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  1. Over the weekend I seamed together a baby blanket I had knit in three panels. It looks nice, and now I know how to do a mattress seam. Don't know anyone I need a baby gift for at the moment, so I may try to sell it and put the money towards more preps. Since BF and I are house-sitting I have been spending the early evening after work at home rearranging things in our little one-room home so that it is more suitable for 2 people. I didn't have to get into my preps to rotate nearly as often when it was just me, so I could hide the medium to long term ones very well. Now more preps will be in
  2. MtRider, Jeepers, thank you for your thanks. Everybody, if you are certain something below doesn't apply to what you wrote, great, unless you are incredibly obtuse, it's not directed at you. I'd like to state that I'm not angry; in fact I'm really sad and hurt right now. When I started this thread I did not intend for it to become a dumping ground for everyone's hatred towards the Occupiers. I said it before, but it bears repeating, I am not an Occupier, I do not agree with them on many points, and I do not support the bank run. I should have, perhaps, made my relationship to the Occupier
  3. People associated with the Occupy movement have been talking about and pushing for people to move all of their money from the big banks on or by November 5th. The aim appears to be "taking down" the big banks. I'm not sure if this would be effective or not, but I thought I thought I would share that information in case it helps someone here. Edited to add: I'm not endorsing this tactic or Occupy, just giving y'all a heads up.
  4. I've been hearing a lot about the state of the economy this week on NPR/PRI/BBC, comparing where the world is at or headed to with the Great Depression, or "the 1930's". I suppose the 1930's reference would be less alarming to most people, since they would have to really be paying attention to equate it with what it was. The week before there was a lot of attention paid to Greece, etc. and how the Euro-zone would affect the world economy. They never came out and said it would cause another Great Depression, but I thought it was implied. Then again, for non-prep-minded-people to get that mess
  5. You might be a prepper if you rarely qualify for the express checkout lane. (Unless a case qualifies as a single item.)
  6. Mexican casserole: pinto beans, rice, hominy, black olives, grilled onions, diced potatoes and napa cabbage in an enchilada sauce.
  7. When one of my pets does something silly like trying to shove his nose up my nose or crawl inside my hat. Coming home to the smell of stock simmering in the crock-pot. The way my garden smells right after I weed and water. Today at the gun show a 7yr old girl was selling card-stock "signs" that she made at her dad's table. I saw a few on tables around the show. Such enterprising ingenuity.
  8. That's a good one Annarchy, I do the same with heavy duty aluminum foil too. Instead of buying waxed paper I use the bags from boxed cereal. I don't buy the cereal often, but the plastic bags hold up to being washed and reused quite well. The cereal crumbs either end up on a casserole, in the stockpot, or are sprinkled over my pets food as a treat. I recently found out my Grandma used to use cereal bags the same way. (Grandma also saved money by serving watered down skim milk... blech.) When I prepare fruit for the dehydrator I bathe it in lemon juice. I then use the lemon juice with a
  9. Mommato3boys- are you looking for recipes that are strictly raw ingredients thrown in the crockpot, or would recipes using prepared items work? For instance when I make chili in my crockpot I precook the beans (or use canned) because the other ingredients are acidic and the beans don't consistently cook well with them. I also serve it over rice or pasta with cornbread. Those things can be made ahead, or in a rice cooker in a few minutes. I think I've seen a recipe for cornbread from a crockpot; the dry beans can be cooked ahead of time in the crockpot. Here's a link to the crockpot cook
  10. Vegetables leach nutrients into water when submerged. After I wash the greens (for my huge salads for daily lunches) once or twice a week, I scoop out as much water as possible from the sink and use it to water my container garden. I'm using the water twice, and feeding the plants a little. The gluten free pastas I use give off a lot of starch into the water used to cook it. I use that water and the water from steamed vegetables or boiled potatoes as the liquid for the stock I make from vegetable trimmings. Old kitchen sponges are used once more before they are finally disposed of -
  11. At first glance I'd recommend mylar blankets and plastic ponchos (or large, thick trash bags) and wind-up flashlights or flashlights with a spare set of batteries. Hair ties/clips could be helpful, as well as a hairbrush, and toothbrushes. If some of the clothes could be comfortably used as pajamas that would be good too. A spare set of shoes/sandals either in the car or the BOB might come in handy. Granola bars or some other kind of snack with fiber would be a good idea since MRE's have a reputation for being low in fiber. A container for water would be a good idea too.
  12. I think there are certain places where talking on cell phones is not appropriate, such as a theater or library, but having a conversation at all/in a normal voice is inappropriate in those settings anyways. Of course, that doesn't stop some people from doing so with physically present human companions. I don't find it irritating when people talk on the phone at the store or another public place, unless they are ignoring the cashier or someone who is helping them in person. People tend to talk to physical companions while shopping, it doesn't make a difference to me if they are talking into a
  13. Nichole- I don't think I've ever seen PB with palm oil. But now I'm curious, and will keep an eye out for it.
  14. I just wanted to bump this thread up because I am so impressed with the compassion and kindness the vast majority of people on mrssurvival show. I have read and participated in other survival forums. They have their value to be sure, but it's a very different experience, and one that to me often felt hostile, condescending, and ultimately discouraging. I feel empowered and hopeful after I read mrssurvival, rather than overwhelmed. I haven't been a member here very long, but already my outlook has improved. So, uh, thanks!
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