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  1. I'm just checking in after several months. I'm so sorry to hear this.
  2. I try to remember to drop in every once in a while, but with still trying to get DD's health straight it makes me forget to do a lot of things. I do miss being on here and talking to everyone.
  3. Sorry all! Hoping to get to the post office tomorrow. With DD'S >6 week migraine, Dr visits, tests, etc I got behind.
  4. Thank you all for taking care of us! I know life has kept some of us away at one time or another, but it's always nice to be able to come home and visit.
  5. Hope you get scheduled soon and it goes well.
  6. Hi all! Missed you guys! Been busy! I'll update in another thread later. Maybe not today, because I'm supposed to be working on an online class. Good to hear everyone made it through Harvey ok. We're all good here in the swamp, but areas around the Texas/Louisiana border are still flooding. They open some flood gates further north and some people that flooded are having to relocate a second time because of the water coming from the flood gates. So Sorry Snapshot to hear about your home town. The storm on the east coast was neglected in the news.
  7. Thank you everyone! I'm just able to check in. BF took over the computer for job searching and dd borrowed the tablet and I couldn't find it. She had to find it for me. I think I have gotten all of them and all in perfect condition. DD and I both love them all! She helped me make them this year and was taking the ones we got after we got the tree up to hang almost before I could look at them. Pauline - no worries!
  8. Congrats on the move! Sounds like it will be a good one! I know all about the treasure hunt. I had help when we moved. It was an adventure unpacking!
  9. Is it too late? With all the craziness here; I forgot to check earlier this month.
  10. Thank you everyone for your prayers and Mt Rider for deleting the extra posts. This is all from the Lafayette area that's being ignored. I live about half way in between the 2 cities inside the levees for the Atchafalaya River. I saw on a weather website that people even in our state didn't realize it was more than the Baton Rouge area that flooded. Our local weather man calculated 2.26 TRILLION gallons of water fell over 400 and some (I forgot the exact number) square miles. The levee they said they thought would breach on the Mermentau river was actually supposed to be an overtop, not breach as orginally stated in the news. From what I read, it made it to the top, but didn't overtop. Praise God! Prayers work! One levee did breach, but the Guard dropped oversized sandbags and stopped it. There's not been a lot in the news about the town closet to it since they dropped the bags. Water in most areas is gone, but there's still many people that either can't get to their houses or can only get there by boat because of the water. We went from 20+ roads closed yesterday in our parish to 1 today. 90% of the people that did flood are not in flood zones and didn't have flood insurance. I went with church and helped gut a couple of houses last week. It's sad. Entire neighborhoods' streets lined with personal belongings, furniture, etc piled taller than I am (I'm 5'1"). Now we're praying the unnamed storm in the Atlantic stays there. Computer models yesterday were putting it in the Gulf early next week, with at a few models putting it close to the flooded areas east of the Mississippi and 1 is almost a direct hit for the flooded areas west of the Mississippi putting me on the east side which is not the side you want to be on. Today is tracking a little more east of here. Hopefully thay trend continues and it just stays out to sea. The winds are stronger on the east. Where I am, I'm not concerned about more water, but the wind. The ground is squishy from rains since the flood and I have about 25 trees on my property. Trees down here don't have deep root systems because of the amount of rain, so winds and squishy ground aren't good. So for now we're praying and prepping.
  11. Congrats dogmom! I know what you mean about seeing without glasses. I had them or contacts for over 20 yrs before my late husband told me I was having laser surgery because he felt sorry for me. It's amazing isn't it!
  12. Sorry! Don't know why it posted 3 times. Cat can you fix it?
  13. Just checking in. Where I am has angels watching over us! We were spared once again from flooding. You can barely tell we even had rain. Being in the swamp with minimal concrete and asphalt helped us tremendously, as did low water levels in the swamp and river. Friends and family in surrounding communities, unfortunately, were not as lucky. Communities spared from the initial flooding are now facing disaster as backwater flooding has started. They are expecting a levee to break 40 or so miles from us and 75+% of that community being flooded. Please pray for southern Louisiana. It's going to be a long recovery.
  14. Jeepers, I don't see why you couldn't precook bacon. They sell it at the store. I just wouldn't fry it completely crispy, so it can crisp up when you warm it up without burning. We've used the precooked bacon for camping and I use it to make green bean bundles since sometimes the raw bacon doesn't get crisp enough for me. The precooked is limp so I cook it a little longer than it says to help it crisp up.
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