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  1. Thank you for the replies. Wow! It's much easier than I thought. How many bottles of water should I plan for per person?
  2. Hello! I wondered if anyone can point me in the right direction to find out how I can start learning how to add water to my prepping supplies? I'm living on a very small budget so I need to start small. Thanks so much in advance
  3. Wow! I love her ideas! I watched quite a few of her You tube videos and really loved what she said! I've never heard her name before. Thanks so much!!!
  4. I am SO looking forward to that aspect. I had so much work today that I didn't get a chance to rest until 8:30 pm. I was thinking about how much easier life will be when I only have a small space to take care of. The hard part is knowing what to get rid of!Thanks for the encouraging story!
  5. Great idea! I hadn't even thought of that. I have books I'm donating to a library but was just going to take clothes to Salvation Army. Thanks again!
  6. Yes, I have been around since 2005 but I've 'read' more than 'posted' over the years. The Lord knows what situations to orchestrated in our lives to bring Him the most glory. I pray above all else that He will be seen as the greatest treasure in our lives far above anything we have owned. Blessings, Grammy G Wow, GrammyG! I love it when I hear of someone going thru loss after loss; disappointments and challenges; AND YET can say as you do...God has always taken such good care of us..... That is the best prep of all. To learn to be content in riches and in downsizing. Not that we don't have concerns that we need to handle. Unfortunately, I'm NOT the person to ask about clearing clutter. LOL *I* can't even clear my PM box. But I wanted to say BTW,....your join date says 2005 but this is your first post???? Is that correct or did our board-format switch goof up your numbers? MtRider
  7. You've given me some things to think about and some downsizing tools! I was just looking at my coat closet the other day and wondering how I was going to fit all my coats and clothes plus hubbies into one closet. I can see that I could get by with a lot less. Thanks for the ideas. I'll use them. Grammy G
  8. My husband was laid off from his job on 10-27-09. This past year his health has declined drastically and I was getting very concerned about the medication increases the Dr. was prescribing. So, we decided to try and get him on disability. So.. what that means is that we're putting our house on the market and moving into a studio apartment on my Aunt's property where our rent will be free (we'll help out around the farm) until we see whether he will qualify for disability. I'd love to read of others who have/are downsizing and any suggestions they may have. We lost our business a year ago and had to downsize from a 2700 sq. ft home on 10 acres with a 40 x 40 shop to a 1500 square foot home on .48 lot. Now that my husband has lost his job we'll be moving into a 300 square foot studio apartment. Even though we got rid of a lot of stuff there is still so much to go through. Trying to make decide what to keep and give away can be overwhelming. Have you seen any blogs or read any articles that may be helpful? My husband is already doing so much better physically and mentally since he lost his job. I'd live in a tent to help relieve some of his pain. I still laugh when I read about the economy pulling out of the recession. I know so many around me who's jobs are in jeopardy and facing a loss not to mention what happened to my husband. We have lost our rental and our main home is on the market. Yet... I'm not fearful at all. Our God has always taken such good care of us. We can learn to be content with little just as we've learned to be content with much! Thank you again, Georgene
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