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  1. One of the oddest things I have read about in a very long time! I prefer ALL small & mighty....anybody doing business in that detergent? LOL
  2. Interesting comment was made that this kind of event happens every year(?) and is nothing to unduly concerned about. If this event is not that unusual, why are they saying something about this one and not the others? And coincidentally its falling at about the same time as a comet that arriving way too close for comfort and nothing is being said about that. good point! Most of them fall in the oceans don't they? Was this a miscalculation I am wondering? Don't know about a comet....will be looking into that! thx
  3. Sheesh....how can they know that it probably won't land on a populated area??? From the tip of Canada to the Southern tip of South America?? Lots of populated areas in that space! That really seems like a frightening thought! Hope that NASA is correct!
  4. This is terrible news....Angel Food Ministries shutting down...my church is a former host site, and I had been considering starting to buy food boxes again from them....since it is getting hard to make ends meet at times. This is a sign of the times, a very sad sign and sad time! Wow!
  5. Well, I am new here, but I was a guest for years before I decided to join last month. I have always known that we had better be prepared for "something" but I wasn't always sure what that something was....reading here over the years, I learned that my "something" was more massive than I ever dreamed. The things it could turn out to be are endless and most of them had NEVER occured to me. I was always trying to be prepared for personal financial turmoil, but never global financial crisis that we seem to be experiencing. I don't think I was prepared for this drought and wildfires that we are
  6. Apparentl I spoke too soon about the fires.....yesterday there was a massive fire very close to me...I had to shelter so evacuees.
  7. Nope, no fires in my area this week! Sure is bad everywhere else...I guess that is the hardest thing to prepare for....not a lot you can do if it is heading your way! Thanks for the welcomes ya'll....I will join in when I feel like I have something good to share...I am mostly here to glean knowledge from you more expericenced folks. I am sure I will have lots of questions! LOL
  8. Finally, I decided to join here after being a reader for years! I am in North Texas, I am in my 40s and have a great husband and 2 great kids. I am a devout Christian. I am trying to simplify my life, live a frugal Christian lifestyle, but I want to be prepared for whatever we have to face in our lifetimes, as I don't see anything getting any better until Jesus takes us home! Whether it is finacial hardtimes, economic collapse, natural disaster, or terror plots. I want to be a positive person and have a postive impact on others. I really don't think that it is negative to say that thin
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