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  1. One of these days I will meet you all in chat. Ds and I cannot get Java, whatever whatever...to work on this computer? We have tried and tried.
  2. I'm still looking for mine. I've heard there is something causing alot of rucus at the post office? Could be that white elephant I'm waiting for.
  3. Mel Gibson, who's that! K, I'm budding in again. 1) Hot water tank...(we do have a new one in storage) 2) Well pump, ours is getting on and could go at anytime.
  4. Welllllla, you don't win Darlene's canner or anyone else's for that matter so you might as well give up. I really do admire your perseverence though.
  5. I would love to get ahold of the breed of chicken you both have mentioned. We cannot get them here. First time I have raised the Rhode Island Red,apparently a real good dual purpose bird. Buff Orpingtons look good to eat allready and they are only a little over a month. What a gorgeous bird. Apparently these birds make good setters and brooders too. Surely they will dress out well and will be great layers. Not so economical to feed as they are a sizeable bird. Westie may have some good advice, where is she?
  6. I know Westie had said Buff's are beautiful or something like that, they certainly are. I've had 0 losses with my flock and the birds are growing nicely. Still don't know if I have cochins but my gut feeling is they are (hopefully). RIR's are soooo friendly I'm surprised, pretty too. The buff's are so pudgy and cute and pretty, I only have 2, rightfully I should have had 3 but they didn't send me an extra as they normally do. Next year if all goes well I'm going to order 15 maybe even 25 (cheaper in 25's). Highly do recomend Buff's for anyone who wants to purchase chicks. If I'm this happy with them so far I can't imagine how happy I will be when they become full grown chickens. Just hope I have a rooster and a hen. What are the chances of that.
  7. Added cabbage plants to the garden and 6 zuchinni plants along with a couple of tomato plants. Planted some beans. Garden is finished, can't wait to see the final result. Added 36 cans of soup to the stash.
  8. No, and I have never seen one here in Canada?
  9. I'm a changed person, I'm not a rule follower anymore. Darlene shot me over the fence. Now I can have some real fun. Darlene now A/H is trying to make up the rules!
  10. Well, that day i was ****** off at the weeds I was being very unruly. It's been a big adjustment since that day... I will add a housemaid and a good quality brandy to my list. I would also like to add some cigars of excellent quality.....oh who am I kiddin.
  11. Thanks Mother. I will be watching.
  12. RITA, followed the RULES! Hah! To the rest of ya! Oh wait minute, Grubby followed the rules as well, and wait a minute Mother, well.... she is excused, Snowmom followed the rules too and I know I'm missin someone else? Oh yah that would probably be ME. Silly meeee. Keep'm comin.
  13. Snowmom, it WAS most of THEM! Love, From Schmoozer.
  14. [qwuote]How about Jo and Pixie? I thought they both wanted one, but were still saving their money. Do you think they would like to be in the drawing? Nah! I'm sure they have a canner allready! Yah that's right...
