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  1. We keep enough to take us through the winter and into next harvest season. What we put back is our business and nobody elses...other than what I share here and on Suttons Daze. Just sayin...
  2. Looks like the weather is going to be great for our Thanksgiving In The Woods...don't have to worry about masking etc., since there probably won't be too many campers other than ourselves and we usually pretty much stay to ourselves. We'll social distance if there are others.
  3. Put up six pints of apples that needed to be used up. Just used my little apple cutter (?) that cuts the apple in 8ths (?) and leaves the core in the middle...when you press down. Put them in my electric pressure cooker, mashed them down with a potato masher and into the water bath canner. I'm loving the one piece canning lids that we bought at the Amish store. You tighten them just like you would a two piece (finger tight) and when you pull them out and set them on your mat, you hear the lovely "plunk". I did some research on them so I am comfortable using them...for our household. I ha
  4. Rained most of the day, but that's okay...flushes out our rain barrels (had to open the spikets for winter drainage) for this year. It's been beautiful weather for the past several days but today turned off really cool. Did some last minute shopping when hubby got home for doing some work for a customer. Removed a gas stove that the oven had quit working and put in another one. He kept the old one for metal/salvage. We'll keep the grates and the grill that was on the top. They'll make good camp fire, rocket stove or ??? grates. Didn't care for the crowds when we went shopping, but k
  5. We bought two Diaper Genie's at yard sales several years ago. I collect every piece of flannel I can find at yard sales etc., and all of hubby's old T-shirts I cut into large squares. Been using them off and on for some some...for the #1 so far and save the tp for the duce's. Hubby also has the part to put in a hand held "bidet" in the new bathroom...using a sink sprayer. My clothes I just wash them with my whites with bleach. I don't care if they lose their fancy colors! LOL
  6. We chose to buy ours at Harbor Freight because it's made of metal, the hose is included, the tip is included and the appliance has a psi gauge so you can see the amount of pressure. You just hold the tip into the top of your cannister lid, hold the appliance against the edge of your counter, and pump that way. Check out Heidi at Rain Country on youtube...she uses about the same type.
  7. We bought ours at Harbor Freight.
  8. Xylitol (sp?) makes a wonderful mouth wash. We use it for that but also brush with it at lease once a day.
  9. Been pressure canning...literally all day. So far I've got 11 quarts of chili on the counter "pinging" and 3 quarts of pinto bean in tomato sauce. Now I have 8 pints of the pinto's in the last canner for today. But...we'll enjoy them this winter. Had some left overs so I just put them in canning jars, let them cool and put them in the frig. We ate about a pint for supper and there's a quart and a pint in the frig. We'll eat those first. Hubby didn't have to work today so he worked on the bathroom project's light switches. Tired of fumbling around flipping switches that didn't have f
  10. Last week of October I started a Mullein tincture and then last week started an Elderberry tincture. Next will be Echinacea, Peppermint, Catnip and who knows what else! Tinctures are so easy to make and very strong. Just takes a bit of "aging". I'll probably need to buy some more brown bottles with dropper lids though. I've used several of the ones I had, and don't want to run low on them.
  11. Made a day trip Thursday in Miss B to the city and visited Half Price Books...they ordered in from another outlet the first book Harbinger. Said it should arrive in about 2 weeks and they'll call me to come pick it up. Also visited Cargo Largo and found a few things for hubby's collection of tools! LOL Today hubby mudded the screws in the new bathroom underlay's and then sanded what was already dry from last week. Then comes the new vinyl. Took out the screened room we bought late last summer to use with Miss B when camping. Set it up and then took it down...to make sure we know
  12. I love mine...quick to take care of small jobs! Even found the old one so now I have a back up.
  13. Got most of that done around here too...except I can't find the space bag that contains my sweat shirts! They're somewhere...I just don't know where right now!
  14. We sleep with the ceiling fan going nearly all year...so we both get "dusted" if there's any fairy dust going around!
  15. Started a tincture of Mullein Leaf several days ago and it's aging very well. That stuff is so good for thinning mucus from allergies or ??? When I think it's aged enough I'll strain it and add some honey to it. Also brought another quart of Elderberry juice from the homestead. Sure glad I jarred up a case of it! I still have plenty of dried ones that I can make more when I get ready. Since I got all the turkey's jarred up, I'm zoned out of pressure canning for awhile! I did pull out my favorite small pressure cooker (works as good as an electric one) and we had mixed bean soup
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