But it will get done at some point in time. I am thinking when the weather warms up and I can open windows, I will feel more like getting these things done one room at a time.
  6. The spamming has gotten so out of hand and getting worse. People just don't care about others anymore. They only care about what they want and could care less as to how they get the money for their own greed. I will be watching a lot of her videos. I like them. Very much informative.
  7. Still praying for that family and for Heather to do really well with her rehab. I am sure she will rebound through all of this for the sake of her children. I had not heard of her videos, but will be watching for them now. Would love to see them.
  8. Daylilly, I am so sorry about the loss of your cousin. I some how missed your post. Praying for you and your family. These are hard times in deed. Seems 2021 is not going to be a great year either with so many people passing for one reason or another and our medical is going down the tubes more and more. Guess I am going through an anger stage and it is all over how Dh couldn't get the care he truly needed. It makes me so mad as I see more and more doctors getting out and others that I know of not getting the care they need if they are up in age. I should have found new doctors during Dh's illness but wasn't sure if anyone would have taken him on with all his issues. But either way he is in heaven and not suffering any longer and that is what I need to focus on. I have been watching preaching on TV all morning. Still don't feel ready to go back to church yet. No sleep last night. Tough night and I know it will take time. I am going to try to go back next Sunday. I feel I need to start getting out some as I haven't been out anywhere in over a year. Not even church. So going to start next week getting out just a little at a time though I know I still have to be careful of corvid. I am so over that virus and the mask. But not going to get the vaccine at this time. Might wait till I can get the one from Johnson & Johnson. But that is to be decided at a later date. Still got some paperwork to get done. But it is calming down now and I can get other things done now.
  9. Also as they defund the police, drunk driving will get worse and there won't be any cops around to pull them off the road and arrest them. I fear we will being hearing even more about drunks hitting and injuring or killing others. Not to mention other crimes against humanity. Violence is very much on the rise all over the USA.
  10. Midnightmom, Being a free state isn't the issue. I am up in age and my family is moving away. Therefore making it harder for me to have the help I might need down the road with no family around here. My granddaughter that is getting married will in about a year and a half will be moving maybe to S. Carolina for medical school. My move is to be closer to family. My son in law said he is not going to do another corporate move. They are not spring chickens either and he is 53. So he said he will not be taken another promotion if he has to move to do it. And even if he did, I could put a tiny house on their 2.33 acers of land and just have it moved to where they are going next. They were here for over 10 years before he got this promotion, so I doubt I would be alive by that time. Here it is amost 1:30 and I am wide awake. Nights are my worst. So I couldn't sleep so here I am on computer. I did put a dent in the office today. So that was a good thing. Still got a long way to go. Trying to figure out what I want to do is the hard part. Plans in my head but trying to carry those plans out is tough. Kappy, Love the greenhouse.
  11. Just trying to keep my mind off of things today. The house feels so empty now. To quiet. So I went to the General Dollar store and bought some containers so I could get started in the office. Came home and had a bit of paperwork to get done and then started going through things in office. Got one box for things to trash and another for things I am not sure rather I want to keep or not. Things I want or need to keep I am putting into another box. Then going to get the 2 bookcases out I want to put in living room. That is where I am going to put my books so I can see what I have much easier. I want to get the house set up where it will be less furniture in the rooms to make it easier to clean. The office is just to full of furniture. Might be selling off some things. Jeepers you might be right about displaying some of my canned goods in den on book cases, Though I could use 4 shelves and a curtain, it is something I really need to think about. It is something my daughter thinks I should do. She loves the farmhouse stuff and watches to much fixer upper. Though I love watching those shows as well. I need to pull everything out of closet in office and redo the shelving in there. What is in there now will not work and not very steady. Hoping I can do that myself. If not, I know my soon to be grandson in law will help me. He loves doing things like that as well as both of them love redoing furniture. Went on line this morning looking at houses near to where my daughter has moved to . All I can say is WOW! Prices are much cheaper than in VA. And you get a bigger house for much less than VA. Though moving won't be for at least a year or two. If I decide to make that move. Bookcase in Den is a corner bookcase. I have my cookbooks in there, but I have to many. So need to go through them and just keep the ones I really use. The rest I will sell off. Need to have a spring yard sale if I can get things together by then. Still cold here. Nights in the low thirties and during the day from low forties and fifties. i wanted to plant some things but need to wait as we are still having below freezing nights. But spring is coming.
