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  1. My friend keep two months money on hand. But still feels she should have had more. She says they feel unsettled knowing they have money but can not access it. Also she said when Tuesday comes will they open or change there minds and stay closed for longer. Its not knowing whats going to happen is the worst.People are all on edge. One more thing the suppliers to the supermarkets are not delivering unless they get paid in cash there and then. So some supermarkets will run out very soon as the dont have the cash to buy the supplies
  2. I have a friend who lives in Cyprus, she said the banks closed on 14th March and they wont be open again until the 26th March. It was a long weekend when they closed the banks. They are allowed to take 200euros out at the ATM if they can find any that has money in it. No shops is accepting debit or credit cards if you havent got cash you do without. They are now talking about rolling the electric which means you get it every other day, she said they are fine because she preps and was prepared. But she still goes out trying to buy things so her neighbours dont know w
  3. We both went to the dentist last week two fillings for me and one fillings for the OH. So we are now up to date with are dental work. Glad that is over and paid for. It has caused quite a stir here with what is happening in Cyprus.The banks will not be open there until next week sometime thats two weeks since they closed. We have decided that each Monday we will go to the bank and pay any bills that are due, and the rest we will take out in cash. Just to be on the safe side. I am not saying it will happen here but we will feel better knowing we have some cash in the home. Bought
  4. Got two heavy woollen blankets at a charity shop.Still sealed in the old wrappings. Also got some more sugar, rolled oats to put away in storage.
  5. Happy Birthday :balloons: :balloons:
  6. Thats what all the fuss its not that its horsemeat. But it stated it is 100% beef and its not, also they dont know what drugs and chemicals these horses had been given. I think alot more is going to come out over this, as each day arrives they is more news of another product which is not what it is stated on the pkt.
  7. Keeping you and your family in my prayers :pray:
  8. The supermarkets here have had to take alot of there food products off the shelves as alot of there food which had 100% beef printed on it is really horsemeat. One of the top supermarket which I dont use as its very expensive has just today admitted that some of there products which had 100% beef was really pork. Also one supermarket sells tins of spaghetti in tomato sauce with beef, it is also been released today its really horsemeat. I never buy ready made meals,I cook from scratch thanks to alot of recipes from here. I am going to start and make my own baked beans. Makes you wond
  9. My prepping for 2013, First is to come on here everyday and learn more about prepping. Here in Northern Ireland where I live people just dont do it. Early last year after my OH retired he started to read more on the internet, thats when we talked and he said I think we need to start preparing for what ever is coming. Unfortunately I lost my job a few weeks later. Our only income is his pension which went up a few pounds when I last my job. We cut everything out we didnt need even the internet, we paid off the small debt we had and started to buy a little extra each time
  10. Praying that your interview goes well
  11. Thank you all for the lovely welcome back i will be looking around the forum getting alots of tips and ideas.
  12. Hi, I joined in Jan 2012 and in my first post I said I though I would be losing my job in Feb. Well two days after joining here I lost my job, as money was tight we cut back on everything we could. So first up was the internet as we really didnt need it but needed to eat, pay bills and rent. So after a year we have paid down some debt and put a little saving by, so my OH said a few weeks ago why dont we have the internet on again. I think he missed it more that me. We now have a small two bedroom home, with a small garden which we are getting ready to grow some vegs. We jus
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