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  1. We were at a neighborhood watch meeting, and I asked if we should post a sign saying security cameras were in place. She replied that it was an excellent idea for the elderly to have security cameras and to post a sign. DH and I looked at each other and said to each other, "I guess we are considered elderly." We may feel older, but definitely don't feel elderly. Lol
  2. Hello everyone! I look in every once in a while. I miss you all too. Life has been very busy, in mostly good ways. MrMomM is fine. He loves retirement, and I love having him retired! We are eagerly looking forward to grandchild #10 arriving in Jan. He will be our 5th grandson. We are blessed to have all but 3 grandchildren living nearby. I love this site, and how you can be gone for awhile and come back and the same loving, nurturing and compassionate attitudes are still here. Such a great site!
  3. Welcome back, Happygirl!
  4. Bless your heart, Jeepers! I'm so sorry for your experience! Take it easy and be gentle to yourself. Did the ER suggest you see your family doctor for a follow up?
  5. MomM

    Quick update

    Oh John, we are so sorry to hear this! You and your DW are in our thoughts and prayers.??
  6. 1. Water distiller (I'm still trying to wake up, so can't think of correct name) 2. Water purifier 3. Manual grain mill 4. Large ss mixing bowl 5. Ceramic knife 6. Wooden spoon 7. Mess kit 8. Cast iron skillet 9. Cutting board 10. Stock pot I reserve the right to edit my list after seeing other ideas
  7. I hope you are feeling better, Jeepers!
  8. Praying for God's guidance and wisdom and healing.
  9. MomM


    I just saw this and my heart breaks. Thank you, Lord, for providing the love and care for her and her DD!
  10. So happy for your DD! Will keep praying for your job.
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