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  1. I made some turkey stock last Tuesday, but have not been able to can it till today. Will it be ok or should I toss it. Mike
  2. Ok some definitions It is all pork. Rear leg is what "ham" is made from. It is not ham until it is cured. Country ham is dry cured in salt and then hung to dry. City ham in cured in a salt brine. Both can be smoked. Cut the ham into two parts give you a butt ham and a shank ham. Pork butts come from the shoulder so pork butt, pork shoulder are the same also sometime called the collar. The lower part of the front leg is the picnic. Country ribs are pork butt cut into strips, it can also be cured for bacon. Most pulled pork is from the pork butt and picnic. Ham steaks, or pork steaks ar
  3. Isn"t this just like "stock" making. I use carrots, onion, celery, meat bones and some seasoning, cook for hours till thick then can. Mike
  4. Hi I canned some chicken breast last night and have a question. I raw packed qt jars with skinless chicken breast with no extra liquid and cooked for 90 min @ 10lb. After they cooled overnight I noticed that the jar only are half full of broth. Will the chicken above the liquid be ok? Thanks Mike
  5. Hi Violet How did you set this up. I would like to get my mens group at church involved in doing one. Mike
  6. I would like to add my wife and daughter. They are in New York on a three day trip before my daughter goes off to college in Chicago. They were supposed to fly home Sunday morning but I do not think they will be able to. Thanks Mike
  7. After looking around out that sausage can be canned as links if cut into 3- inch lengths, or as balls as but must be precooked. http://msuextension.org/publications/HomeHealthandFamily/MT200903HR.pdf Thanks Mike
  8. Well guess the only way to find out is to try it. Using the 90 min process time should make them safe will just have to find out if it destroys the texture. i will process them for 90 min then cool and into the fridg until I can do a taste test. Is this different than canning meatballs or sausage patties. Thanks Mike
  9. I have canned chicken, chicken stock and ground beef so I would think that the fat content would not be that much different. What filler do you think would cause a problem? Mike
  10. Violet Why not use fresh onions and garlic? Mike
  11. Hi I want to make some picked sausage. If I take precooked sausage links put into jars cover them with vinegar and spices. I want to run these thru my pressure canner to be able to store on shelves. Anyone have a recomened time to process them at? Thanks Mike
  12. Hi and welcome Michael!

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