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  1. All I saw was two eyes and a smile!
  2. Didn't get to the apples today, too much work at the homestead, but I did make a broccoli salad and used some apples in it. Love that stuff even if raw broccoli isn't good for low thyroid people. Add some raisins, some sunflower kernels, some bacon bits and a honey mustard dressing and I'm eating myself into lovely salad!
  3. Worked all afternoon at the homestead. Really made some progress in getting foods out of the frig/freezer, acclimated and sealed into storage jars. Now...to find a place to put it! LOL Then we worked in the "bucket" room just off the extended pantry and made a lot of room in there so we can put more away. Funny how when you're just shoving things where they'll fit you find all kinds of things you didn't know you had! LOL Still a lot of work to do to get everything sorted and put away, but we could live at the homestead now if push came to shove. Just wouldn't have land line or internet.
  4. Exchanged two of the 20# propane tanks we used during the frigid weather and filled the tank back up on the pickup. Inventoried pantry.
  5. I'm staring at 3 bags of apples that need to turn into spiced apples. This electric stove doesn't hold the temp very well so it's difficult to regulate pressure canning. Water bathing not so much so. But son brought them to me and I need to get them taken care of. Neither of us care much for apple sauce so I usually just do the spiced apple thing as a dessert.
  6. Worked most of yesterday at the homestead sorting and organizing everything that we had sort of stuck where it would fit...that was surprising! Almost a treasure hunt! LOL Took laundry with me so it could dry while I was working. The dryer here is too dangerous to use, so I was here and take there unless it's summer. Then I hang outside. Today, hubby worked there and I worked here getting things caught up. Kind of tough maintaining two places. Mixed up a pound of ground venison and a pound of ground sausage with stove stop dressing and a couple eggs then we had salisbury steaks smot
  7. Keep more fuses for the breaker box. This place is old school and when our shower hot water froze up and the tub drain was froze up (nothing busted PTL) we had to put a ceramic heater in the shower access panel and an oil heater in the laundry room which backs up to the shower wall. Finally got everything thawed, but couldn't run anything that drew much "heat" power or it would trip or burn the fuse. So I used my french press for coffee and used only my stove top to cook on...no gadgets that required electric. Hubby did have to leave here and go to the homestead to pick up our Remington pr
  8. We bought a couple of used ones several years ago and have them stored at the homestead. Evently hubby will build a "wagon" for them, along with a couple of batteries etc., that he can move around to take in the sun. We'd only use them for charging our phones or other emergency frequencies. We have no intention of building any solar banks.
  9. Yes, we reluctantly have to empty all three of ours...but...hubby collected some water heaters from people who were replacing theirs. They are safely in our homestead's basement and guess what...they store water! LOL We also have several other water containers down there. We would have to strain all of it, boil it and run it through our Berkey's before we could drink it but it is there.
  10. Don't forget our fur-babies! Because we're only able to keep the temp here at 60 we put Abby-girl's sweater on her. At first she tugged at the neck until hubby rubbed her down and she found she really, really, really likes it! He takes it off frequently, brushes her down and puts it right back on...and she steps right into the front legs! I also put an extra fleece throw on top of her mattress, then her lambs wool pad, and then the throw. She stays nice and warm...but still like to come lay in front of the Eden Pur when it's on! LOL
  11. I saw where a family put one up on their bed for their children, and the kids were warm as toast!
  12. A couple of years ago hubby bought both of us a Christmas gift of the butane hand held hand warmers. They work wonderfully! Haven't had to use them this year, but I know exactly where they are if we need them!
  13. I mix this in a spray bottle and we use it as a de-icer for windshields. I am sure it would work on sidewalks too. A weed burner also makes short work of ice...LOL
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