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  1. Today was "wrestle the window a/c out of the window" day and put it into the garage at the homestead. Had hubby put up some silver bubble wrap stuff on the bottom part of the window to add some additional insulation. We have a storm window but the window is on the north side of the house and needs all the help it can get when those winter winds begin to howl! Also tried to get the travel trailer winterized better but the transfer pump lost one of it's tubes and by the time we got to Westlake's to get another, it was time to shut down our day. We'll take care of it tomorrow. The weather was beautiful today and is supposed to be pretty good tomorrow also. Got supper taken care of and helped hubby make his invoice for the job he just completed. He'll meet with the customer tomorrow to take care of the $$$ business side. We had planned to go camping for a couple of days but I shared with hubby that I'd rather take the dollars and take a couple of day trips in Miss B. I can pack our lunch in a cooler and we'll be "asphalt" camping! We enjoy going to Half Price Books and nosing around to see what's interesting enough to buy.
  2. Jarred up 4 pints of sliced apples in sugar and molasses. Still have about half of a 10# bag of apples that we need to either eat or put up. I knew we'd never get the whole bag eaten in time to save them so I jarred some up. Used my electric pressure cooker to cook the apples in and then water bathed them...along with 3 pints of water! Didn't want my jars banging around...I water bath in a stainless steel stock pot with a glass lid so I was able to keep a close eye on them. We'll surely enjoy them later! I cut the apple slices and leave the skins on, and then in my electric cooker, I just add the sugar, add the molasses and then the cinnamon (no liquids) and set it on "steam" for 20 minutes. Makes plenty of liquid to pour over the apples once they are in the jars. Tasted the liquid...oh my! Why would anybody want to add brown sugar when they can get the "real" thing with sugar and molasses!?
  3. Footnote! At the swap n shop I finally found myself a small washboard! I've been looking for one for a long time but just was not going to pay the big bucks everybody seemed to want! Well we saw one and the guy wanted 15$ and I offered 10$..he said no. So I turned to hubby and said "I know God has one for me for 10$ and I just need to find it". We walked about 100 yds and another vendor had one for 10$...I offered 8$ and I got myself a washboard! Now why would I need one? Hubby gets the belly of this work t-shirts really grimmy and I just couldn't seem to find anything to take the stains out. So I took my bar of lye soap, my washboard, a stiff brush...and his shirts look great! I told him "Honey...back in the day...wives didn't throw out stained clothes, they got them clean! If they didn't come clean they became rags etc. for other uses". Am I dating myself?
  4. Sorting spring and summer clothes is in my future. Time to unseal the bags of fall and winter clothes.
  5. We opened the windows, turned off the a/c a couple of weeks ago...now it's getting much cooler at night! No problem during the day time (especially when I'm canning) but it looks like summer packed her bags, fall rained all over us and took off???, and now winter is threatening to blast through???! Even had to put the fleece blanket back on our bed, bring out Abby-girls fleece bed and put it on her mattress, and we wore long pj's to bed last night!
  6. Did some of the laundry yesterday and again today. There's been no breeze so they just don't dry on my outside line, so I have to hang them on my inside line. No problem. I did clear out the area where the oil heater sits and got it ready for cold weather. It's the only heat source out there in the cold weather. It never freezes out there, but to dry my laundry it needs to be warmer...and we have a ceiling fan out there so it actually dries clothes faster in cooler weather.
  7. Finished up jarring up all the sweet potatoes we bought at the Swap n Shop last Friday...1s0# for 5$? Got 9 pints the first load and 7 today...put a couple of jars of beans to fill up the space...added some tomato juice and some molasses to the beans. They'll be okay being processed at the 65 minutes, just not as tender as if processed at 75. I'll just have to cook them longer when I pour them out of their jar. That gives us a nice winter supply of sweet potatoes though! Abby-girl got some chunks that were not canning worthy :-)
  8. For some reason my mind does a mental block when I try to learn to knit. My sis is a pro...but she doesn't share knowledge.
  9. If I find jars of them, and they're not priced to expensive, I bag them quick!
  10. Wondered why I hadn't seen anything new from Janie. Found her video explaining...lots going on and they've bought themselves a farm!
  11. Jeepers I also had this sinking feeling of "how will we ever get in touch with all our friends?" Even sent you an email to your email addy! And yes...thanks to the genius who keeps this site up and running!
  12. Tomorrow I'll be jarring up the rest of the sweet potatoes (there's still a few left) and some poblano peppers that have been in the freezer for LONG time! Already jarred up 5 pints of the regular type green chili's but they're not the Poblano's.
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