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  1. Grubby, I love how you colorized your answers so I think I'll do the same! Two more sites that may interest you are: www.thinkingofhomeschooling.org www.hslda.org
  2. When is the due date? I tend to work best at the last minute.
  3. When is the due date? I tend to work best at the last minute.
  4. Dadof3 asked: "But what is the deal with women these days?" First off, I want to say I'm really sorry and the pain you're clearly feeling is justified and horrible to experience. I cannot imagine what this is like for your precious children, but I hope to encourage you by saying I know a guy whose wife was not only unfaithful, she was into drugs - and he had to leave her and raise his 3 kids himself. Today they all respect and love him and have a good, close family - and he has remarried a fine woman. But you asked a very important question I'd like to briefly address. You asked:
  5. I know some homeschoolers who home educate all the way through high school and I know some who put their children into a public school when they hit middle or high school. I've noticed in some posts here a few people saying they once homeschooled, but don't anymore - and some have said they now miss it. I'm wondering why some here once homeschooled and then decided not to. I would guess that if you miss it then you would still kind of like to do it. What do you miss? I'll share my own experience later after I've heard what others have to say, if anyone wants to share their thoug
  6. This broadcast really was special for me to hear since I have no daughters and am the only Venusian in a family of Martians. http://www.family.org/fmedia/broadcast/a0039970.cfm http://www.family.org/fmedia/broadcast/a0039971.cfm
  7. I don't get to come here as often as I'd like to, but I have to say that every time I've come God has touched my heart through the spirit of love, tenderness and honesty here. This place is so peaceful while so often you see other boards ridden with trolls and people being nasty. Darlene, we all owe a lot to your kindness in managing this board and to the people who take time out of their day to moderate the forums. Some mighty fervent prayers must move towards Heaven for the people here because I've not found a single other board like this one. I really appreciate each person whose post
  8. http://singleparenthomeschool.christianhomeeducation.org/ Comfort and Advice for Single Parents by Skeet Savage Those of us who have experienced the grief and anguish of divorce probably understand like no one else can just why our God says He hates divorce. There is nothing you can do about yesterday—but, because His mercies are new every morning, the possibilities for today are endless! You can choose to live your life in the shadows as “So-and-So’s Ex,” or you may step into the light of His grace and stand, as His precious bride, firmly planted in the place to whic
  9. Deanne, you do have it figured out. To any new homeschoolers here - the lesson is this: Resist the urge to buy lots of curriculum. It's not necessary. With creativity and a few key books - you're moving forward better than you may think.
  10. I've been brainstorming this a bit and wondered what some of you here think. In my mind there are financial outlays with both public and home schooling, but honestly to me it seems the financial outlay is greater with public schooling. What do some of you here think? In homeschooling your primary expense is books and paper/pencil supplies. In public schooling the government pays for the books, but you have to buy the same paper/pencil supplies you'd need for home schooling. In addition you have to buy your child extra clothing and shoes for public school. That can add up a lot.
  11. Because of the Constitution homeschooling has always been legal in all 50 states according to Michael Farris with HSLDA. I remember when we started homeschooling a long time ago and we were committed so much that we knew we'd fight the system if it came to that - because we knew the Constitution gives parents the right to teach their own children at home and we knew the spiritual lives of our children were at stake. (94% of homeschoolers keep the faith and 93% continue to attend church after the high school years. But a shocking 75% to 85% of Christian children sent to public school drop out o
  12. What are some subjects you'd like your kids to learn about if you wanted to pay someone to teach them a special skill or kind of knowledge? We are hitting hard times financially and in order to prepare I need to find a way to help with my sweet husband's income. I need to be creative in thinking of possible classes I can teach children in my neighborhood or local community. Thankfully I've lots of different skillsets, but I'm not strong in math. I've taught art before and can do that again, but I thought that - since I homeschooled and taught my own children how to read - that perhaps som
  13. Bookworm, what a fantastic idea! And thanks to you too, Westie, for the additional link. What ages do you think this type of class could best be taught to? Which ages might be best to present this type of material to - I guess that's my question.
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