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  1. There are so many different reasons and also many similar reasons as to why we choose to prepare. What is your reason? I prep for my family. It's insurance for if and when SHTF whatever that scenario could be, whether my husband's hours get cut at work, or power is out for a few weeks etc.. I want my family and myself to be able to survive in the worst case situations and prepping allows me to sleep much better at night knowing we can sustain if we would have to.
  2. Are these recipes good for both machine washing and hand washing? And if they can cause skin irritation would a good pair of gloves be helpful? Either way I can't wait to try them. Thanks for sharing
  3. Oh my gosh, ya'll are so sweet you're making my tooth ache Thanks so much! I've been looking around the forums quite a bit and am so grateful that I found this place because the information is endless and you all seem so nice. I am really wanting to learn as much as I can in every aspect of prepping and self-sufficiency and this seems like a great place to learn and share with some great people who share the same mind-set. I can't thank you all enough for your very warm welcome. Made my day!
  4. Hello, I am new to this site and to prepping in general but I have started to get things going. I guess it's better to have a little bit than nothing at all but I feel so unprepared right now and living on my husband's pay to support us and our two toddlers makes it difficult, but still worth the insurance. Like I said, I am new, new, new and I am serious about becoming more prepared and self-reliant. I am interested in long-term food/water storage but I'm still uncertain as to what foods last the longest and the best ways to store water and was wondering if any of ya'll had any advice you could possibly share with me. Basically my preps so far are similar to the LDS food storage plan which is great for us, but I still want to store food for a "SHTF" moment with a long shelf life. Any information would be welcomed and appreciated. Thanks so much!
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