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  1. I watched a video of Doug Billings as he had a guest on...Karen? Kingston. I just sat, watched, listened and wept.
  2. The pretty much finished work. Not everything looks prime and proper...but we live here now! Hubby built me two nice shelves to put some of my "stuff" on...over my wonderful big kitchen windows! Gas stove will get hooked up AFTER my washer is hooked up! LOL
  3. these are what we made up from old book shelves. Hubby painted them to match. The bins were from $Tree and I already had baskets from my n"collection".
  4. These are pix of the bathroom before it was completely finished. Hubby used an old shower door mirror to mount on one wall and we really enjoy it...except when we're commando! LOL
  5. Just ducking in for a moment. We're pretty much moved in, but still packing boxes from the old place and bringing them home to unpack and try to put away...LOL Abby-girl is truly enjoying her big space inside and out. Hubby is getting ready to finish a work project for a customer and then will be working part time for/with our Pastor. The additional dollars will help tremendously in doing more project here etc. He's also working to get my washer hooked up here so I don't have to go to the other place, wash and then bring them here to dry...inside or out. He's moved my clotheslines here (home) which I love, but I really need my washer hooked up. My gas stove still isn't hooked up yet so I'm using all my kitchen gadgets to keep up with our meals. I "adore" my countertop induction plate because I can use my cast iron skillet on it. I use my 2 burner hot plate for other stuff, and my microwave too. One thing I'm learning is carpet hides a lot of stuff! No wonder people have allergies! These hard wood floors let you know about every little dust or doggie hair so I get to vacuum then mop them with my DIY orange essential oil mix. Smells wonderful...for awhile! LOL The floors really are a mess until we get them sanded down where the doggie's did their thing on the old carpeting and pad. Mom didn't know just how much they did their stuff on the carpeting. Sharing a pix of our girl...stretched out on the LR floor! LOL Also sharing a pic of a pretty quilt our Pastor's wife made for me. I put it on the loveseat...I really enjoy it! Also some pics of our livingroom area (near the fireplace and the TV/laptop setup. Bedroom and some of the kitchen. Hubby built me some shelves for all my jars etc. as well as putting in a plastic drawer rack for some of my cooking spoons etc. Eventually the deep freeze will move to the laundry/mud room and my rolling island will go where it sits. Lots of work to still do. Still have to put the rest of my cabinet pulls on, and eventually re-paint all the cabs and woodwork etc. But it sure feels comfy! Take care peoples and I've not forgotten ya's!
  6. Yes, we have been busy! About 80% moved, and the hardest part is ahead od us...sorting, pitching and cleaning up the mess we've made there. Got slowed down a bit when farmer friends needed to leave state to help one of their sons, so ask us to harvest their garden and keep the goodies. So we were busy every 2 or 3 days picking green beans, bell peppers, sweet peppers, poblano's, tomatoes and a few jalapeno's. We've been eating the bells like crazy and have pretty much finished them off. Now...I have 2 or 3 bags of poblano's that I'm going to put in my food processer and add a touch of jalapeno's and made myself some green chillies to jar up for the pantry...half pints will do us. Hubby had our heat pump check out and it was low on freon, so recharged it. Should operate even better now. Also found a yard full of yellow jacket nests! He sprinkled them heavily with some Sevin and DE...hopefully this will kill them! Waited all day today for ATT to get our land line hooked up. No go. When I called, they told me that we had done everything right but their end had messed up...so no land line until...? At least we have gotten our internet up and running, but hubby did lose his Amazon link for his personal account. But we're able to use my account to watch the shows he likes to watch. Abby is truly enjoying her extra space, inside and out! Glad we found the wasp nests though, they may have swarmed her and then possibly killed her! So we're watching very carefully how the DE etc., handles them. If not, we'll spray the tops with Canola Oil, Dawn and Water. That will stop a wasp dead in it's tracks...we've used it many times before. Son got his settlement so he was able to buy himself a very nice car. Won't have to wait for an aide or ?? to pick him up and take him to doctors, shopping etc. I'm glad for him. The relationship he thought he had found didn't work out...as usual. Some of these women he finds online are truly weird! Picked 4 grocery bags of Elderberries from our same farmer friends, froze them and hubby is shaking them down and putting them in gallon bags for me to process at a later date. Our bushes that we planted the starts last year bloomed and gave us several florets for out freezer! We'll take a few more starts off them when we cut them back this fall, and replant the ones that didn't survive and plant a few more. If I can get 6 or more quarts of the juice that will make us happy. Well I guess I better get busy cleaning up supper dishes. Take care everybody...and that's why we've been quiet! LOL
  7. We have pretty much moved in...about 80% We have moved box by box, several at a time, put them away, then go again! 5
  8. Friends went out of state to help a son do some work on his house, and asks us to "gleen" their garden. We picked every 3 days or so until Thursday, so I jarred up a lot of green beans, we've frozen a ton of tomatoes, I've still got bell peppers, sweet peppers, zucchinni and cucumbers to put up. We're enjoying sandwiches with tomato, bell pepper and tomato! LOL I need to put up some sweet relish with the cucumbers...shortly! Still moving our necessities to the homestead...and that's been preparing! LOL
  9. Still working our tails off! But...we're just about ready to move our mattress over to the homestead. When we do we'll not have internet for ???? Yesterday I sat in my rocker and he sat on the loveseat, and we laughed about how it really would not bother us too much to not have internet for a bit. We have tons of DVD's, VCR's, several boom box's to play music, a whole library upstairs and are loading our lovely bookshelves in the livingroom with the books we want to have handy. Not to mention a lot of work still to do! He still needs to hang me some clotheslines so I can hang my laundry out...I'll still need to wash them here at the little house. But it will be much easier to work there and come here when we need to. Our Abby-girl is loving the hardwood floors and room to really stretch out, not to mention a big yard to romp in and a wrap around porch to lay on "when she wants to". Losing my nephew so unexpectedly is still very hard. He loved the Lord, but was in so much pain from a severe back injury a couple of years ago, that he had been asking God to relieve him of the pain. The autopsy hasn't been completed yet, so it will be up to my sis to reveal whatever she decides. I'm okay with that. My own son is doing "okay" as far as health. He does have a lovely woman friend, so I'm praying it works out for both of them. She's a Christian as well and son believes she's the one he's been asking God for. Our health is good. We are doing what we need to do to keep our body's strong. We listened to an Epedimiologist (?) and are following what he says...enough said. We do not wear masks (unless a store requires it...and if necessary...shop somewhere else) and don't intend to. Let them call us what they want.
  10. Sorry...DJT still owns it. He has been shown on several clips saying "I did everything opposite of what the rat told me to do". I did NOT vote for any dumb donkeys just to make myself clear.
  11. Tough day for our family today. My sister's oldest son was killed in a car accident last night. He was 54...and so young. We just hung out at home and I stayed in touch with family.
  12. Did any of you see the picture (can't remember if it was on youtube or ??? ... but Prez T was being shown "Med Beds". Very interesting. I guess the main thing about them is they draw the heavy metals from your body and your body begins to heal itself. Interesting.
  13. I worked as a real estate private assistant for many, many years. WF has always been "dirty".
  14. 2nd book by Deeann Gist. Sort of comical.
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