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  1. Roasted pumpkin seeds with garlic seasoning, lots of napping, work night shift tonight! 7pm-7am
  2. I remember you! I've been AWOL too, but I've missed this place!
  3. We're very well! I miss you guys around canning season every year though...lol I'm gonna have get used to the new faces/name around here! I'll probably post a big update later on my night shift.
  4. I still make this every year, in 3kg batches. I've changed the recipe some... I use dry white wine, i replaced the oregano with cilantro and the crushed chillies i replaced with whole fresh hot peppers, and no picking spice. I also add chunks of onion to reach jar. Happy 10 years of pickled garlic!!!
  5. I have recieved several, and mine were shipped late! (sorry!) Figured I should check in and let everyone know I'm not lost! That cocoa and tea was perfect there was a snow storm and at work that night and they kept me warm! (I work in an office answering phones graveyard shift)
  6. I love this idea especially since i have wasteful children/step children(we are working on that) and I have a lot of soap allergies!
  7. I am very fortunate to have found a man who has an almost full set of cast iron cookware. AND he uses it! Also, he can cook, survival and being outdoors in important to him. Can you say husband material?
  8. Anyone had a chance to use one of these yet? We are thinking of getting one for back packing. We already have a jetboil, but the fuel is expensive and extra weight.
  9. a belated thank you to all for the birthday wishes! <3
  10. Dang Missed it! Next year I am in for sure! I miss doing all these wonderful exchanges! I am looking forward to seeing what everyone makes!
  11. well, if anyone tries this, please let us all know! I wonder why copper nails would kill a stump, but save the tomatoes?
  12. Has anyone tried this before?? does it really work? Years ago, my tomatoes got blight, but I wasn't able to stop the spread and it ruined all my plants. http://www.waldeneffect.org/blog/Fighting_tomato_blight_with_pennies__63__/ edited to add the link! haha
  13. I am making lentil, bean and tomato soup with rye sourdough toast on the side.
  14. I would appreciate your dish soap recipes! I never thought of making my own. I am SO allergic to the store bought stuff! And the "green" brands that i am not allergic to are 7 bux a bottle.
  15. A gift idea I got from Jo, (and expaned on a little) is if you ave young nieces or nephews that are far away that you and other family members dont see very often, make a photo album with family pictures in it for the kid to look at. You can include names and pictures of things each family member likes. That way they are familliar with your face and the rest of the families faces. You can use bright colours and scrapbooking stuff to make these, just make them durable to stand up to a kids rough handling. So if cousin lars likes horses, his picture would have a horse on the same page. Or if he loved doughnuts a picture of that, or the page could be his or her favourite colour.
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