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  1. Yes, we have been busy! About 80% moved, and the hardest part is ahead od us...sorting, pitching and cleaning up the mess we've made there. Got slowed down a bit when farmer friends needed to leave state to help one of their sons, so ask us to harvest their garden and keep the goodies. So we were busy every 2 or 3 days picking green beans, bell peppers, sweet peppers, poblano's, tomatoes and a few jalapeno's. We've been eating the bells like crazy and have pretty much finished them off. Now...I have 2 or 3 bags of poblano's that I'm going to put in my food processer and add a touch of jalapeno's and made myself some green chillies to jar up for the pantry...half pints will do us. Hubby had our heat pump check out and it was low on freon, so recharged it. Should operate even better now. Also found a yard full of yellow jacket nests! He sprinkled them heavily with some Sevin and DE...hopefully this will kill them! Waited all day today for ATT to get our land line hooked up. No go. When I called, they told me that we had done everything right but their end had messed up...so no land line until...? At least we have gotten our internet up and running, but hubby did lose his Amazon link for his personal account. But we're able to use my account to watch the shows he likes to watch. Abby is truly enjoying her extra space, inside and out! Glad we found the wasp nests though, they may have swarmed her and then possibly killed her! So we're watching very carefully how the DE etc., handles them. If not, we'll spray the tops with Canola Oil, Dawn and Water. That will stop a wasp dead in it's tracks...we've used it many times before. Son got his settlement so he was able to buy himself a very nice car. Won't have to wait for an aide or ?? to pick him up and take him to doctors, shopping etc. I'm glad for him. The relationship he thought he had found didn't work out...as usual. Some of these women he finds online are truly weird! Picked 4 grocery bags of Elderberries from our same farmer friends, froze them and hubby is shaking them down and putting them in gallon bags for me to process at a later date. Our bushes that we planted the starts last year bloomed and gave us several florets for out freezer! We'll take a few more starts off them when we cut them back this fall, and replant the ones that didn't survive and plant a few more. If I can get 6 or more quarts of the juice that will make us happy. Well I guess I better get busy cleaning up supper dishes. Take care everybody...and that's why we've been quiet! LOL
  2. We have pretty much moved in...about 80% We have moved box by box, several at a time, put them away, then go again! 5
  3. Friends went out of state to help a son do some work on his house, and asks us to "gleen" their garden. We picked every 3 days or so until Thursday, so I jarred up a lot of green beans, we've frozen a ton of tomatoes, I've still got bell peppers, sweet peppers, zucchinni and cucumbers to put up. We're enjoying sandwiches with tomato, bell pepper and tomato! LOL I need to put up some sweet relish with the cucumbers...shortly! Still moving our necessities to the homestead...and that's been preparing! LOL
  4. Still working our tails off! But...we're just about ready to move our mattress over to the homestead. When we do we'll not have internet for ???? Yesterday I sat in my rocker and he sat on the loveseat, and we laughed about how it really would not bother us too much to not have internet for a bit. We have tons of DVD's, VCR's, several boom box's to play music, a whole library upstairs and are loading our lovely bookshelves in the livingroom with the books we want to have handy. Not to mention a lot of work still to do! He still needs to hang me some clotheslines so I can hang my laundry out...I'll still need to wash them here at the little house. But it will be much easier to work there and come here when we need to. Our Abby-girl is loving the hardwood floors and room to really stretch out, not to mention a big yard to romp in and a wrap around porch to lay on "when she wants to". Losing my nephew so unexpectedly is still very hard. He loved the Lord, but was in so much pain from a severe back injury a couple of years ago, that he had been asking God to relieve him of the pain. The autopsy hasn't been completed yet, so it will be up to my sis to reveal whatever she decides. I'm okay with that. My own son is doing "okay" as far as health. He does have a lovely woman friend, so I'm praying it works out for both of them. She's a Christian as well and son believes she's the one he's been asking God for. Our health is good. We are doing what we need to do to keep our body's strong. We listened to an Epedimiologist (?) and are following what he says...enough said. We do not wear masks (unless a store requires it...and if necessary...shop somewhere else) and don't intend to. Let them call us what they want.
