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  1. I started using the one piece lids that I bought at one of our favorite Amish stores. They use them all the time, especially if you look on their shelves where they sell their jams, beets and other foods. They have one that's for "open kettle" canning which is water bath, and one for "high heat" canning which is for pressure canning. I've used them both. You just have to be careful not to tighten them down too tight, sorta like Tattlers. When I remove the lid for eating the foods, I wash them and they can be re-used for storage lids. I'm very comfortable with them. Just make sure they ha
  2. We have (hubby made it) a "wonder box" (aka hay box sorta) and they really do work...IF you can get your pot hot enough. You may not have a stove or ??? I have a Sun Oven and it bakes bread wonderfully. Perhaps the top isn't as brown as some would like but it's bread! I've also baked in my air fryer...just do NOT put foil or paper over the top of the food. I use my small corning ware bowls.
  3. Been busy as usual. Rain curtailed several days but we've had a couple of nice days. Tomorrow though...snow!? Give us a break! I did get a load of laundry washed and hung up and dried today, but won't be able to do any more unless I take it to the homestead to dry in the dryer. I really love my laundry dried in the fresh air! Yesterday hubby vacuum sealed 3 big totes of a lot of his winter clothes, and today I did one. They're the 27 gallon totes from Menards (heavy duty) and we use a lot of the dollar tree bags bue t checked today and they were out so I used what I had and t
  4. I think I'll stick with my half gallon jars. Works for me and I have the space for them.
  5. Played hooky today. Been shut up for 2 days (rain) so I did some water bath canning yesterday and the day before. Was gifted with 2 bags of apples and 2 bags of Anjoe (?) pears (they are WONDERFUL!) We'll be eating them with a dab of ice cream or with a dab of whipped cream. So today we took the Remington heater and the propane tanks back to the homestead, raided the freezer there for some potato patties I had vacuum sealed and some yogurt. Back to this "little house" then into the van and off to the state park for a nice walk. Did get jeans all washed and hung out to dry this morning bef
  6. Just stopping by to say hello to y'all! We've been busy as usual. Hubby's working for a customer's "honey do" list which seems to keep getting added to! We work at the homestead on the weekends or if he has a short day. The rain barrels are full, they should have gotten a really good flushing with the three storms that passed through. We're not planting this year. Plan to build a greenhouse instead. Probably about a 10x24 or so. Want to keep it in even lengths so hubby won't have to do a lot of cutting or wood wasting. Going to remove the fence and gate that separates Abby-gi
  7. I use my stove top pressure cooker (not canner) and let it do the cooking just as if I were "canning" beans...90 minutes...10# of pressure. I never add salt. Salt will "seal" your beans so they can't absorb moisture (so I was taught). They always come out perfect.
  8. We bought tons of them ... some several years ago and some about a year ago. Sadly...some of them were no good. We have since learned (from checking online) that many suppliers order them in bulk, vacuum seal them in smaller packages and sell them. Problem? If there's only ONE that is good, it will have the little pink(?) symbol and you'll think they're all good. NOT! So now, we have to put one in a half pint jar, put a lid and ring on it and wait to see if it will seal. If so we quickly transfer it into our jar, if not...trash. Grrrrr!
  9. We took a beating starting at about 3 am this morning. Thunder, some lightening, hail, high winds, and rain. Didn't get any sleep so I'll probably hit the sack early...especially since we're supposed to have another front move in later this evening and tomorrow. As long as it's not ice, we plan to go the the homestead and do some more work (there's a basement there and we have a NOAA radio there also).
  10. LONG MORNING! Storm moved in about 3 am, and Abby-gir l was bonkers! I didn't think to give her the allergy pills that help calm her down so she was a mess...trying to dig under or around anything. Her "storm pad" was useless for some reason. I think it was because this front was so violent. So...our day began at 3 am. We tried to go back to bed but every time we did the thunder, rain, wind and hail would start again. Finally gave it up about 7 am. Went to the library here...yoohoo...they're open (with mask) and picked up some books to read. I had been reading only from Kindle an
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