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  1. I love this. But yes, it took more than one guy and I couldn't put that up by my self. I have a small one and also one that is just to put over seedlings in garden to help get the seedlings going and then you roll it off. I also have a small 6 ft. hot house. all plexi glass that opens from top to start seeds early. I will be using that to start the seedlings and transplanting them in the 5 gal. buckets for container gardens.
  2. WE2 hope your son is doing much better. I know what it is like to have a toothache. Took me 4 months to get a dentist to pull it. My regular dentist doesn't do it so he sent me for a root canal that would not have worked, so he decided to send me to a dental surgeon. Couldn't get in for 5 months. So I called affordable dentures. They pulled it and put me on antibiotics. Hope your son had much better luck with getting his pulled. That is nothing to play around with. I love the bathroom. It is coming along really nice. We got a nice surprise this morning. Woke up to snow. Only an inch and i think it will melt fast as the sun is now shinning very bright. DH won't get out of bed yet, so I i opened the blinds and curtains so he can see it. That perked him up a lot. I fear he is starting to give up a bit as he cannot do anything. I am trying to figure out things for him to do that he can just sit and do. Folding clothes and such. When the veggies start coming in, I will have him snapping green beans shelling butter beans for me. At least he will be doing something he likes to do and can watch his cowboys and indians while he is doing it. How many reruns of gun smoke can you watch before you know them all by heart. He knows what is going to happen before it happens. Got the turkey canned yesterday and the bone broth is about ready to can. Will be doing that in a couple of hours. Also washing clothes, and a bit of house cleaning bathrooms and floor mopping while the broth is in canner.
  3. Miki, I hate when I check on line for something and then I get a zillion phone calls. I have had to block a lot of them. Seems they sell your phone number to everyone. Enjoy that train trip. I know it will be fun. And getting to see your great grandchildren. That will be the highlight of your trip. Have fun. I was so sore today even after taken that muscle relaxer I didn't want to take. My arm is the worst right now. I think I must have had all of DH's weight on that arm trying to hold him up yesterday. Heating pad did help my back and shoulders. He has stayed in bed all day only getting up for bathroom. He had breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed today. I think yesterday's event was a bit hard on him. So I let him stay in bed all day. I did lay down and watched TV with him for a little bit. The new TV is great and has a really good picture on it. Tomorrow is our 37th anniversary. Going to make scallopini tomorrow for dinner. We used to go to a restaurant called Dittio's . We would have scallopini and a glass of wine every year on our anniversary. It closed down several years ago. So now I just make it at home since he can't go out to eat. We are going to have a nice quiet day at home just relaxing and enjoying each others company. I checked the turkeys and though one is thawing good now it is still frozen in middle. So they can wait till Wed. to can for sure. Going to try to get up about 5 am to get them going on Wed. So I can get them finished early on. Wow, Jeepers, You can run over anyone that gets in your way. it's all in fun. Anything that falls off shelves, just remember you didn't do it. It jumped off on it's own.
  4. Our Pizza Hut is really bad. And as for KFC. The last time we went there, they had no chicken, no pot pies, notta, nothing. Very bad management. They forgot to order chicken and they had a sell going on and nothing t sell. It's one of the reasons we don't do fast food very much unless we go to Smithfield or somewhere else.
  5. Midnightmom, you are making me hungry. That turkey looks good. I am going to give that a try using the above directions. Turkeys are still frozen though one is just starting to thaw. So going to wait till Tuesday and for sure Wed. to start canning these. Going to go buy 2 more, one for freezer and one to try that above recipe. I just can't pass up buying a 12lb turkey for just over $.3.00 for the whole turkey. Can't beat 29 cents a lb. I really thought they were kidding when I saw that price. Cheapest I have ever bought a turkey for was 59 cents a pound and that was many years ago.
