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  1. Went shopping today for some canned pumpkin (the real stuff)...can't believe the price...but went ahead and bought a dozen cans for our pantry and six cans for step mum. We enjoy pumpkin muffins, especially during the holidays. Rather have them with ice cream than any pies. Tomorrow hubby will use my small mower to get the mowing done in the garden area. It's really tall so he'll have to raise the deck and take smaller swatches. It just doesn't have the horsepower to do tall and heavy grass. I'll be doing some more preservation work. Need to re-package two 5# bags of potato shre
  2. Sweet potatoes here are sky high and forget about finding any canned ones ... they all have sugar which we won't eat and won't feed to Abby-girl if we needed to.
  3. Got many more jars of coffee beans vacuum sealed up and washed up the used quart jars we were given at an estate sale a couple of years ago. They're really nasty so I rinse them out, put a dab of dish soap in each jar, fill them with my 140 degree tap water and let them set for an hour. Then scrub them good inside and out and rinse them again in the hot water. Set them on my dish dryer pad and let them set for the next day to make sure they're completely dry. We still have a ton left that are stored in a metal closet-thing outside under the homestead's back awning. They were given free an
  4. Hubby says it's that those are "sphincter" moments!
  5. I know of several people who have had to have double bifocals...one for immediate reading and one for that distance between your regular vision and the arms length.
  6. Vacuum sealed several more quarts of coffee beans. Got one case now but several more BIG bags to do! Washing the jars then they have to dry completely. Had two half gallon jars that I was putting crushed crackers in (Ball, and NEW!) and they absolutely would not hold a seal. Found out by turning them upside down on my counter, they rocked like Elvis! No wonder! So, I sent an email to Ball. Will see what they have to say. This was out of the third case, now I'm wondering about the last and fourth case... The florist that we have delivered for in the past, for special days, asked hub
  7. Watched one of my favorite youtubers...Wipporwill Holler...and she bought a bunch of the REALLY old canning lids and plans to use them. Stay tuned?
  8. She did an update and said the chicken was not a good turn out...so...I'll just stick with pressure canning all my meats! LOL Glad she posted it as a sort of "correction" though!
  9. Did get to pick up the truck this morning. The power steering pump went out...in front of the vet's office. Thankful that he wasn't on the road some where! We won't talk about the 300$ drain on the chkg account!
  10. ...that my friends was my day!
  11. Went ahead and bought 4 months. Already had enough of the flea and tick, so just took those dollars and put it where it was best used!
  12. Watched Heidi on Rain Country and she dehydrates ground beef and chicken. I'm going to give it a shot soon! Brought all my bags of coffee beans here from the homestead so I can start vacuum sealing them in quart jars. My enclosed porch sure smells good when I walk in!
  13. Made a WM trip to pick up a new waterpik-type machine. Those things work so good. Friends dentist told her to toss the floss and buy a waterpik. We have the one we were using but figured we'd better invest in a new one while the getting is good! Tossed the laundry in the homestead's dryer to dry while we went to WM. Hubby worked at the garage cutting some wood for son's project () this afternoon...but I did good...I kept my mouth shut! He said he needed to get the plywood out of his way. I did another load of laundry and will hang it out tomorrow...it's supposed to be nice.
  14. Thanks Jeepers for the info about the Theme. I tried the grey/chrome and it works SO MUCH BETTER on my laptop!
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