  12. Happy Birthday Momo. Hope it was a great one. .
  13. Miki, I have you and family in prayer. Today I got some more paperwork done. So hoping the light at end of tunnel is near. Gave the small bathroom a deep cleaning today. Now my back is hurting. But it is clean. Hoping to get the main bathroom deep cleaned tomorrow and start on the kitchen as well. I want to get the cabinets cleaned out and fridge cleaned out as well. Want to get the shelves in fridge and such washed down. Went to granddaughter's house for dinner this evening. Next Friday is my turn to cook dinner for them. Still can't bring myself to go through Dh's clothes and get them packed up. Just not ready to do that yet. Will just take some time. Still to hard to deal with that right now. Looking around at the house and what I can do to make some room for things. My daughter thinks I should pack up the stuff on the built in bookcase in den and put all my canned foods on it. She says it would be farmhouse style. To display all the foods I have canned. Not sure that would be a good idea if and when people come over. Though I could make a curtain to cover the bookcase. Something to think about. I also have 2 bookcases I am looking to put in the living room and put all my books back into them. I have books everywhere. In the shed and a couple of boxes of books in attic. I still have several I have not had a chance to read yet. Looking at ideas but just not sure of what I want to do as of yet. I think I forgot to sign out last night. Oh well. I was surprised when I shut down computer that it didn't do that.
  14. Miki, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your brother. I understand about all the phone calls as I had to go through that with DH calling family and friends. Then the paperwork with his place of work, etc. that you will get through all of this. It's not an easy task, but you will get it all sorted out. for you and your family.
  15. Just can't watch that right now. But my prayers go out to her and her family. I know how hard that is going to be for them. Praying that she makes a full recovery. And praying for the the family over the loss of her husband. I know that will be very hard on her.
  16. Had some company today. First my financial planner and later my pastor came by. He is talking about getting the church open again and stop this staying in the car thing for Sunday service. I am starting to feel like I need to get back to church. It has been a year since I have been able to go. Watching the service on Facebook is not the same. Then my granddaughter from CA called and we talked a long while. So not a lot done in house today. I have been looking at what I want to pack up as far as knicknacks. I really need to go through and down size this house. Still cannot bring myself to pack up Dh's clothes and stuff. Just not ready yet. So working on other things that I had started before Dh got down really bad. Also talked with my cousin from Lynchburg for a long while this morning. While Dh was down sick, I had lost 2 aunts and 2 cousins. So we had a lot of catching up to do. One of my cousin's passed just after Dh had passed. Seems a cousin was trying to get hold of me and said he had the wrong phone number some how. So don't know what happened as we have has this number for over 40 years or more. It is the same one Dh had before I met him. But it got straight and I have talked with two cousins over the past two days now. It was so good to hear from them. I will later in the year maybe take a road trip to Lynchburg to see everyone again. It has been a long time since I have been able to make that trip. Tomorrow I am going to try to tackle the office again. I seem to get that room started and something happens to pull me away from it. So hoping to make progress on that tomorrow. I have two bookcases in there that I am thinking of moving to the living room. I have the place set up for them but need to clean the stuff out of them and then get them moved. I will have my books in them instead of food. Since the food has gone down some now. I don't need them for food any longer. Then I need to clean out the kitchen cabinets and move the older foods to the kitchen to be eating first. Got to get my food back in order of old to the kitchen and newest in office closet. Then what is in between the oldest and newest is in the make shift pantry in small bedroom and hall closet. I have a rotation system that has so gotten messed up this past year or so. Got to get that straight.
  17. I want to thank everyone for the prayers and caring thoughts and virtual hugs from all of you. This has been a very hard struggle for me. Though I knew Dh's time was was coming for Jesus to call him home. When I called 911 to get him to hospital on the 13th, his organs started failing as soon as he got to ER. He went into sudden total renal failure as his heart was to weak to pump. He pasted at 5 am on Sunday the 14th, the same day his mother passed in 1981. Both passed on Valentines day. 40 years apart. So I know he is celebrating valentines day with her. I still won't be on here as I am trying to get our trust straight and also his father's trust as I am executor of his father's estate and need to see a lawyer to get that money dispersed to my step daughter and Dh's niece. So much paperwork to get done and it is frying my brain to thank of everything I need to do. I just think we have to much stuff. Banks, insurances, trust x 2, taxes, and so much more to deal with. Even our homeowner's insurance has to be transferred into my name. It's crazy but I will get it done and come back to read everything I have missed. I know some of you have had medical issues, some traveling and the bad weather as well to deal with. My prayers are with all that need prayers for travel and illness. Take care and will be back as soon as I can.
