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  1. Be happy to help! Isn't that part of what we're all about? Give me a bit to rummage around in my computer and see if I can find the original scanned pages. Okay - found it. It's on the way to you, Cat. Would it be possible to post them here in this thread for all to see?
  2. Got an email from Honeyville Grains: SUMMARY: For a very limited time SAVE 20% ON YOUR ENTIRE ONLINE ORDER*. Sale runs from Tuesday 7/17/2012 through Friday 7/20/2012. Simply enter coupon code SIZZLE during checkout. Coupon code will not become active until Tuesday the 17th. Tell your friends! http://store.honeyvillegrain.com/
  3. I have several of the Wal-Mart specials and 1 American Harvest/Gardenmaster. Love the American Harvest one. It's got 8 trays (can hold up to 12) and a thermostat. Each tray came with a plastic grid AND a fruit leather sheet. I rarely use the Wal-Mart ones now. I love the thermostat option. I guess you could consider the American Harvest to be a mid-grade model.
  4. Prayers for all involved - from you to your DB to all the hospital/nursing staff.
  5. May there be peace and comfort for all concerned during this difficult situation.
  6. Keeping you in thoughts and prayers. May you have the strength to deal with all the days to come.
  7. What wonderful memories you carry of this influential lady. That's something to cherish. May your heart be comforted as the days pass.
  8. Capeannma - I'll be glad to scan the book and send to you. I did get your PM, so I have your address. May not be able to get to it today, though, but I will as soon as I can! Glad to help...
  9. Around here, I haven't really noticed canned meat prices rise THAT quickly! Yikes! I just bought some 1 lb DAK canned hams yesterday and they were $3.82 each. Seems like those prices were comparable to the last time I bought them - and that's been close to a year ago, probably. I do know the price of Spam has gone up considerably in the last 18 months or so - to the point I quit buying it for DH (he loves the stuff - reminds him of his camping/bachelor days, I guess!)
  10. Katz, there are many mills that can run off electricity or human power, but the difference between them all comes down to how EASY is it to hand crank? Some mills are much better constructed/heavier duty and hand grinding may be easier on them. I have a Country Living grain mill. We have used it with the hand crank, but I am so thankful that we motorized it! Makes a huge difference. But, with no power, I can still use it. In a grid-down/power-off situation, I think we all would develop better biceps and triceps from turning those cranks! As well as all the other household chore
  11. We ordered our Country Living Grain mill from Pleasant Hill Grains. Believe our Berkey may have came from there as well. Had great customer service. For checking prices, the internet will be your friend because there are so many places that sells both items. As much as I LOVE Lehmans, they are a bit expensive in my opinion. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to visit their store, though!
  12. some great uses there! I really liked the shaker lid, the silverware and glass combo, and the match holder with striker lid. I'll be using some of these ideas, I believe!
  13. Windmorn, not only am I praying for peace and comfort for you and DD, I'm also praying for strength to deal with the long days ahead filled with a full spectrum of emotions.
  14. Wishing you loads of fun and memories! Enjoy the company
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