  6. We will be going back to having to depend on other countries for oil. So gas prices, and our utilities are going up. So far our water and natural gas bill has doubled in price. Haven't gotten the electric bill yet. All the neighbors around here are raising cane. DH said it was on news that they are putting 25 cents a gal. tax each month on the gas. They are going to try to force us all to use electric cars. Biden plans on putting up charging stations everywhere in the US. So now with so many out of work, grocery prices going up, utilities going up, and yes even our newspaper jumped 7 dollars. I cancelled that as it was only for Sunday and Wed. paper at a 7 dollar increase. Cable here has gone up So now our cable and internet combined will be over $200. No wonder I feel broke and on a fixed income at that. So many people now out of work because of the pipeline and other small businesses are still folding as they cannot afford the big increase in min. wage. Though I feel it is needed, It will hurt an already hurting economy. 7.25 for min. wage was not good in this day and age but this was not the time to increase it to $15.00 an hour. There will be more and more lay offs as the new min. wage goes into effect just to keep a business open but short handed. All this will cause a civil war and time is short. Time to gear up for it in a much bigger way.
  7. WE2, I am so sorry to hear of your losses. That is a lot to have to deal with. Though they are in heaven and singing glory to God as they are no longer suffering from this Virus. And also your brother that had cancer, he no longer has it now. I am sure he is dancing to all the singing to the glory of God as well. No more sickness for any of them. I know it has been tough on you and your family. Take care and praying for both you and your family to get through these trying times. May God Bless you and yours. I started out having a tough day this morning. DH decided to take his shower this morning instead of yesterday like I wanted him to do. Got in shower with no problem and out. He shaved and brushed his teeth and then I went to get him out of bathroom and was behind him after he took hold of walker and his legs gave out. They would not hold him up at all. I had both arms around him and trying to get his leg back under him using my foot to move his leg to a standing position in order to get him sitting on the toilet. Glad the lid was down as I had no free hands to put it down. I was praying for God to give me the strength to hold on to him and not let him fall to get him sitting on toilet. Thank you Jesus. He didn't fall and got him sitting on the toilet to get him dressed. Granddaughter and her boyfriend came over to put the new TV in the bedroom and he went into bathroom and picked DH up and got him in the bed. He had more places on him from skinning his arms on the door frame. So had to clean all that up and get him bandaged up. Then later I got him sitting on side of bed to eat and low and behold out of know where, his leg started pouring blood. had to use the quick stop for that one. So got that cleaned up, got him his lunch and back in bed he went. I am hurting so bad right now as I have muscles I didn't know I had and Aleve is not helping it any. Going to lay on heating pad for a while. And then get kitchen cleaned up and canning jars together for canning Turkey tomorrow. I bought 2 almost 12lb turkeys. So that is under 24lbs of meat to can. I might be crazy but after I get them canned, I might go back to see if they have anymore. If they do, I might just get 2 more. One for the freezer and one to cook and have for turkey sandwiches and soup. From now on, it will be sponge baths for him. I know he likes his shower but this is hard on me and I am scarred of him falling again. Once was enough. I am going to start looking on line for things to put on bed to keep mattress dry and might start giving him a sponge bath in bed. I fear it will be coming to that as it stands right now. I want to get home health in here twice a week to bath him but I can't even get the doctor that removed the skin cancer on leg to call the wound care people as he wants him to have wound care now. They waited a week and then called and gave me the number of the hospital to call and have it set up. What part of you need to do it as you need a referral for that did they not understand. Now it has been 2 weeks since he wanted him in wound care and still no wound care. Wonder how it will go with home health after talking with his other doctors. The medical field has gone to hell in a hand basket. No more really good doctors around here now. They all flew the coup when the Obamacare started up. That was when I was still working for a doctor who was retiring due to health reasons. If he was still alive he would put me in contact with the right doctors for what I need. He was always a big help for DH even after his retirement. You won't find doctors like that again.
  8. Here in N. Suffolk where I am, We can't seem to get a true quote on how things are going with this virus. I am starting to see more and more people going in and out of stores with no mask. Despite the fact that the stores are demanding it. In Western Tidewater Suffolk, that seems to be where the most cases are. That is also where we have the jail, downtown, and several nursing homes. So that might explain the spike on that end of Suffolk. Not letting my guard down and still going to keep taking the precautions needed to keep us as safe as possible. Praying for everyone to stay safe from this mess and that it will end soon.
