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  1. This happened to me from some of those vine ripe tomato's, but the stem actually came out of the side of the tomato through it's skin, and got leaves on the stem. It did that on 2 of the tomato's and the tomato did not look aged or anything. I took a pix but have not had them developed, my digital is broken. I had never heard of that before. I had planned to plant the whole thing, but in the rush of moving, the whole thing got put in a compost pile that was left behind of course.
  2. We have just survived our move onto 1 acre. I am planning our garden for next year, and want to set up the permanent gardening areas, and I like the ones tha DoubleD has with the frames around them. I moved 5 blueberry, 2 fig, 1 pear and 4 grape vines, and my aloe from the old place and got those planted and now we have had a hard freeze, so I hope they will make it. We moved for a paid off homestead, and hope to make it more sustainable for the long term. Now I have a clean slate so to speak, but means I have to start all over again with the soil prep and the composting, etc. When I left
  3. I loved the whole book, we are in the process of moving and that is one of many things on the long term want list is some shutters that close to shoot out of. I also want sand bags to fill up if needed to fortify a room. My bedroom in the new place will have a regular exterior steel door with a bump proof lock, we just gotta get it installed.
  4. Westie I read this before thanks to your recommendation, it was my first SHTF book, and it was great, I also bought the book, loaned it out, didn't get it back and plan to buy another one for my shelf. It is a very good book, and I also recommend it to anyone it reads like a novel but is like a how to manual on preparedness. I also loved "Deep Winter," that was excellent and the sequel to it"Shatter," I plan to reread all the above with a notebook in hand to keep notes on the ideas and info from it.
  5. I will go to that thread too, I am behind on my reading here, need to go get another cup of tea though and jump right in!
  6. Thank you for your warm wishes and blessings Judy, MomM and Cricket, my heart is filled with thankfulness and peace and we know we are truly blessed to be able to Sell a home at this time, even though we sold very cheap. My husband and I finally decided to put up or shut up about trying to sell, that in our hearts we KNEW we did not need the high housing costs going through a depression, to have a little and to hopefully be able to hang on to it, is better than having a lot and loosing it. We had recently been implementing other plans, more long term food storage, water well, hand pump etc, a
  7. I can say my family really does see the signs, I have not posted or even read much lately we have been busy. We have sold our "dream home" very very cheap to get away from high taxes,and insurance and had just enough equity there to buy a lil place further back in the woods free and clear. People who know us, say " I can't believe you are moving into that, after living where and how you have lived, and we just say the Lord blessed us into getting a home that is ours free and clear, it is enough to meet our needs. We really do see how quickly things have happened, and so glad to have a littl
  8. Thank you Zelle, I am certainly interested and would like to have some.
  9. Mimi, I have that exact book the County Wisdom, and it is pretty good, so I would recommend it, but only after I got the Carla Emery Encyclopedia and the Back to Basics book, they are the best.
  10. Praying for God's blessing on your and yours!!!!
  11. Excellent sites, very good information there. Good to see the nutrition info there too. Well Westie, more reading and studying for you, so much info out there good thing you are so practiced and good at this hunting, gathering, info thing. I'd bet your probably already more up on this info wise than most of your Dr's patients could ever dream about doing. I'm sure you will have many surprises for them. Please keep sharing the info you find with your friends here, we will learn this too right along with you. Again, with maybe our selves or our loved ones, the info will help us all to be
  12. Great! I printed and will put in my Medical Binder Thank you.
  13. Thank you for that info. I read here at Mrs S. about taking cranberry suppliments, and that has kept me away from the Dr's office for 2 or 3 years since I started using them, and I used to go about once or twice a year for an antibiotic... I swear by the stuff and keep a bottle in my emergency medical Go Bag.
  14. God Bless this wonderful woman, our sister, our friend, strenghten this fiesty little lady, bless her heart with peace that only comes from you precious Lord. Heal her, that she may continue to teach your children, and show how your miracles are here and now, and everyday. Let her life be another example of how you save us.
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