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  1. The last book a Breath of Snow and Ashes, was my least favorite... I am a true fan have read and reread all of them the Fiery Cross, rereading again for probably the 3rd or 4th time, and have reread all of the rest at least 2 times or more, but I have not been able to reread A Breath of snow.... The rape of Clare, (goodness, everyone in the family was horribly raped, except poor Roger who was hung. I guess I will probably reread it again sometime, but I am still not over the hardships this family I love had to endure.... I think Diana went a lil overboard this time,,,,, She is my favorite authors of all time, but this last book is my least favorite, and I hope the next book is better.... Readers like to have a lil joy along with the sorrows, and toooooo much sorrow happened in the last book in my own humble opionion.... But, otherwise I love her way of storytelling, she is one of the best I've ever read.
  2. I keep propane tanks, charcoal, and liter in the dog house that the dogs don't use.... It is away from the house and is dry. I have tried to buy a lil at a time, and just keep buying extra, it has slowly built up. I am not quite where I want to be, but I am working on it. My husband built the dog house and it is very large......
  3. Mommyofsix, I have had a few of the 2.5 gallons of water spring leaks in my garage. Not the normal, but I have had new bottles leak. I am also getting a supply built up of the 7 gal Reliance water jugs because they are more durable than the commercial water, and the jugs should last a very long time. I made a water caddy by purchasing 4 heavy duty casters at walmart, and screwing those to the bottom of a long 2x12 board with a cordless drill, and attached another board to pull it around with, (a handle). I keep this caddy in my garage, and pull it out and refill those bottles every three months. I also keep gallons of commercial 16 oz., gallons, and the 2.5 gallons, and rotate them. We drink bottled water, due to the public water here, has had excessive dioxins in it, so we try to keep plenty around....I am trying to build up to 100 gallons of water, using all of the above methods, and then hopefully will get a 55 gal drum or even better a well... Ya have to start somewhere,,,, I realize this stocking up and preparedness thing is a way of life, and won't happen overnight, mostly due to budgetary concerns, but I know I am working with a goal in mind. I know that if I don't have good water, the rice and beans are not much good to store. I do have a hot tub, and try to keep it properly clorinated, but, it would not be good for drinking, could be used as a last resort if it was properly treated.
  4. I'll keep you in my prayers.
  5. This past weekend we had out of town company visting, in-laws and close friend of the family. Well, I had basically no notice of arrival, so no time to contemplate, the removal of assorted items in my guest room stacked on bed, such as canning jars, vac sealed pasta's, beans, crackers, mixes, matches, etc. not to mention the huge stack of tp and pt stacked on my upright deep freezer in my hallway, along with various tissues, drinks, etc, waiting for attention or a permanent place to dwell..... SO, I chose this time (as good as any) to bring up the issue of stocking up and the friend of the family was very impressed and said they want to improve their stocks, the Go Girl thing, the other family said oh good , at least we know where to come ITSHTF..... So I said, you probably would never make it here alive, so many others trying to take it from people who have something, so I said, ya had better work on getting your on supplies, you are six hours away, and we ONLY have enough for OURSELVES, you had best prepare............ Well I don't think I was spoken to for a few hours, I am hoping this person was thinking about this........The other person in the family was talking about coming when TSHTF,and bringing his gun, when he saw my food supply, now he knew where to go. I said, well, ya better have about 10,000 rounds, or you can't hang with the big dogs...... It took a lil while for that to sink in with him,BUT after repeating that phrase about 3 times, that he needed to bring the rounds and be ready to work and guard, I didn't hear much else except, good gosh, that is a lot of money for 10k rounds........, I said yeh, ya know what I mean??? So, that was an interesting break out point for me, because I DID NOT WANT ANYONE TO KNOW THAT WE HAVE SOME SUPPLIES, because I know thy choose NOT to prepare.... We live like misers compared to them, and they choose not to put back anthing.....but to live for the moment and enjoy life now... while we save and stock up. SO, I have tried to say to these loved ones, you better wake up and see what is around you, what is happening as we speak, and prepare yourselves.... I got the phrase " I am not worried, God is in control, I will trust in him, and I said" I am not worried, God has given me the wisdow to seek the knowledge, and to prepare, he is working through me.........to ensure my family is prepared and ready. Again, I did not hear another mention of the subject!!!!! I don't like the fact that my goods are exposed so to speak, but at least these people are WARNED!!!!!!!! They can't look back and say they didn't know, when they admitted that something is going to happen...... and acknowledged that they are not at all prepared......................... Oh yeh, the friend of the family said they have a nice new generator, but not really any food or water supplies to speak of.... So, with him, I feel there is hope......
