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  1. I miss Westie, so much, it hurts...it has been 2 years since she died and I still can't unpack the jackets that she made. She was my best friend.....
  2. Well, after 23 years of being bullied and controlled, I am divorced as of 11/4. I have not been able to post here often because of all of the drama that has been going on here. I am hoping that the New Years will bring some joy and peace in my heart that I have not had in decades. I won't get into all of the details, but even now with the divorce final, I am still having to deal with unbelievable stress and drama from this man. Any prayers would be appreciated. Rita
  3. I have the Furminator and I just love it! You can see it at http://www.furminator.com/ and you can also find them on ebay. They cost a bit more, but the difference in the amount of hair they remove is amazing and my dogs just love it.
  4. Good morning, everyone. Darlene, I want to thank you for the beautiful goats that you brought me. Andrew and I tried so very hard to save that little girl, but after 3 days, she was getting steadily worse, so we had to put her down....broke my heart, the other 3, however are doing great and the brown little girl is like a little puppy, following me around with her tail wagging, so adorable. It was so awesome to finally meet you, even if only for a little bit! Rita
  5. Unfortunately, Yahoo shut down the geocities recently, so I am in the process of building another page. I will list it here as soon as it is done. In the meantime, pm me if you would like some pics, prices, etc. Thanks and have a great day! Rita
  6. We had to rush to Mississippi 2 weeks ago to see my father in law, as he was in renal failure. He had decided to do dialysis, which would prolong his life by, perhaps 6 months. We got there and visited with him for a few days and it was very sad, but wonderful to see him. Just after we left, he made the decision to stop the dialysis, because of all of the other health issues he has. He would have had no quality of life and they were going to have to start amputating toes, etc. due to diabetes, etc. They told us he had, perhaps a few weeks. A few days later, he died in his sleep. We were headed back over there the next morning, but all of us got the flu and so we could not go back for the funeral, which is really sad. I really feel that he had the dialysis those few days so he could have a chance to visit with all of us, and we are so thankful that we did get to see him. His passing is a blessing for him, as he was in so much pain and had become unable to do most things for himself, and he hated that, so now he is in a much better place, for which, I am glad. Just thought I would check in and let all of you know, I am okay, just don't have much energy with this flu bug.... Rita
  7. Rita

    Laundry Detergent

    I have always bought my washing soda at Walmart. All of the sudden they no longer carry it! So, just out of curiosity and a bit of desperation, I went in search of something else I could substitute. I grabbed my Oxiclean and read the ingredient and guess what? It is basically the same thing! So, if you can't find the washing soda, the oxiclean works just the same and is great!
  8. Take a couple of handfulls and throw in the blender, add some milk and splenda.....whiz it all up and it makes a really good low cal, low sugar ice cream. Add more milk or some yogurt for a smoothie!
  9. Cat, I am so sorry that she is going through this and you too! Been there, done that....had to have surgery also. I will be praying. Call if you need to talk, k? Rita
  10. That is just beautiful! Thanks for posting it!
  11. I've been thinking about her too.... I hope she is okay. Does anyone know how to contact her?
  12. He graduated his core courses at Universal Technical Institute with a 4.0! So, now he has been invited to attend the Cummins engines courses in 2 months. The "invitations" are given to only the highest students. He already has job offers coming in. He is just on top of the world and I am so thrilled for him!
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