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  1. Quote: Schoolmarm - the solar panels are VERY EXCITING! Are you doing a limited scale project ... or shooting for an "off the grid" capability? A very limited scale. lol As money permits, I will add the existing bank, once it is started.
  2. My goal is to begin purchasing solar panels. I would like to have them up and running by August. I also will defiitely be ordering a fireplace insert.
  3. Quote: I thought that someone said to store water in old soda bottles and such. How many of you do this? This water would be used for cleaning and toilets and such right? Does this water need to be changed out/ how often? When you store in blue food quality barrels, how often does this need to be changed? I am new at this but am getting very serious because of the way things are going toward H--- in a handbasket. Thanks, Anne Anne, I treat my large blue barrels with Clorox unscented bleach for long term storage which I change every six years. My water stored in other, smaller, containers I change every six months. Since, this procedure is growing old, in March, I will refill all of them but use bleach.
  4. Every week I try to add to my water stash. Recently I received an email from a preparedness web site stating that due to shipping costs increasing, water barrels are getting quite expensive. So no more 50 gallon drums.
  5. I bought mine from John at Frugal Squirrel. Absolutely no problems.
  6. You are a special lady. Obviously, so was your Mother. The apple never falls far from the tree. Blessings!
  7. Has anyone noticed that after Katrina, the cost of lumber, cement and other building supplies has increased? These building supplies have not come down in price either. I am glad I have a good supply.
  8. Quote: Boy do we ever have a supply! Good. Glad to hear this. Judging from the number of replies either members do not think these resources are important or they have enough . Hopefully it is the latter! True, these resouces would be used in a THSITF scenerio but hurricanes, fires,as well as riots would also necessitate the use of some of these resources. As I have said so often here, prepping is just not about food.
  9. The luxury of urban homesteading is most of us have a hardware store close by. However when TSHTF, do you have a more than adequate supply of duct tape, plastic sheeting, plywood as well as 2x4's, 4x8's, post hole digger, shovel, various kinds of nails and screws, axe, saw, fenceposts and cement? How about fire extinguishers? Dear ladies, please don't say this is your DH's domain. Plese check for yourself.
  10. Quote: Question...does anyone notice smoke buildup on your walls, etc. if you use candles a lot? Stacy Depends on how much oil is in the candle. IMHO, the buildup of smoke would be my least worry if the grid goes down.
  11. Quote: Quote: Lighting one candle can raise a room's temperature ten degrees. I use the devotional candles encased in glass which I buy at the dollar store. It does work. You know, I guess I had forgotten...quite awhile back, probably lost in the move, was a post by either Nana or Snowmom about using candles to heat rooms. How long do those devotional candles last? Mo7 At least a week. I do extinguish mine when I leave the house, however.
  12. Lighting one candle can raise a room's temperature ten degrees. I use the devotional candles encased in glass which I buy at the dollar store. It does work.
  13. Directly and indirectly, parents teach many things. As I was reading the toilet paper thread, I thought of my Mother who always had at least a 100 rolls of toilet paper on hand. When she moved in with me in 1987, we moved 300 rolls of toilet paper and paper products over. Including what I had already stored, I would not have had to buy paper products for four years. Mom passed over in 1996 but I am sure that she is proud of me. Why? Well, one reason is I still have about 4 years worth of toilet paper on hand. My mother taught me the importance of always keeping a pantry as well. Actually, I probably have a better pantry than she had. How influential was your mother in making you a prepper?
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