  9. I got DH a rollator that is for outdoor use with bigger wheels. That thing can go. I now have a wheelchair I ordered that just came in yesterday but is not like a wheelchair but looks more like a lawn chair on wheels. It weights 19 lbs and no sides other than the arms that raise up to slide into the chair. i got this one to help me get him in and out of the car easier. I rolled him into the bedroom last night on it to see how well it would roll. Nice chair. If I can get pictures of it on here, i will try to post a picture. This old computer doesn't always work like I want. But will try.
  10. Midnightmom, I have never tried cooking a turkey that way. Interesting. I just cleaned my oven a couple of weeks ago. It is a self cleaning oven. But still have to wipe down after. I keep foil lined on bottom of the oven in case of spills also. Just might give that a try for one of the turkeys. They are both still in fridge thawing out. They have barely started to thaw yet. So might have to put in pan of cold water tomorrow as I want to get them canned Monday. Got den and bedroom cleaned up today. lessoned to preaching on U-Tube for a couple of hours also. I try to do that every Sat. Then sit down when things settle down an read Bible if I can get DH settled long enough to be able to read without so many interuptions. Some days I can get him settled in for 3 hours at the most before he needs something and other times it seems like every hour on the hour. Though it is what it is and I am right there for him when needed. Though I really need to find other things for him to do. I am over cowboys and indians.
  11. Wow Mt. Rider, you are right. Had to go back to the first few post. This was suppose to be about martial law and ended up being about spam and ham. But that's ok. We need to know how to get the salt out of things and fix it right incase of martial law.
  12. Midnightmom, that is a wonderful story. And yes, places I used to live I felt like an outsider at times. So I do know what that can feel like. I always try to welcome new comers when they move into our neighborhood, but these last ones moving in are young and some don't want to be bothered with us older folks. Just glad the ones right around my house do. We are always saying hello and doing for each other.
  13. Ours went up from 1.98 to 2.29. I won't be surprised if we don't start seeing prices go up to the 4.00 mark again. All of our utilities are also going up. We were getting the newspaper, Just Wed. and Sun. and that went up 7.32 for 3 months. I was paying 12.00 for it. So cancelled the paper. I can go to Dollar Tree and get it for a dollar. Even with paying taxes on it, it would be cheaper. I only get it for the store adds and can get that on internet, so I really don't need to get the paper. Just another expense. Even our cable and internet went up again. We are checking into other options as Spectrum is not very good and we really don't have other options right now.
  14. Have gone through most of the herbal meds and they are being dumped. I am only keeping a very few of them. Jeepers on some of the herbal meds, I don't think I knew about some of them either. But we learn and move on. I do not give any herbal meds to DH do to the amount of prescriptions he takes. I still have the old prescriptions we no longer take to go through. So that job is almost done. Got everything together for the taxes and getting ready to get things together for that. Still waiting on the banks and such before they can be done. Picked up DH's RX today and got a list of all meds for tax purposes for us. Wow. I have spend a small fortune on RX's. That should be a good tax break for us though we can only claim a portion of it. Cleaning out all the meds will give me much needed room in closet. I have 2 cubbies in there that houses our vitamins, and as we get our prescriptions for 3 months supply, 2 of the cubbies holds the extra. One for me and one for DH. Could not resist temptation today. I went to Lidi's and bought 2 turkeys today. Both weighing almost 12lbs. I paid $3.32 for each turkey. They were butterball turkeys. At 29 cents a pound, I couldn't go wrong. So next week I will be canning turkey. Not sure yet how I want to do it. Might make some turkey soup, just can the meat for pot pies and such, or maybe something else as well. I will have it figured out before I start the canning. With all going on right now, it's good to have that meat on my shelves. Also while I was there I bought a case of canned sliced potatoes, a couple of pounds of hamburger and some hamburger patties, going to make hamburger steaks tonight for dinner. Will be starting that soon. All of it on sale today. I mainly wanted those turkeys. The new TV came in this morning so granddaughter and her boyfriend are going to come over this weekend to help get it set up in the bedroom for DH. He also has been pigging out on his ice cream. At the rate he is going, I will have to buy more and I bought 2 gals. Might have to think about going back to making it again. Though I really have to much going right now to start that process. Maybe when things settle down again. Nothing like homemade ice cream.
