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  1. Rest in peace friend. enjoy your next wonderful life.
  2. I got a 66. Some good guesses. Not that I knew very many !
  3. I am getting mine for 2.19 a dozen at Costco. They are extra large.
  4. If you are handy and crafty you can sell on etsy. If you have collectables or good quality items you can sell on ebay. Both of these are nice because you can do it from home. I am also gearing up to do a Holiday rustic barn sale with friends. I do all the baked goods. last year I sold out on the first day.
  5. Those are some sweet pictures !!!
  6. Unusually hot and dry here in the PNW. No rain in sight. High fire danger as well. I have never seen it this dry here.
  7. For people who do not keep any cash in their wallet, it will hurt the most. If you can avoid putting yourself in a bank line for any reason, you will be better off. I prefer to stay out of the way of these people. Someone always gets hurt as people get angry and scared. Stay low, live off of your preps and try to make do. I do believe that this senario can abosolutely happen. The gov't is not going to warn you ahead of time about it.
  8. I also want one---but, super expensive. I will wait for awhile.
  9. My doctor told me not to get the vaccine until I was around 55. I got the shingles when I was 54. Get the vaccine. I was miserable for weeks.
  10. Yikes--- I have had shingles and it's very painful ! Hope he feels better soon !
  11. So very sorry. His wake sounds like it will be a beautiful and fun event !!!
  12. I had the pleasure of cleaning out an aunts estate. She was in her late 80s. She lived thru the depression. It was a monumental chore that took over 2 months to clean. She kept everything---and I mean everything. Boxes of rubber bands, plastic bags etc. she refused to get rid of a single thing. I knew how hard it was for her, but it also got in her way. It is something I will never forget.
  13. Sass---You know what it will take for you to get thru this. Only focus on what you want the outcome to be. That means that you will have to have alot of self-disipline. Take it slow, know your plan, and breathe deep. I live with a Vietnam veteran with severe PTSD. When I can slow him down and have him think thru a problem, then he does well. Otherwise if he does not focus on the outcome that he wants----it does not go well for anyone. It is hard when you are always on "the edge". - Cheryl
  14. Very nice ! That's a Karma getter !
  15. Chicken manure is very hot so use spareingly. I would put it on and till it in. Then till it again before planting.
  16. I pre soak my beans for a few hours with hot water. Then I put them and the ham in the crock,pot for 6-8 hours. It turns out wonderful. Was the ham fully cooked ?
  17. With having our usual windy wintery weather here on coastal Wa. We have added a third generator to the mix. It is the small Honda portable. Very easy to use and I can move it around !
  18. Oddly enough, I got a "cancellation" email this morning on my healthcare plan. All my paperwork was renewed two weeks ago. Now I get to spend all day on the phone trying to figure out why it is happening
  19. I travel about 100 miles round trip to see family and have dinner. I am still fortunate to have my parents around.
  20. Wow--there's some great stuff here !
  21. coastygirl

    Low Carb Diet

    I lost 16lbs this year by cutting carbs. I have kept most of it off by cutting sugar out of my diet. I eat carbs, but watch the amount of them on a daily basis. I feel so much better. The sugar was killing me.
  22. I forgot ---I have a couple of bottles of really good wine ---we will need them !
  23. Just made a batch of crusty peasant bread, and I will bring some farm honey to go with !
  24. Thanks for posting---we found money !!!!!
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