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  1. what? no one else has harvested? Today we collected: .21 lbs of horseradish root .08 lbs of lemon balm leaves (to dry for tea) 1.82lbs of concord grapes (the rest aren't ripe yet. weight is stem on) .3 lbs of carrots .2 lbs of carrot tops (Bunnies are happy!) 3.88 lbs of tomatoes .49lbs of dragon tongue beans .08 lbs of radishes .13 lbs radish greens (for the bunnies) Also a large bunch of horseradish leaves... bunny food there too. both buns are industriously nibbling right now. Grand total: 6.86 lbs of people food probably 2 lbs bunny food
  2. I grabbed a medium-sized bowl to go out to the garden. Passed up the bigger ones as 'too big'. Figured I'd pick the 'handful' or so of Dragon's Tongue beans (green beans, but not green, mottled purple & yellow/white). By the time I was done picking, the bowl was 90% full! The plants are still loaded with flowers, too. I've only got 20 or so of them planted in one section (4-6" apart in each direction). Then I went on to tomatoes... cherry tomatoes, full-sized ones, and some paste type. Bowl was filled to overflowing so much that I had to use the bottom part of my shirt to hold the rest. Grand total: 1.04lbs Dragon's Tongue Beans 2.61lbs various tomatoes And that's just one day. I have a feeling I'm going to be BUSY! the paste mater plants are LOADED. I also got some kind of Italian sweet red pepper and purple calabash tomatoes from our CSA farm. I'm saving seed on both for next year. The kids are also saving seed for ground cherries and got a boatload of cilanto/coriander seed from the farm. Anyone in the area (SE WI) is welcome to some of the coriander, at the very least. Probably some of the pepper too, and perhaps others.
  3. Okay, this is weird... I'm in Wisconsin, too, and also looking for a pattern for adult diapers and covers...
  4. I have done this as well... however, one store that puts out lots of coupons has apparently noticed people doing this, and they have a couple of signs posted saying that it's illegal. that you are "stealing" the coupons. Not sure if they are correct or not, but .... I don't see it as a terrible thing--I mean, the manufacturer puts them out, you're still buying the product. The only issue might be that the store in question paid employees to put the coupons on the items to attract buyers. Half the time, though, I still use the coupons at the same store... i just wait until it's on sale!
  5. Okay..... I feel stupid, but... what the heck is a pancake holder???? You're going to throw waffles at the looters/rioters? Great picture, but not likely the correct visual.
  6. I liked the hawaiian shrimp & rice on the backpacking site... TASTY!
  7. Anyone use a Cook-it solar cooker? We don't have a box cooker.... yet. I've tried a couple of things in the cooker we have, but they don't generally come out very good.
  8. My problem is that until recently, I never used beans. Never learned to cook with them... Slowly learning. Kids don't like them. they'll get over it. On the rice.... i've tried cooking it in broth instead of just water, and it doesn't seem to do as well... though that could be that the rice cooker is starting to break.
  9. I have had rats chew into my buckets. We lost the contents completely on half a dozen, and damaged the seals on another half dozen. these were older, thick, nitrogen packed buckets, 5 & 6 gallons. They gnawed through the lids, in most cases, starting at a corner/edge.
  10. School for us starts on sept 1st. Technically speaking, the kids are in public school, but they are registered this year with the Wisconsin Virtual Academy, which uses the K12 curriculum. The schooling is done at home, with Mom (me), rather than in a brick & mortar school. I'll have a Kinder boy (going on 5), 4th grade girl (going on 8, she's way advanced), and a junior/senior (going on 16), so I'm covering the spectrum. Mousey, my youngest, is in 1st grade math, but the rest is kinder. Mariposa is 4th across the board, and wants to get to HS by the time she's 12. Garrian did his freshman and sophomore years in regular public, but didn't really like it. wanted to graduate the end of his junior year (this year), but the local school said "Why would you EVER want to leave HS early???" (To which he replied "Why would I want to STAY?!") The Virtual Academy will let him graduate, if he wants to, but they actually suggested he continue and just take AP courses and youth options (college courses with dual credit). He's thinking about that... The kids books and such came on Friday, and we cleaned out and restocked School corner (dedicated cabinet). In some cases, we had to put away what they sent since, especially in Mariposa's case, we're already partway through the course-year. The thing, I think, that I like the best about the curriculum!
  11. Oh, when I am feeling energetic, I make some yogurt to go with breakfast, to give them some additional protein. or a small slab of cheese. some applesauce or canned fruit, too, at times.
  12. I've been making up batches of waffles and pancakes in advance and then freezing them. I don't like to spend the time making them for first thing in the morning. Everybody can grab 2 and pop them into the toaster oven for a few minutes. Mmmmm...Instant hot breakfast and mom isn't having a breakdown in the kitchen at 6am! 6AM and I aren't on speaking terms. I don't know how well the GF pancakes will freeze and thaw, but will probably have to try it. We also do a couple different hot cereal mixes that we make in our house. One GF made of brown rice (cracked), buckwheat (cracked), corn meal, amaranth, millet, quinoa, flax seed, chia seeds (sometimes). Regular version adds in cracked wheat, spelt, barley, kamut and oats. We also sometimes do hot farina (for those not GF), or creamy buckwheat (for the GF). but..... those are more winter breakfasts. We tend to go for cold cereal in the summer, just to keep the heat down some. Got the chex (which is GF for most flavors, yippee!), and some other cereals for 1.00-1.50/box, or some even under $1/box.
  13. Paradox

    Simply Sunday

    Church was great today! Enjoying my day of rest.
  14. Oh, let's see.... today we had leftovers. When I made spaghetti the other day I did a two lb box of regular and one lb of gluten-free (in separate pots, of course). One lb of ground meat, one large-ish jar of ragu sauce. Two meals for 7. The other leftovers were mushroom chicken & rice. two cups of brown rice cooked up. Three pint jars of de-boned chicken thighs that didn't seal in the canner, one quart of mushroom soup thickened with cornstarch. For sides, I add to my salads and cooked greens by browsing in the yard, or bringing home 'weeds' from the farm--purslane, lamb's quarters, wood sorrel, dandelion at times. The veges we get from the farm we try to use all of--- beets get cooked as beets, the tops go in the greens, the stem parts go to the bunnies. some nights, PB&J is about all I can muster, but one jar of PB covers several meals for us. A loaf or two of homemade GF bread, and some homemade jam/jelly, often with wild gathered or discarded fruits. Protein from the PB, some carrot sticks or something on the side for veggies, bread for the carbs.. I don't use powdered milk, myself. I worry a great deal about the hormones that were probably used in the production thereof, and the affect they could have on my beautiful little girl. We stick with raw milk, which, at 3.50/gallon, is my biggest grocery splurge most of the time. Pudding for dessert, or jello. We've been using up old pudding mixes, the newest of which expired in 2010, but once those are done, I'll make from scratch. Breakfasts... usually cold cereal because i'm not a morning person, but I've been known to do pancakes, which are cheap to make, with homemade blueberry or cinnamon apple or vanilla peach syrups all homemade.
  15. I will have to check this site out! Here's another I've used a little of before: http://www.backpackingchef.com/
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