  6. Great tip ladies, I have just made a note in my purse notebook to get some Kirklands brand next trip to Sam's Club. I used to be brand loyal to Gain or Fab until I came here, and you ladies convinced me to open my eyes to other possibilites. And the thought of another 5 gal bucket, just waiting to be used and refilled....... a thrill..... I can pack 25 lbs of vac sealed rice in a 5 gal bucket!!!! I want to see how many lbs of just beans vac sealed I can get in a 5 gal bucket......
  7. Wow!!! I am impressed!!! Sounds very exciting and promises to be quite a learing experience! Please share the details when you return.
  8. Great recipe thank you! I want to start using my emergency pantry products, and cycling them into my daily menu's when I can. I like Granola, but have never made it.... I can't wait to try this, sounds great!!!! Chocalate chips, butterscotch, and the coconut sounds awfully good to me right now....
  9. Please share your recipe for granola.... I was looking for one a few days ago!!!!! Thank you!!!
  10. YOU GO GIRL!! There is nothing like that smell of sun dried towels, sheets, etc. It does make a big difference.
  11. I really like my Tilia Food Saver, works very nicely.... I would fill the holes in my preps, medical supplies, future heating, cooking , lighting etc. before I bought applicances unless, I felt petty comfortable with what I have........ I am working on mine, but still have lots of holes I could fill up with 400.00........That amount could buy a lot of things......... HAVE FUN !!
  12. I loved the Mixes!! I printed them out. That will be a big help in recycling into the menu's some of the powdered milk that I don't normally use.... Many of these are good cost saving meal helpers to stretch the budget even further... THANK YOU!!!
  13. Very Very Good Granny!!!!!! I am holding my breath for the next exciting episode........
  15. I am at work, again, and grinning like an idiot!!!!! I just made a cup of tea, and am thankful, I did not choke on it again, and spit it across my keyboard again.... I can't wait for the next episode of The Chick Peeps to begin........ The part that gets me is imagining Darlene, in her heels, tiara, walking those lil chickens, with their lil collars, on a leash.........around her suburbian neighborhood........
  16. Thank you, we love inst, mashed potatoes.
  17. I am giggling at that westie, and my eyes are watering, I am at work!!!! I already coughed tea on my keyboard, and started choking at work....!!!
  18. I have bought the following for my emegency pantry: rotated 25 gal of gas 6 sm cans of propane to rotate out 224 x16.9oz of bottled water, some of this is regular stock 6 rolls of vac seal bags from sams club( to seal for pantry) 6 cans spegetti sauce 5 jars alfredo/ cheese sauce 20 cans beenie weenies small cans 24 cans v-8 12 cans assorted fruit juices 3 pks tuna filet 2 boxes of chesse crackers 5 boxes of brownie mix 2x 48 oz of peanut butter 2 x molly mcbutter sprinkles large 80 or 116 serv (can't remember which ) brown gravy mix other stuff I can't quite recall. and still need to refill my reliant water jugs... My dh said the following" we could last months on our storage, after most people would be dead;" and also, lets save these old clothes and shoes, ya never know, if times get hard, we might need these, and might not be able to replace them. His attitude has changed, his eyes are opened..
  19. Great BOB!!! Thank you for sharing,,,,, good ideas there!
  20. I like the tilia brand food saver,,,,,, has the quart jar attachment, it's easy to use, light weight.... I didn't like the kenmore.
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