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  1. (((Hugs))) Cat directed me here too. Darlene's post was absolutely beautiful and I pray that things work out for you and your family! May you find Peace and Harmony soon.
  2. Thanks for that. Reading everything in that Ball Blue Book and trying to decide what I will make first? I was thinking soup (big soup fan) nothing like a jar of home canned food sitting right in front of you. I want to display my gold for ALL to see when I get canning. LOL Big show off I am.
  3. My BB Book arrived today! Great book, easy to understand instruction and pictures! Seriously the best canning book I've seen and even tells you how to dehydrate. Thank you Westie!
  4. Veggiecanner, that is the cutest name! Cannin kitchen now there is an idea! Sounds wonderful!
  5. This is an original one of my own...get ready. Why do I LOVE stupid jokes? Because I tell them all of the time
  6. If I don't come visit here everyday I miss you guys. Can't be on everyday but still I always think about what you all are up to or what is going on here. How about you?
  7. How To Preserve Fresh Herbs: The faster the herbs dry, the more flavorful the resulting dried herb will be. Conventional Oven: Place clean dry herb sprigs on a foil-lined baking sheet. Bake at the lowest setting until herbs are dry and brittle. This should take about 12 hours. Strip leaves from stems & place in small airtight storage containers. Air Drying: Tie small bunches of herbs with string and hang upside down by the stems in a dry warm spot out of direct sunlight. Be sure air circulates freely around the bunches. Let dry till leaves are brittle. This usually takes a few days to a week, depending on the thickness of the leaves. Pick off the dried leaves & store in tightly covered containers in a cool, dry place about two weeks or till dry and brittle. Microwave Drying: Pick when the dew has just gone off. Put on paper towels on a plate in the microwave. Zap on high for a minute to start (at that point they appear "wet"). Stir them, zap again for another minute, move around again, and zap approximately 30 seconds more or until they are dry and crumbly. Rub between your hands to break up, pick out any twiggy parts and put in small jars or baggies. Freezing Herbs: Wrap in foil or plastic wrap. You can also chop clean herbs, place in ice cube trays & fill with water. When needed remove herb ice cubes and drop into hot cooking liquid. You can also wrap bunches of fresh herbs in foil or plastic wrap and freeze them for several weeks. You should expect some discoloration of frozen herbs. Mark the date on the container of your dried herbs. They can be kept for one year. Heat, moisture and light rob herbs of flavor. You can also make herb butters and herb vinegars. Handling and Storage of Herbs and Spices: Whole spices will keep their flavor indefinitely as long as they are kept in tightly closed containers away from heat and light. Herbs in leaf form will keep longer than herbs in ground form. Ground spices and herbs will keep their flavor for up to a year after purchase (whether opened or unopened, as long as they were fresh when purchased and kept in tightly closed containers in a cool place. If kept at room temperature, in a pantry for example, herbs and spices will keep for only 6 months. Never store herbs and spices next to or above the stove (this will shorten their life). To tell if a herb or a spice has lost its flavor, smell it - if it has no aroma, it should be discarded. ------------------------------------------------------------ Taken from: Hhttp://whatscookingamerica.net/herbs.htm
  8. I've got 4 zuchinni plants planted and I'm thinking that won't be enough. Hope I eat my words. I sure hope I do because I would certainly love to can the excess. Thx.
  9. I'm going to take the Canner classes as suggested here. BUT what do I do when I get my canner. I need to check the guage or something?
  10. I bought a slew of canning jars at a yard sale for a give a way price. Some of the jars are the ones with the glass lids....older jars...can these still be used? If so I would think I could buy the rubber thingys for them and also are they just as good as far as sealing goes? I remember my grandma had this type of jar. Just a little green you know when it comes to pressure canning. Thx.
  11. Oh Geez, I'm sorry I thought you were referring to me, the Star I am you know.
  12. Wellll, it could have been LivinSimple who gave Nana the
  13. Yes it has been quite slow today and have noticed on other days as well????
  14. Sure is AWESOME! I'm so exited and feel extremely blessed. I needed someone to push me into this and get over my silly fear. I cannot/will not disgrace Darlene's generosity so whether I like it or not I'm canning this year. I know I'm gonna LOVE the finished product.....me all the way. Should not forget Westbrook here as she has sent me the Ball Blue canning book. Yeh, I know, what a gal. And then of course there is Cat who offered to send me a ball blue book but Westie beat her to it. So very blessed all the way around! Truthfully I'm going to love it and have been interested every since I joined.
  15. Oh Nana hope you recover soon. It's just awful when you are down like that. I've been struggling with the cold and am sure allergies as well, kinda makes me grumpy with all the itching going on.
  16. Sounds good! BTW, Grubby you look so elegant and beautiful today. Wherever did you get that dress?
  17. Michael and Lori that is a GREAT sign. Cat, Wanna make me one Michael? Kiddin.
  18. Darelene's been on my mind. Anyone else being affected by Alberto?
  19. http://www.weatherstreet.com/hurricane/2006/Alberto.htm
  20. Well I almost spit my coffee up on my sons new high tech keyboard...geesh, people, people, please...
  21. Yes, mine should be half way here by now. Thanks Westie! Can't wait to get it.
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