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  1. I just prefer not to go out alone. I plan my shopping etc., for a time when all three of us (with Abby-girl in her back seat deck if it's not summer and hot) can go together. Once we were at the post office and a friend pecked on my side of the truck window...Abby nearly went through the window! Scared the witts out of him. Then another time we were somethe library and a friend tapped on my side of the truck window...same thing! But in these days and times it's just not safe for a woman to be out alone. Near my front door I have a can of the long range wasp spray. That should give me time to get something more dangerous. Our back door...has two entrance doors and there's plenty of "stuff" between the first one, the second one and then me.
  2. Sadly...we are not living in the world we used to know...and it's changing every day. Fear trying to make people hide in their homes, afraid to go anywhere...afraid to even open their doors in some cities. Until something divine takes place I see no end. But...we can try to keep our focus on the good people and protect our homes and families the best we can. I seldom go out alone any more, and never at night. I used to take Abby-girl for walks but wouldn't dare do it any more. Even though she's big and boastful, she'd be no match for a weapon. The last time I walked her it was cold so I was bundled up (about 2 years ago) and a guy pulled up beside us and ask "do you need a ride?" I said no, I'm just walking my guard dog and headed straight home. Haven't taken her out by myself since.
  3. Can't even imagine it! When ya gonna post pics of your fur baby! Hint, hint!
  4. That can happen...but boy oh boy do those jars look scrumptuous! As an added note...that's one reason I like Tattler lids. If one fails I haven't lost a lid. I just give it a good scrub, dry it off and it's ready for another canning session. I use the metal ones for things I'm gifting or for foods I'll be using fairly quickly. Tattler's don't rust so I use them for longer term storage. But...as I said...that sauce is mouth watering!
  5. It will spoil both of you! I have a large one and a small one and you just can't imagine how wonderful they are for a quick meal...especially if you've forgotten to lay out any meat! Also...our Air Fryer is another luxury! Enjoy!!!
  6. My first husband lived 26 years after brain surgery...when he passed we had been married for 42. It was a hard life. Being a caretaker is not an easy life. THEN...God brought Mr. WE2 into my life. We've been married 10 years.
  7. Ughhhh,...went and paid RE taxes and Personal Property taxes and got our girl's new city tags. Still have to pay for the Roost property...so we'll have to pay a late fee. Just didn't have enough this month. After doing that we added additional stuffing to Abby-girl's new fluffy (the topper we put on her youth mattress in winter time). She absolutely LOVES it! They were on sale at Menards but just didn't have enough stuffing...so we added more! Hasn't hardly been out of it today! LOL Hubby got all the sheet rock up that he can for the time being. Tomorrow he'll work on re-plumbing the basement/celler area (it's a mess) to run into the new bathroom as well as where the washer and dryer are in the "mud room". Tomorrow night we'll be going to the Christmas Parade and hanging out with a friend inside her store...we'll watch it from there so we can duck in and get warm if we need to. I'll fill a thermos with hot chocolate and take a couple of cups to help keep us warm. I found a wonderful recipe for making out own hot chocolate mix...from a youtuber (Little Village Homestead?)! I add a pinch of instant coffee to mine (hubby won't drink coffee or tea) which makes it even more wonderful. Hey Jeepers...I put a new pic of our girl up...but here's another one just in case! LOL How do ya like the butterflies!
  8. Our Abby-girl will be 8 this December! We went down town today to get her city tags for another year. When we came home hubby and I added more stuffing to her new fluffy winter bed that we put on top of her youth mattress. The only time she's crawled out of it was when she heard me in the kitchen, found nothing to eat so back to her bed she went. She ate her supper, back to bed. Ate her "minty" and back to bed. She absolutely loves it!
  9. Yesterday I jarred up 9 pints of baked beans with ham. We enjoy it as a side dish, but in a difficult time we could each have a pint for a meal...beans, molasses, onions, ham, tomato sauce, honey & a bit of sugar and distilled water. Pretty nourishing. Got them washed, dried and labeled this morning. Then dropped some laundry in the dryer, had a bite of lunch, then did some Mennonite shopping. Needed some more Tattler lids and jars as well as more Echinacea caps. Also picked up some additional "Montana" steak seasoning (love that stuff!), some knock off of Mrs. Dash and a small bowl of poppy seeds. Also picked up a couple more pints of local honey. Hubby will resume work on the bathroom project tomorrow. Going to run some plumbing to the shower head/faucet assembly. He won't rock over that outer part of the shower until he's sure there's no leaking etc. Today was a beautiful day so we made the choice to get the shopping done today...and then the weather won't make a difference...although it's supposed to be very nice this whole week. Well, some "red head" (Abby-girl) is sitting at my feet yawning with a bit of a wimper...that says "it's time for my minty" chew! LOL Later friends!
  10. If you can, buy some motion sickness chewables...they really work! I buy the generic brand from a local pharmacy and get 100 tabs (?) for less than 10$. Keeping it stocked even though we've only needed it a couple of times.
  11. When my Mom was alive, and had hurt her back and had shots in her spine, she used a female funnel and it was a life saver for her because she didn't need to sit down nor raise up....except for a duce (then she needed help via walker turned backwards over the toilet).
  12. Not really, but he's finishing up the sheetrock and will start working on the plumbing tomorrow. It's slow because it's only him doing all the work. Hanging the sheetrock was the last really big stuff, but the sub flooring and new vinyl will also have to be done. We're not doing any wainscoating or etc., just texturing the walls with satin paint. There's not very much actual wall space so this will be quicker and cheaper...and since it's only us I can just wash it down if need be. One partial wall will be mirror tile and we'll put that "sticky" type glass backboard above the vanity. Hoping we'll be ready to move our bed etc., in January. But...I'm at the point now where I make no predictions!
  13. If you have a Mennonite store (or a health food store or ???) that carries Mullein Leaf...it's a wonderful mucus reliever. Also, there's an herbal tea called "Throat Coat" (?) and it's also very good. I keep the Mullein stocked as well as the Throat Coat. We haven't needed any of it since we started the Elderberry syrup every morning as well as sniffing the fumes from our bottle of Oregano essential oil.
  14. Slept really late (stayed up late) so fixed sausage gravy over biscuits for breakfast and some orange juice. Then we watched a utube mover "Snow Walker"...quite interesting about a man totally NOT prepared! Then we crawled back in bed and slept again! LOL We then had a bite of late lunch and hubby ran to the library to return some books and check out more, stopped at WM to pick up his meds and then couldn't resist stopping at Menards. Said the crowds weren't bad. I did clean up duty here. Threw a load of clothes in the washer and will take them to the homestead in the morning to pitch in the dryer while hubby continues the bathroom project. It's been raining on and off all day (as it was yesterday). I think it's supposed to stop tomorrow? Pretty chilly but nothing freezing.
  15. We seldom travel in the winter, and if we do it's less than 30 miles. But we still carry some emergency supplies in a tote under the back seat/ledge of the truck and if we're in Miss B she's pretty much set to go. Nice to have a potty, a little kitchen and our bed etc. Only need to throw in our sleeping bags (they zip together to make one big bag) that we always use when traveling in her (even in summer). We don't have a back seat in the truck. Hubby removed it and built a ledge/platform that Abby-girl rides on. No toenails through the seats!
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