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  1. Darlene, that sounds like a hoot. Can I borrow your cleaning lady? Yep, I'll be glad to get "it" all over with as well.
  2. Darlene, how old are your chickens? Did you have any help with butchering? I usually get dh to chop the head (uhhh just the thought) and I do the rest. Never considered tackling this myself! I think I got my birds not long after you. This is going to be a big chore but the roosters are getting big so I guess I should do something about that before they start pecking at me. Oh well at least life will seem like it's getting back to normal. Maybe just what I need to get me back to me ole self again.
  3. Unikemom, this is very unsettling breaking news on CNN. I will be watching. Really eery. Blessings everyone!
  4. Privateconcerns-ML-96887-ML- Moved by Darlene.
  5. Yeh, bribe is goooood! LOL Darlene, I really want to start paring down on my birds, mine aren't so cute anymore. They are not big enough yet to put in the pot. Did I read correctly, chopping the ugly ones and hiding the ladies. Good luck with it all.
  6. Love Bananas, banana everything! Great news.
  7. Are you talking to me Motherearth? I think so. That garden is planted and coming up beautifully and I do have 101 other things to do. Need a few me times as well. I could add more sugar and flour to my stock, thanks for your thoughts.
  8. May I ask, why do you put lemon juice in blueberry jam. For flavour?
  9. There are so many things I would like to be working on like scrapbooking, candle making and card making. Haven't had much time at all to do these things. Taking care of the gardens, family and trying to get a grip on work has been keeping me very busy. I like that quilt A/H made. Something else I'd like to make. When I get my canner I will be attempting to can.
  10. Hi LS. Glad to hear things are going well at work. It's been a very grulling tiresome week for me. Got through it though. Weather is cool but Sunny. Kds are almost out of school so I'm trying to figure out how I am going to survive the Summer with them all together. One is going to Summer camp, and hopefully the other will be working. He goes for his interview today. Crossing my fingers. Will be funny if he gets the job as him and I will have started working the same month and year. After many years of me being away from the work force. I will be only casual but that is GOOD enough for me. Well, have a good one everyone. Few things going on in the world to keep our eyes on right now...I hope and pray for NO surprises! God Bless.
  11. Wow, a couple unfaithful wives? Undoubtfully, the trauma of the past and having to go through this again has to be tremendous. Keep in mind, many a marriage has been saved after one has had an affair. Quite a complicated issue that certainly needs councelling for both of you to get through this and maybe one on one as well. Don't give up and if you feel so strongly to give up do it for your son, that would likely be a natural thing for you to do anyway. If your wife doesn't wish to go get some help then you might have to re evaluate the entire situation. Women are complicated, naturally and it could very well be that she has some underlying issues that needs to be brought out into the open. Remember do not blame yourself. If you both are completely honest and lay the cards on the table face up then you should be able to work things out. My dh is and has always been trustworthy, and faithful. I was burned this way from an old boyfriend and had taken my insecurity into the marriage. It took some years for me to realize that my insecurity was my problem. Thank God I didn't have to through that pain again.
  12. Has anyone ever tried Kava Kava for anxiety?, in tincture, pill form or otherwise. I have tried valerian years back, but that did not help. Lately I have been experiencing terrrrrible anxiety! It is really awful. Any suggestions at this point from anyone especially people who know how terrible this can be would be welcome.
  13. Westbrook, good advice. Thanks everyone. May be a dense question but, I'm not going to have difficulty finding you guys am I?
  14. No, I think they are residing with her, maybe in her walk in bedroom closet complete with perch, windows etc... or maybe they are enjoying her pool and area? Yesssss, Have we got it right yet Darlene?
  15. Hi there! I felt the same as you so I added 50lbs of hard red wheat. This will store forever with proper storage. If you have a grain grinder you have got flour. Eat it as hot cereal as well. Of course dry beans and white rice such as basmati, store for years as well. It's all about good packaging and storage. Sorry I'm in a rush gotta go to work.
  16. Since alot of us will be pressure canner owners soon/ or now. What will you be canning first? Have you got something in mind right now. I'm thinking green beans and tomatoes
  17. I'm waiiiiiting....gotta go to work in an hour ya know, don't have allll day.
  18. Amanda, I will ask dh about the gophers, he has gone through this before. Last week added 6 cabbage plants and added more beans and carrots. The garden is looking spectacular I might add. Added a few flowers to it...and some interesting items to perk the area up. The wood chips were an excellent addition to the pathways. Yesterday, I dug up another patch of garden. Had some potatoes in containers as well but wanted all the potatoes growing in the garden so transferred those in the ground with the others.
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