  15. MidnightMom, that series sounds interesting, but I don't have time to do something like that. Is it something that will stay up that you could do a few months from now or is it something you have to sign up for now?
  16. Good idea about the graft paper. I have done that before but a lot of times I just move furniture to the places I want it to be. Works sometimes and sometimes I have to try something different. Graft paper does make it easier. I have been washing clothes today and looking at both my office and makeshift small bedroom pantry. Both rooms are bedrooms. I am thinking of moving 2 bookcases out of the office as I use those for storing food. I would like to move the double bed into the office, I have been looking at that situation for a long while now. But have to get rid of a lot of stuff to do it. Still going through the medications and vitamins and now deciding rather or not to get rid of things like a lot of store bought herbal vitamins. We don't use them but got them on sells thinking they might come in handy one day when and if SHTF. Any suggestions on that would be very helpful. Everything is in pill form such as Burdock Root, Pueraria Mirifica with B6 and B12, and Holy Basil Extract. I have several different ones and a book on what each one is for. But I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by so much of this type of things with all the prescriptions, and regular vitamins we take on a daily bases. Not sure rather to get rid of this stuff or to box it up and put in a corner of the closet or something. So much to do and getting over whelmed is not a good mix. So wondering what you all would do. Ditch it or box it up for possible need if things go south.
  17. Ambergris, I am also sad you feel like you do. I hope I haven't offended you. Things have been so tense for everyone. Trying to bite my tongue sometimes is a hard thing to do when you see things going on all around the world. This corvid virus doesn't help that. The fact that I cannot even get wound care for my DH and the plastic surgeon has left him hanging with an open wound that I have been dealing with on my own, just put even more strain on me. I think sometimes I just have to let loose and say something. But truly I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings or offend anyone. I have been under a great deal of strain for over a year now trying to get DH the help he needs, trying not to get this corvid virus and everything else going on this year with government and all going on around the world not just in the USA. So please if I have offended you or anyone else on here, it is not that I mean to, it is just that I have a great deal on my mind and no help now that DH and SIL have moved to another state. I am on my own for everything now. Only one granddaughter and her soon to be husband and that is all. They are going to help as much as they can but she is in college full time and he works all day. I don't want to be a bother on them as they try to start their lives and careers right now. So yes I am very much on my own for everything and with DH not being able to do anything at all as he cannot walk much without loosing his breath. And yes this is hard to watch. I just hope you understand where I am coming from. Please don't feel as if you are alone in this group. We do all care for each other and we are all here to help each other as much as we can. I just have a different set of issues that I can come here to chat with you guys but I am still very much alone in many other ways. You are by no means alone on this forum. We all have our differences about many things, we just have to over look what we don't agree on or maybe a clean debate about those issues if that helps anyone. Otherwise we all just need to bite our tongues as not to offend anyone.
  18. I have a waffle iron and use my cast iron pans a lot. I want to make up a fire pit just for cooking. I have part of the things to do it, just need a couple of other things to go with it. SIL is going to get it together for me this spring when they are down for granddaughter's wedding. So I need to order the tripod and the grate so everything will be here when they come in. I also want to get one of those indoor grills like they have been showing on TV. That would be nice for rainy and really cold days. Don't have an electric griddle but do have a griddle pan that fits over 2 burners on stove that I use. Stove is gas and it works great.
  19. That will be the talk of the town. I also have seen where people would attach a tent to the back of a truck but not that. Doesn't look very praticable to me.
  20. I didn't watch the news or the inauguration nor any other news today nor yesterday. Just plain over it. It seems things went good as far as no riots or any trouble that I heard of. But then this is what I expected. No trouble with all the national guard there. Looked more like a war zone from what I saw on internet though. Trump left without any issues just like I thought he would. So calm day today. But not letting my guard down either. It's not over till it is over. Biden in his first 100 days is going to end all of what Trump has done for the county. So yes, head low, power is dry, staying away from capital, and any other government buildings, Have my seeds already as well as for long term seeds, And yes I agree with Joyfilled. Have the popcorn ready and a nice glass of wine to relax with and watch the fireworks begin.
