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  1. This week i bought more candle wicks. We have a scentcy warmer and I'm always hated tossing the old wax melts. We're keeping our frozen juice cans and making little pillar candles with the leftovers.
  2. OOOh! I like the nature notebook! My wife is gonna teach him how to change the oil on her car tomorrow. He is 8, and is already so independant. I have a few fun things planned, such as making a bird house to help feed the local birds we will be learning about, and we bought him a snap circuts set for christmas that we will incorporate in to sciency lessons. lol Of course we will be keeping up with his language arts(french, specifically) and his reading writing and math. We have online sites for french reading and math, and scolastic is apparently going to have free grade-appropriate educational content. Of course, depending on what they decide to do for the children of essential workers, I may be able to put my son in to a day program of sorts. Of course, that wont stop us from still teaching him as we have always tutored him at home as well.
  3. We are all on spring break right now, well, most of us. But we got word yesterday that all BC schools will be suspended untill further notice, and no one expects that they will reopen again until september. Last year we had to semi-homeschool due to my son having a terrible teacher. He was in a 1/2 split and the teacher taught to the lower grades more, and his reading suffered. We have him practicing math and reading daily since about november of last year and we will continue that. Its the rest of the stuff that they normally learn, science, social studies, writing and so on. He wants to play baseball this year but at this point we don't know if there will even be baseball.
  4. Thanks to the covid-19, Canadian schools are closed for the remainder of the year. We are faced with not only homeschooling out 8 year old, but also homeschooling him in FRENCH! now, I speak it but my wife doesnt so much of the language arts will be up to me to teach. The thing is,I was homeschooled, but very poorly. Most of what I know was self taught through my love of reading pretty much anything i could get my grubby lil hands on. kids books, youth, novels, encyclopedias, you name it, if it was in my house or church library, I would read it. So, We will be researching and asking advice on how to schedule a childs homeschool day for maximum productivity while working around our work schedules. My wife works a 9-5, monday to friday and I am a nurse who works casual. And, because things aren't complicated enough, our 8 year old son has adhd.
  5. I was given this neat survival game, and it gives a scenario, and you get 3 random items. You have to explain how those items will help you survive the random scenario. Gets the kids thinking of alternate uses for everyday items! We will be playing it for the first time with the kids tonight. It's called 3 things
  6. It's so good to see so many of you still here!
  7. I've been well! A lot of changes in life, good ones! I take don't know when I here last though, so i don't know what the last update on my life would have been. Lol
  8. All this pandemic talk/panic in the media got me missing the amazing ladies i met here oh so long ago. Who's still here that remembers me?
  9. Roasted pumpkin seeds with garlic seasoning, lots of napping, work night shift tonight! 7pm-7am
  10. I remember you! I've been AWOL too, but I've missed this place!
  11. We're very well! I miss you guys around canning season every year though...lol I'm gonna have get used to the new faces/name around here! I'll probably post a big update later on my night shift.
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