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  1. My Sweet Hubby bought me a raised bed kit which is 4X4X7. He also bought me a bunch of seeds..List below-->> Spinach - bloomsdale longstanding Radish- early scarlet globe Carrots- Nantes coreless Cucumber-marketmore 76 Lettuce -butter crunch Lettuce-romaine Sweet basil- Parsley -italian Onion-evergreen bunching Cabbage-flat dutch late Cauliflower-snowball early Lettuce-iceberg Peas-sugarsnap Cucumbers-marketmore 70 Carrots-little finger Corn-kandy corn cabbage-all season Red Kidney Beans I need help figuring out what to plant in the bed.. I also have a few containers I can use for something. Thanks..LadyBlu72
  2. Do you need to use Oxygen absorbers if you are going to vaccum seal them or putting in jars?
  3. I have a Excalur and tons of frozen bags of vegetables in the freezer..I have heard you can dehyrate them and put them in jars.. Anyone do it and how was it? How long do you dry them? Thanks..
  4. Good Evening Everyone; I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Grade 3 Breast Cancer on Oct 28th.I had a Double Mastecomy Jan 12 of 2012. I have just finished my first treatment of Chemo today(2 day process). I have been doing good so far which is good..Chemo just gave my alittle lightheadedness and got me tired. Anyone else going through this or have been through it? Thanks,LadyBlu
  5. Good Evening Everyone; My DH and I have been married for 22 years come this summer..We are just now getting on the prepper bandwagon..We live on about .25 acre lot and looking to try my hand at gardening this year. I bought a small greenhouse and hopefully will start seeds soon. I look forward to becoming more self suffient and hope to learn alot from you all here. Thanks,LadyBlu
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