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  1. Where's my avatar gone??

    1. Cat


      ??? I have NO IDEA.


      Not too "manly", is it??? :(



  2. The way I heard it, was in 2012 there will be the highest recorded sunspots ever, giving rise to heavy EMP bursts similar to what caused the brown-out over the Eastern US a couple of years ago but much bigger and over a prolonged period. Electronic relays in the power grid were the culprits of that brown out. Imagine that on a bigger scale. Unprotected Computer systems wiped out could bring half the world to a standstill. No electricity means no gas, no water and no petrol. Follow that train of thought to its logical conclusion. The UK government has allocated a lot of money into protec
  3. One of the parting comments from the "Effect Measure" blog now that the pandemic has passed asked what we had learned from the Swine Flu outbreaks. "we learned all preventive measures including the hand-washing techniques, anti-flu drugs, staying home when sick, and modern heath care could not prevent the US (with about 300 million people) from suffering the most of this modern day pandemic (at least 50 million people presumed to have been infected and at least 12,000 lives lost). With about 100 million people in Mexico, it has only reported an estimated 1208 deaths and Canada with about 33 m
  4. Hi all - sorry I've been away so long, but due to this thread I had an idea to develop some new products specially for you. Hope you like. There's a free one for Leah of course....
  5. Sorry, I've been away practicing my music.............. http://www.freakingnews.com/Assault-Guitar-Pics-69398.asp (help, can someone insert this pic properly for me, thanx)
  6. OK, now I have to unveil my secret weapon that ensures you won't be shooting back
  7. As a newly wed, DW asked me to put the chip pan on the lighted stove. Dutiful new husband obliges, not realizing she keeps it on a plastic mat in the cupboard to avoid marking the shelf which of course stuck to the bottom of the pan and set fire to the stove as it melted. I've not been allowed back in the kitchen in 25 years. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  8. Two years and this thread is still running, I just can't believe it. I give up! Here's my gun Leah, Please just shoot me and get it over with
  9. and have you seen loldogs - for those who are not so fond of cats. Don't tell Leah, she'll be looking for lolducks!! http://ihasahotdog.com/
  10. 303 pages of fun. It's my favourite time wasting site
  11. A belated Happy Birthday Trip Thanks for all those wonderful posts you sure have a unique perspective and I hope you have plenty more
  12. Hey Boss, is it really a year? I remember you writing up those first few days when you arrived on Darlenes mountain like it was yesterday. I almost lived those days with you through your stories. Don't ever give up writing. Welcome Home.
  13. Oh Leah.......... I'm back...... I've got something for you...... It's pretty and comes in pink......
  14. UKGuy

    Males and MrsS.

    Well, there's only one place I'd wanna be and that's among friends. I've been coming here for quite a while and there's no better bunch of girls taking the mickey out of us guys anywhere else on the 'net LOL
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