  21. Fixed breakfast for DH and I this morning, fed the grand fish, Ha Ha. yes I have my DD's fish till they find a house. We are enjoying them and she may not get her fish tank back. So I now have grand fish. Got DH settled so I could run to store for milk, eggs and a few sell items. Not much. DH was on that ice cream kick so got his ice cream. It was on sale so got 2 gals for him. He's a happy camper. Tried to get back into going through all our vitamins and prescription meds. There are a lot of them we can't take any longer as doctors have pulled us off of some of them. So got to figure out the safest way to dispose of them. I have a shelving unit that I am putting all the vitamins we take in. Then I can go right to what I need without having to dig for it. We take a lot of different vitamins, C, D, Q10, and others on a daily bases. So those will be the ones going into the shelving unit along with the aspirin, Advil and a few things we only take if needed. The rest are the cold and allergy meds that will go into a box and marked so I can get them when needed much easier than just thrown into a box. All will be labeled as to what is in the boxes. Don't have a lot but need to get it all organized as to what is what. Going to use one of my larger canning jars for the cough drops. Want to keep them all together in one place and easy to get to when we need one. Don't need to go anywhere tomorrow, so going to work on taxes and wash clothes. Normally I would wash clothes every Monday, but that is no longer working out for me depending on how DH is feeling that day. Good days and bad days. He had a good day yesterday and a fair day today. He is already in bed asleep. He needs it. I have been having to stop what I am doing at times as he would be in his chair asleep and calling me in his sleep. Today was funny. He woke up and called me, so I went to den to see what he needed and he was looking for a pill he said he dropped. He didn't drop one as he was asleep and was not time for him to take any pills. He was dreaming he was taken his medicine. Gets rough when you have to take so much medicine that you are dreaming you are taken it. I have 15 more pounds of flour in freezer to get out and put in Mylar bags. Going to try to do that tomorrow. Need to get them out of freezer and let sit to dry out first. So those will sit on dinning room table for a few days before I put them in the Mylar bags. Trying to get things together for long term use as well as for using now. Got to get my make shift pantry tightened up again. Have used a lot of the foods I have canned from 5 to 7 years ago. Need to use those up first. DH's cousin is going to let us know when the fresh produce comes in this spring. They will be making their trips to NC for produce. I will be buying from them but will be doing container garden instead of a big garden in the back yard. Though I am going to till up the garden for potatoes and squash. Don't think the squash will work in buckets though potatoes will. But I will have the room in garden anyway. So that will be about it for garden this year. Things like butter beans and green beans I will get from market to can up as those are time consuming to pick and with DH, I won't be able to spend the amount of time outside that I would need for that. Need to make things easier for both of us right now. DH is not going to get any better and I have been trying to come to terms with that. So I would rather spend the time with him than out in garden working. He has recovered from his fall and not hurting anymore. Seems the heating pad and a couple of Tylenol worked. Still healing from the abrasions though. But they don't bother him now.
  22. I also save any left overs and any carrot, celery, and onions that are left over. I use them in soups and such. Just don't can my chicken using those. I am going to start canning some dry beans within the next 2 weeks and going to use some of the onions in those. Can't use ham for seasoning due to the salt content. I have to do things a bit different and use no salt spices instead of salt.