  15. Use it up Wear it out Make it do or DO WITHOUT MamaCat your step-father, a very wise man. Good one!
  16. Geez, great minds think alike. Gone back to read the rest of the thread. Peas in the same pod, we are.
  17. Hi I'm Erica, a friend of Sunny's, please put my name in for the draw. If Erica wins the canner, I owe ya one!
  18. 4600 dead in Indonesian quake 29 May 2006 BANTUL: Rescue workers dug desperately for survivors yesterday and hospitals struggled to cope with the thousands of injured, a day after an earthquake killed more than 4600 people on Indonesia's Java island. Up to 20,000 had been injured and more than 100,000 have been left homeless, UNICEF (the UN Children's Fund) spokesman John Budd told Reuters, but he said figures were still sketchy. "Nobody really knows for sure simply because a lot of people were actually evacuated out ... in order to be treated and a lot of people who are injured have been turned away," Budd said. Trucks full of volunteers from Indonesian political parties and Islamic groups, as well as military vehicles carrying soldiers, headed south from the ancient royal city of Yogyakarta to Bantul, hardest hit by the quake, to help in the effort. "Kopassus (special forces troops) and Indonesian Red Cross volunteers are trying to comb through rubble because thousands of houses are damaged and people may still be trapped beneath them," Ghozali Situmorang, director general of aid management for the national social department, told Yogyakarta radio. Medical supplies and body bags were arriving at the airport of Yogyakarta, about 25 km from the Indian Ocean coast where Saturday's 6.3 magnitude quake was centred just offshore. A vulcanologist said the quake had heightened volcanic activity at nearby Mount Merapi, a volcano experts believe may be about to erupt. Merapi has been rumbling for weeks and sporadically emitting hot lava and highly toxic hot gas. The official death toll jumped to 4611 last night, said the Social Affairs Ministry's disaster task force. In the Bantul area, which accounted for more than 2000 of the deaths and where most buildings were flattened, makeshift plastic tents dotted the roads. In the afternoon heat Sugiyo picked through the remnants of his brick home. He had been trapped with his family before being rescued by other village residents. His mother was killed. "I found my motorcycle but it was destroyed, then I found the cupboard but it was broken too," said Sugiyo. But his face lit up as he spotted a pink box containing diapers and baby clothes. "This is for my 2-year-old daughter," he said holding the box tightly in his arms. Throughout the disaster-struck region, authorities struggled to deliver aid. "The problem now is that we are still short of tents, many people are still living on the streets or open areas," said Suseno, a field officer of the Yogyakarta disaster task force. Clean water was another problem, officials said. In Bantul all 12 water distribution systems had been either knocked out completely or were not working properly, UNICEF'S Budd said. MANY STILL IN BED Saturday's dawn quake struck while many were still in bed. Houses in the area tended to be poorly constructed, their wooden roofs collapsing on occupants when the quake shook. Hospitals struggled to cope. Hundreds of people crammed the corridors and grounds of Yogyakarta's Bethesda hospital. "There's a lot of severe injuries. It was definitely overwhelmed," said hospital volunteer Andrew Jeremijenko. "I've been to the other hospitals. They're all overwhelmed. There are not enough nurses or doctors to cope with the load." Saturday's quake was the third major tremor to hit Indonesia in 18 months. The worst, the December 26, 2004 quake and its resulting tsunami, left some 170,000 people dead or missing around Aceh. Indonesia sits on the Asia-Pacific's so-called "Ring of Fire", marked by heavy volcanic and tectonic activity. Yesteday morning, a quake measuring 6.7 in magnitude struck the South Pacific island nation of Tonga and the New Britain region of Papua New Guinea was shaken by a 6.2 magnitude quake, the US Geological Survey said. WORLD TRIES TO HELP The international community has rallied to help Indonesia, offering medical relief teams and emergency supplies. The United Nations, which played a major humanitarian role in Indonesia's past natural disasters including the tsunami, also sent aid. Australia and the United States have also pledged to send humanitarian aid worth $US2.5 million and $US2.2 million respectively. US President George W. Bush called his Indonesian counterpart, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, to express condolences. Yudhoyono has temporarily moved his office to Yogyakarta to be close to the rescue effort. A prime tourist attraction, Yogyakarta is home to ancient and protected heritage sites such as Borobudur, the biggest Buddhist monument on Earth, which survived the quake. But the Prambanan Hindu temple complex near the city suffered some damage, as did the roads and houses near it, a Reuters witness said. Some residents were begging passing motorists for money, he added. Local media reported that outer sections of Yogyakarta's centuries-old royal palaces had also collapsed
  19. Necie, yes I believe we have the red squirrel. I think dh got him. He put a peanut butter baited rat trap in the bin and we think he's gone for sure. Bit of blood on the ground but so far he is no where in sight. I was sure we had more than one and even typing this out 1 does sound odd. Not sure why we haven't seen any squirrels around? Just editing to add that the reason we wanted to "get" him was because not long ago we had one living in the house....was very difficult to catch it and luckily dh and I did not get hurt in the process. Long story. As you well know they can really do damage inside the home. Did not want that to happen again. We love the creatures around here but have to stay on top of things especially when it could mean devastating consequence for the family.
  20. Greenhorn here as well, you bet. I still have tons to learn. The journey is certainly alot of fun, hard work but that is what helps make it soooo rewarding. Welcome and glad your here.
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