  18. Yes, I do take Berberine as well and I have been using Ceylon cinnamon for years. I knew that the VirMax was low in some vitamins and I take those vitamins in a multivitamin as well. My sugars have been well controlled and if I do take in to much sweets, I can take this VirMax and my sugars do stablelize and my levels will come back down. So for me it works for when I eat to much sweets. The Carb blocker has bought both my A1C and my Chol. down. So they are working for me. I do however double the VirMax because the vitamins in it are to low. My body does not produce enough insulin at times and this seems to help with that and does help to stablelize my levels. Might not work for everyone but does help for me. The Carb blocker is to help with both sugar levels and Chol. I don't eat bread very much nor other carbs. But this commination does help me. Though over this past year I really have not eating like I should while taking care of DH. I would just grab a bite of something here or there and go back to be with DH as much as I could. So once I get back to eating right again I will be more than likely stopping some of the vitamins and the VirMax.
  19. I wanted to let you all know that DH pasted away early Sunday morning. He passing was quick and he was very much at peace. He knew the Lord and I know he is with him now singing and dancing with his parents and Brother. I will miss him dearly. But I also know that his suffering as he was that it was time to let him go.. I am tearing up as I type this, but I know it will take time. I will have my ups and downs and that is normal but knowing that DH was at peace gives me the peace I need to know he is no longer suffering. It has been a long year and a half. My daughter son in law and grandson will be leaving to go back to NC on Sunday. My granddaughter that still lives here will be coming over a lot to check on me and help me with anything I need. They have all been a big help to me in this time of need. I want to thank everyone on here for the prayers and for just putting up with me talking about DH. I love him so much and will miss him terrible. I am at peace knowing that he is with the Lord and no longer suffering. As much as I didn't want this to happen, I knew it was time to let him go. Now the Lord will help me to heal and move on. So I am at peace with his passing. Though it is hard.
  20. Hello and welcome to the forum. 4 kiddos will keep you very busy. Lots of good people and lots to learn. Just ask and we will all try to answer any questions you have to help you on your way to building that stock.
  21. euphrasyne, it could just be the flu, but that in its self is bad enough. praying for you and the baby to start feeling much better soon. I do remember the days of teething. Not fun for you or the baby. Got a call today from home health. So now maybe I will get some much needed help. Dh had a very bad night last night. He just could not get his breath and was very hard on him. If he so much as moved he would loose his breath. So I was up most of the night. I thought maybe things would settle down this morning but it lasted most of the day. Off again on again. So I checked one of his meds. Went to drugs.com and looked up all the side effects of this pill. One, he was only suppose to be on it for a short time. Doctors have not checked him for anything and he has been on this drug for months. The shortness of breath that I thought was coming from CHF and I am sure some of it is but wow, that medicine causes shortness of breath, skin to turn almost black and his arms look bad. I had put that on the Plavix that he will be coming off of next month. Now his leg is turning a blueish color. Also a contender of this pill. His skin is flaking like he has dandruff all over his body. another factor of both this pill and Plavix. It get's better. The side effects are really bad. I took him off of it for now. This is not the first time when I couldn't get hold of a doctor that I just went with my gut and pulled him off of a medication. Doctors when they found out what I did said I was right. Will talk to home health nurse about it also. Still need to get in touch with his heart surgeon that put him on it. Seems this medication causes your skin to just pill off to the point of if you touch him the wrong way he will just start bleeding. I have to pull him up to a sitting position. Get him up to use the porta potty and then pull him up so he can grab his walker and then get him cleaned up. Then turn him to sit on bed and to lay down I have to lift his legs up on bed and get him back in it. This medicine also causes muscle weakness and that has been a steady decline. He is almost bed ridden because of this pill. His right leg and arm are very swollen which is from this medication. The side effects are really bad. So he will have full home health, therapy and hoping for help with rides to doctor. I still need to go to medical supply with the RX to get that wheel chair but would not leave him that long to go. So will just wait till home health is set up and then do it. Went to Food Lion this morning after getting Dh settled enough that I could leave for an hour. Picked up more than I thought I would. Wanted to get milk and things because of the bad weather they say we are going to get. It has been raining off and on for a few days and very cold. So much for global warming. Seems more like global cool down. But then Kerry has made millions if not billions on this phony global warming mess. Just another made up excuse to line politicians pockets. Found some good deals on meat. So that is in fridge to separate into smaller portions for freezer that I need to empty out. But it was reduced and I got it. Round steak, boston butt steaks, swiss steak, and also some fresh tuna and salmon that was on sale. The beef and pork was half price. They had frozen veggies on sale but there was none to be found. Guess they sold out before I got there.
