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  1. Gosh Cookiejar I'm so glad your decision was to take the alternate route! Good listening!! LOL I was watching a clip on this yesterday, quite the story!
  2. So much has changed in such a short time here! Not much has changed in my life except everything got worse and I had to move out temporarily because he wouldn't but anyways...I won't get into it in this forum. Please pray hard for me and the children that the path I have chosen comes to fruitation. Big hugs to everyone!! Big WELCOME to all the newbies here!
  3. Sunnyboysx3


    Darlene how I long for that moment to come! I'm so happy for you!!!! Your faith is a beautiful thing. I wish my heart did not feel so lost and I could have that faith to hold onto. I'm not near close to closure and have to learn to pray harder and have faith that the light at the end of the tunnel will be there in the end. Looking forward to seeing those picutures! xo
  4. I've decided not to paint. There is a new product, it's not laminate flooring but looks very similar to it. I've decided to do the entire living room and kitchen area with that. It's not cheap as it's a new product on the market but it's very durable and looks really nice. I noticed it on Wallmarts floor and at the medical clinic, I was extactic when I saw it a home depot. I wish I remembered the name but I will let you know when I go back if anyone is interested.
  5. Can I paint my floor? It's linoleum (sp), in my kitchen and hallway (to be). What I want to know has anyone done this before? I'm putting laminate flooring in the living room and dining room area but the linoleum is really ugly in the kitchen area and I want to change it basically to make it look fresh and clean.
  6. When it rains it Pours! Darlene you will be in my prayers!
  7. Wow, I can't believe the clarity of picture of your Grandson. Just amazing! I'm praying for work but doesn't look promising today. Weather is nice but I've got nothing to do seeing I'm likely moving no need to make a garden here. I suppost I could start on one up at the other property but then again that is not a full blown for sure thing yet either. So I wait. I'm not the most patient person in the world. I'm feeling very antsy and don't know what I should be doing. Oh well better days to come. Have a great evening everyone!
  8. LOL It's true as Westie says stop at all yard sales, if you can. I bought a 2lb breadmaker black and decker for 4.00, a cute wooden magazine stand for 3. Been along time since I've ventured off into a yard sale but I'm sure glad I did. I love those bread makers to make pizza dough in or bread dough to bake in the oven. One of the much needed *highlights* of the week LOL and to think I wasn't even going to bother. I love yard sales!
  9. Praying today and hoping everything went well!
  10. Sunnyboysx3

    I'm New

    Happy Belated Welcome!
  11. Holidays with an attitude Did you know not so long ago I used to spell holidays like hollidays....I regret sending those Christmas cards out that year. I guess I was thinking HOLLY? Yeh, my eyes are rolling...sheesh.
  12. Once upon a time what I did was hammered two nails in my butchering block or large round log to fit the chickens neck in between. Grabbed the chicken by the legs, positioned it and chopped the head off with a very sharp axe, and that was that. Oh, hung it upside down with pre tide string tied to the feet, to bleed it. Did that for awhile then eventually just let them run around headless until they stopped. Heard enough Now, I'm just a sap, and feel bad doing it so I don't. Ugh....
  13. Sunnyboysx3

    Sunny Sunday

    Well I certainly could use some fresh flowers in my home Sue! I don't know what season it is here but the winds nearly knocked me over today. It's cold, my poor dafodills still haven't flowered. Once they do I'll be out with my scizzors cutting them to bring indoors... Take care!
  14. Sounds good Neci! Thank goodness you didn't say short shorts and heels... Darlene, your new home to be oozes beauty and serenity. You really are one truly blessed woman! Chin up girl, your moving forward and have many more beautiful memories to make.
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