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  1. Hello to All, I found your site last September and bookmarked it so that I could return. Well, I finally am getting back and am in hopes of finding and sharing information with you. About me: I am quite elderly (58) ha- and I was prepping when it was not called prepping... I believe I first started prepping in the early to mid 80's when the scare was anthrax and plague (black death)... I canned with my mom in my younger years but in raising my family and running a business I got away from it. In '93 I moved to the Ozark Mtns to get out of the city (Phoenix to be exact). It was hard to leave family and friends behind, but I was always a country girl at heart and it was time to make the move from 2 1/2 acres to 600 acres. We ran cattle til health made us stop. I have loved horses all my life, and brought 8 with me when I moved out here. I still have 7 horses, but only two are left now from the original 8. I love gardening, photography, critters, my grandkids, and Jesus. That's my story and I'm sticking to it... well, most it anyway... lol... I am concerned with the way things are headed in this country, and am making preparations to take care of family and help those I am able to help when things get really bad. I guess I am most concerned with the economy. I know there are many things (emp's, bad weather, natural disasters like quakes, etc...) that can happen, but I see inflation or hyperinflation as causing us problems real soon. I live on a fixed income and hate to go the grocery store as I know that prices will have increased in the last week. It is outrageous. If I did not garden, can, and stock up what I am able, it woud be grim in my household. I am trying to learn more about dehydrating, canning, preserving dry foods for long shelf life,etc.... I look for any ideas on saving and prepping...I am trying to prepare to live in a time when things are simple again. Where it is not necessary to rely on the store for products, and someday I hope to have some kind of solar system in place. I look forward to sharing with and learning from all y'all. Starr
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