  23. Annarchy, have a safe trip and congratulations on a new grandchild. Enjoy your time with your brother. Stay safe. Congratulations Mother on your upcoming 16th great grandchild. That is wonderful. We are still waiting for one of our grandchildren to have children. So no grands yet. I had a rough night tonight. Will be up for most of the night. Can't let DH go to sleep for a long while. DH decided to go to bed late at 11:30 tonight. He got up and use rollator to go down hall to bedroom. When he turned the corner from Den to hall. He fell backward and hit his head hard. he is on blood thinners still. Lots of blood as when you bleed from the head it is always more blood and looks worse than it is. He also scraped his arm in 2 places and with that thin skin it doesn't take much to scrape it. So bleeding there as well. Had to call the rescue squad to get him off floor. They checked him over and he is ok but will be very sore by morning. Can't let him go to sleep for a bit longer. His head was not cut but he did scrape it. Got it to stop bleeding before the rescue squad got here. They got him in the bed and checked him out. DH did not want to go to ER. So I am watching him for any signs. I really wanted him to get a CT scan just in case of internal bleeding due to blood thinners. i am taking him off of them for a couple of days and calling our family doctor on Monday to have him checked over. I have a new rule. You do not get up and walk anywhere without me being right there. I had ordered a lift to help get him up that came today but I have to put it together. The wheelchair is on the way. The lift is more for me than for him as my back is hurting now just trying to get DH up to a sitting position in order to better check his head. I have a heating pad on his back and an ice pack on back of his head. Just hope there won't be any swelling but he will have a very sore head by morning. Kappy, sounds like you and Mary have been really busy. I have been trying to figure out how to take care of DH and have a garden. I am going to get a couple of grow lights and try to grow some things in the living room. Don't have any room in the den. I may just be doing container garden this summer for tomatoes, peppers and things. I want to plant squash but that won't work in a container garden. So might could just plant in flowerbeds now that all the bushes have been removed. I could handle that much. But was hoping to go full force with a garden. So will depend on DH's, cousins farm market to buy me some things by the bushel to put up. At least that way I will be in the house with DH so I can keep an eye on him.
  24. Annarchy, you have been busy. Miki that is great 5.00 for a ham is a steal. Took DH to doctor for his check from his surgery. Do to the fact he is diabetic and has vascular issues in legs the place is not healing. It took a step back and the skin graft did not hold. So now we will be having wound care coming in to help with getting it to heal up or he will have to have another skin graft. So hoping we can get this to heal up though wound care. Glad they can come to the house. This was a rough trip. He was able to walk to car and get in when we left, but when we got there I had to get a wheelchair and someone to help me as his legs went out on him. That was a struggle and has put to much of a strain on my neck. It is killing me right now. I have ordered a lightweight wheelchair that I can lift to get into car and had ordered a Lumax stand assist. Neither one has come yet. We have snail mail again. No mail delivery for 3 days straight now in our neighborhood. Several neighborhoods are complaining. Our bills come late and this is getting old. So will see how the medical items fair out. I am hoping fast. Now that I have rested up a bit, I need to get off and start washing clothes and cleaning house. Seems I can never keep up these days. That worries me as to having a garden. Question is how to have a garden, clean house, wash clothes, taken care of DH and everything else that is now starting to come into play. So am going to talk with a friend of mine that does in home care through a company. Need to find out about how to have someone come here at least one day a week so I can get some things done. Now with DD and SIL living in another state, my help is gone. They will be coming home once a month which is good, but I need that weekly care that I won't be getting now. It sucks to get old. It's not for sissies. It's harder work than we think. This house is going to look like a zoo before long. With all the stuff I am holding for DD and SIL till they find a house, all the medical equipment and everything else, there is no room for anything and has made it hard to clean house around. Though it is temporary, it could be months before they find a house. I even have a motorcycle sitting in driveway now. Fun anyone want to go for a ride?
  25. Homesteader, they are both German owned companies. We have both Lidi's and Aldi's here. Lidi's is closest to us. So I go there mostly as I don't want to go to far out from DH. So many places I would like to go to but not leaving DH alone for that long. I am going to talk to a friend that works with a company that stays with disabled people. She will tell me about her company and what I need to do to get someone to come in once a week so I can get out to those places I need to go. That would help me out a lot. I just have to remember to keep a couple of doors closed. Messy rooms you might say. Got 14 quarts of chicken legs and thighs canned up to day. Tomorrow I am going to get the flour in the mylar bags and in the bucket. I have 20lbs. ready to go and 30 more I need to get into the freezer before I get them bagged up. Got to get some more canning from freezer done to make room. I am already upset that Lidi's has whole turkeys for 29 cent a lb. and I have no room in freezer for them. I might miss out on that one. They will have them for that price till gone. I am thinking about running back over there and getting one or two and just coming home and canning them right then. DH sees the plastic surgeon for his leg tomorrow morning. They are going to do an ablasion on that leg where they removed the skin cancer. Hope and pray this works and stops the leaking so it will heal. Need to restock my gauze as I have gone through a lot of it for his leg. Been changing it 3 to 5 times a day for the past 2 months now. Time for a healing.
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