  22. My Dh's cousin used to have a restaurant. He decided to close it to start up a farm market. He didn't buy any equipment to replace anything because the new owners got rid and sold a lot of stuff. Dh and I got to go in and take anything we wanted before it got sold. We got baking sheets, and a lot of other pans and stuff that we could use at that time. The cookie sheets I love because they are much bigger than the ones you buy in stores. You can also buy these at Sam's club. But there was no Sam's club back then. They fit wall to wall in my oven, but work great. I still use them to this day. He didn't have a grinder and I was so hoping he would as that would have had my name on it. Though I did by one on e-bay from a baker that closed his bakery down. It looked like new and only one grinder was a bit worn and I replaced that one, though that one still works good. If his cousin decides to close the market one day. I have my eye on the automatic potato peeler. That thing is great. David by yourself a new one as you never know what the new owners will do. I wouldn't from what I see when a restaurant closes, they won't use much of the stuff that is there. They usually have different plans. And welcome to the forum.
  23. Midnightmom, I also am a type 2 diabetic. I am under control and have been using a carb blocker for when I do eat carbs. I am also taken VirMax blood sugar stabilization formula. That is working well for me. I decided to try this when metformin was recalled first one drug company and then several companies. So I had enough of having to take medicine back to drug store for them to change it just to have that company recall it. This also happened with both mine and Dh's blood pressure meds. I do take a new prescription for blood pressure as I haven't found anything yet natural to replace it that works. But my blood sugar levels stay right around 90 to 100, so I am good with that. A1C last time was 6.5. I am trying to get that back down to 5.9 or a bit lower. So I do watch carbs also but if there is something like butterbeans that I want to eat, I just take the carb blocker.
  24. Wow, Annarchy You did good. That will one day be the norm. Though we will have to be very careful as to who we trade ammo to. You never know what the motive is. Though right now I don't think that will be a problem. Later when it hits the fan is when we will really need to be careful. Ammo is getting very hard to find and is very expensive now. And we have to be very careful ordering it on line as well now as we are being watched on what we do on line now.
  25. Dh has a pacemaker and defibrillator. He has had his since 2001. He got the watchman last year in June so he wouldn't have to take any type of blood thinners any longer. He cannot take that stuff as they cannot regulate him and his blood would get way to thin. They wanted him on warfarin after they did the implant and they had to rush a prescription for Vit. K to him to get his blood levels back down. They then took him off of it though after the implant he was to be on it for 6 weeks. So they put him on Plavix and will be coming off of that next month. Had to stay on that for 6 months. And already he is having side effects from it. Though if he can hang on till the 15th of March he will be off all of it. I think then we can get his arms to heal up. The skin is so thin it doesn't take much to start a bleed somewhere. I have to be very careful how I handle him when lifting him up and such. I have canned both mixed veggies and dehydrated some that was frozen. Did the same thing with corn. I have other frozen veggies such as butterbeans that I want to dehydrate and to can some as well. I like to can some for faster cooking times these days. As they do cook faster than the dehydrated ones. Hoping I can get that all going again when I get the help for Dh. On my one day off with a nurse taken care of him, I can just spend the day in the kitchen canning and dehydrating. I would already have breakfast, lunch and dinner planned out and just to heat in microwave on that day. Never had any issues with either dehydrating veggies or canning them from a frozen state. But with canning them I do warm them up a bit, but I have also just filled the jars and put them in the canner and then turn on the stove to let them warm up with the water before putting the lid on the canner. Then when water got hot the food was also hot. Never lost a jar doing it that way.
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