  5. Sorry...DJT still owns it. He has been shown on several clips saying "I did everything opposite of what the rat told me to do". I did NOT vote for any dumb donkeys just to make myself clear.
  6. Tough day for our family today. My sister's oldest son was killed in a car accident last night. He was 54...and so young. We just hung out at home and I stayed in touch with family.
  7. Did any of you see the picture (can't remember if it was on youtube or ??? ... but Prez T was being shown "Med Beds". Very interesting. I guess the main thing about them is they draw the heavy metals from your body and your body begins to heal itself. Interesting.
  8. I worked as a real estate private assistant for many, many years. WF has always been "dirty".
  9. 2nd book by Deeann Gist. Sort of comical.
  10. I'm so far behind reading you all's post ... but things are really on the move...literally...here! We're putting in 4-6 hours a day nearly every day packing boxes here, loading in the truck, taking the homestead, carrying them in and putting them away. Then we play catch up mowing all the yards. About the only real relief is when we go to church/gathering each week. I've worked my tail off sprucing up the old dressers with Old English Furniture stain/polish. They look so nice! The kitchen is "useable" but the gas line isn't hooked up yet to my stove so will use all my kitchen "equipment". Washing nearly every day, hanging on outside lines, and vacuum sealing the stuff to put into our storage totes...winter wear etc. Our Abby-girl is truly loving stretching out on the hardwood floors! She's still a bit confused about the bedroom though, so I put a blanket down on my side (the mattress isn't there yet) for her lay and get acquainted with her "space". Her mattress won't go until we move our mattress. We're determined not to completely wear ourselves out trying to do it all at once and we don't want people trying to help because then we have to label everything...too much bother. All in all, the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom are occupiable...and the livingroom also if we really needed to. Right now we're getting the space ready for our "long" dual computer desks that will occupy nearly a complete wall. His and hers! We've had the office equipment for many years...in storage of course! The weather has been very hot and humid, some rain here and there, and supposed to get more tomorrow late. Another good reason for us to take our time. We did sneak out this evening for a meal at Golden Corral...to celebrate our 12th anniversary. I've been very diligent to wear my rib brace and leather gloves. Many, many years ago I did some damage to my ribs (right side) and it's reared it's ugly head this past month...grrr! And leather gloves are a must. Every little bump leaves a nice purple spot on my hands or forearms. Well friends, I need to wash up, crawl in bed with my book, then lights out. I'm so looking forward to getting back to posting here on a more regular basis. Hugs to all!
  11. The WE2's


    Posted a bit ago...we've up to our ears...in work! Still working out the internet stuff. Such a mess.
  12. We don't believe any of them...period! Everything is "covid" now...and these dumb assertions of "variants" ... they never could get even the "seasonal" flu right! This is not a vaccine...there's not one drop of the virus in it. It's all chemicals the "science" has put together. Regular flu shorts have some of the virus in it...this does not. If you're poked then you shouldn't have to worry about those of us who say nope. It's "control" ... wear a mask, don't wear a mask, don't take supplements and other currative meds, wear a mask, wear two masks, get a shot but still wear a mask. Try to intimidate those who won't conform. That's it. We will continue in our beliefs. This concoction they say is 98% effective. The recovery rate for the virus is 98% and above. Now they're telling people that they'll need "booster" shots.
  13. I bought some of the PUR jars and lids. They work fine. Available at Ace Hardware...that's all they carry. Several homesteaders have tried them and are pleased with them also. They have also tested them for lead etc., just in case...and they appear to be lead free.
