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    My interests are hunting and travelling, I am proud to combine these directions, although it is difficult. In my spare time, I write a book and blog.

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  1. I had a blender like this in my garage. I had an idea to mix everything in it and try to cook it, maybe it'll be delicious!
  2. There are many kinds of sugar, as well as kinds of salt, you can experiment with it. For example, when I learned about the variety of sugar, bought different kinds and made of them cotton candy to understand which of them I like more.
  3. Daniel-J


    Please indicate how long it took you to do this. I want to repeat it or part of it, but I have a busy schedule every day.
  4. I've heard of this method, but I didn't know it was really common. Do you hunt or fish yourself? Do you know anyone who does this? I'm going to the lake and one of the locals recommended that I modify my fishing rod, I tried his fishing rod and I know what he's talking about, it's really cool. Do I want to ask the experts about these options that I found, good or better to look for? Because he didn't name the models, and I forgot to ask, he was so into the process.
  5. You don't have to treat death like grief. This is a continuation of life, so you need to move on. Unfortunately, I know what I'm talking about, from my own experience, I've also had losses in my family. Support your loved one as much as you can, but try to convey this idea to them, otherwise they may shut down and everything will be much worse.
  6. Ferrets bring a lot of chaos, that's what I heard from a friend of mine who has them, but they're more fun and he agrees. You are doing a good deed!
  7. I think it makes sense to thank the doctors and the medicine. It is good that he has recovered. I'm sure you'll see many more anniversaries!
  8. Good site philosophy, I like it!
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