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  1. As to the dry sensitive skin, I use my handmade lye soap and have not had dry skin. It is more moisturizing than store bought bath soaps. It is much easier on the clothes, in my opinion, that store bought. Also the handmade soaps don't have any fillers in them. Take two glasses half full of water, add a teaspoon of store bought laundry soap to one and stir to dissolve, Then, add a little less or the same amount of handmade laundry soap to the other glass and stir. See which has things floating in the bottom. The only other laundry soap that I have found that didn't have additives was from Am
  2. I make my own soap and use it. It is made with Lye. It is not hard to make at all. I use it for everything! Laundry bathing and heavy cleaning. I also use animal fats to make my soap, but I have also made some with just vegetable type oils. You do have to be careful as to what you put in your soap, if anyone in the family has allergies.
  3. I use microfiber cloths for cleaning and dusting. For floor cleaning, I crocheted and/or knitted some rags to go on my Swiffer-Type dustmop. When they get dirty, I throw them in the washing machine. I do the same for the microfiber cloths. I also use my handmade soap to wash the greasy cloths with. You will not believe how well it cleans and cuts grease! I keep a bar on my kitchen sink for greasy hands and other things.
  4. The last time I was on a coaster was many years ago. On the oldest wooden coaster. I thought I was gonna die! When I got off, I was white and had a horrible headache! That was my last ride!
  5. Do any of you make your own homemade soap? And if so, do you us the HP or CP method? I have made it and love it!
  6. My whole house has PVC pipe in it. The outgoing pipes are ABS pipe. Check with your building supply company to see what kind would be best. I did use some PVC pipe as a mold for soap. It turned out very well! Course I'm not gonna eat the soap! =)
  7. 3 feet deep would be better. At 3 feet deep, the temperature is about 60-degrees F.
  8. Krissy, I use baking soda to help take the pickle/vinegar smell out of plastic buckets and all. I usually get my buckets from the Donut Shop for FREE. And they do rinse them out for me first. =)
  9. Debbie J

    Scam Alert

    Another scam going around is a caller calls and tells you that the SS Office is changing our social security numbers. They are NOT. Besides the Social Security will never call you! They have called my MIL twice. She referred them to my husband, her son.
  10. From what I have read, you shouldn't tell anyone that you have anything stored or that you are storing anything. The only ones that know about us is our children and my MIL. (the MIL lives down the street from us.)
  11. Howdy ya'll! I'm Debbie J! I just joined this group and am wanting to learn about survival and being prepared for any type of disaster. I have been trying to buy up a few books on gardening and canning and dehydrating and how to use all the items. Also got one on making mixes of all kinds.
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