  14. Thanks Jeepers for checking on us. As I replied, we are up to our ears moving to the homestead. This will be a long post so bear with me. We've been gradually moving things to the homestead, but ran into a road block when we called to get our internet etc., transferred. UVerse is the only thing available to us but when they came and hooked up the line, they couldn't go any further than the outside because of the "spaghetti" of old phone lines and dangerous wiring in the basement area. So hubby had to trace each and every electrical wire down to know where it went, and then re-wire it all with new and safer wiring. In order to do that we had to haul tons of old burnt wood and charcoal out fromhthe crawlspace so he could get under the house! Between the two of us we were able to fish all new wiring up through the walls (my forearms look a mess!) and into all new electrical boxes etc. Then we had to fish the CAT wire along the same paths. He finally got all the boxes covered and we'll call AT&T tomorrow to have them come out and do the final install. He's tired of it and for a hundred bucks, we'll let them do it. The kitchen is on hold as far as getting my gas stove hooked up. Once the internet etc., is done I'll be vacuuming and cleaning the bedroom so we can get our mattress moved over there as well as waxing down the dressers etc., so we can take our dresser clothes over there. The dining room is his "work area" so we can't do anything with that yet, and the livingroom only has our loveseat, coffee table and one end table. Behind that area is a catch all of the bookcases that are ceiling high and need to be be moved to their "place". I had a bit of a heat episode one weekend while were out and it's taken me quite some time to recover. Then an ear infection really slowed me down until the antibiotics etc., got it taken care of. Then I nearly passed out one early morning on my way from the bathroom. I had to lay on the floor and call for hubby, but he couldn't hear me. My Abby-girl stayed right there with me and would try to "go tell daddy" but would come right back. I was finally able to use her a tiny bit to get on my feet...but she didn't really like it. One I made it to bed then then I was able to wake hubby up so he could get me some water and watch over me until I had my witts about me. REALLY scary! It was a blood pressure drop, guess I just got up too quick. I have low blood pressure so it doesn't take much to go much too low. The weather here has been hot, muggy and rain, rain, rain, rain! It quit raining a bit this morning long enough for us to go to church and barely came home before it started again. Abby-girl and I have had some serious cabin fever when we can't go to the homestead and get out a bit. It's no sense sitting around there while hubby works when I have so much to do here. Sorting, packing and still trying to keep house here. I'm not complaining at all, it's just a big job...especially at our age. With all the storms etc., our Abby-girl has gotten quite use to come looking for me when it starts thundering. I say "squirt" and she waits for me to spray some calming spray on her shoulder, then "lick" and she sucks the dropper of Rescue Remedy, then eagerly awaits her "chews" which is a calming chew we buy. Once it all begins to work, she "goes to bed" ... but still paces a bit when it continues to thunder etc., but at least she isn't trembling and slobbering in fear. We also give her a "lick" when we dremel her toe nails...which we did tonight, but only the front. Tomorrow the back feet. Son is doing okay. His doc is in the process of getting him off all the pain killers and onto medical "lolly pops". His health is a mess. Diabetes, obesity, eye site problems, PTSD, lasiks for his fluid build up, high blood pressure...so much more. He has an aide that comes in and cleans etc., an takes him grocery shopping. Another nurse comes and puts all his meds in a container so he doesn't have to worry about what and when to take his meds. Grand daughter and grand son reached out to me on FB...what a blessing. I know it would set my daughters hair on fire if she knew, but they both said they're adults now and able to make their own decisions. Hopefully that will stand. We're hoping to have a "picnic" or some type of meeting but I left it up to them to set the date etc., since he's still under therapy etc. for his paralysis. I'm not trying to rush things since their folks cut them off from me when they were very young. I need to be careful because their other grand parents are very territorial, and I know the kids love them. Well, I guess that brings me pretty much up to date, but not sure when I'll be able to pop back in and say hello.
  15. I started using the one piece lids that I bought at one of our favorite Amish stores. They use them all the time, especially if you look on their shelves where they sell their jams, beets and other foods. They have one that's for "open kettle" canning which is water bath, and one for "high heat" canning which is for pressure canning. I've used them both. You just have to be careful not to tighten them down too tight, sorta like Tattlers. When I remove the lid for eating the foods, I wash them and they can be re-used for storage lids. I'm very comfortable with them. Just make sure they have the button on top.
  16. We have (hubby made it) a "wonder box" (aka hay box sorta) and they really do work...IF you can get your pot hot enough. You may not have a stove or ??? I have a Sun Oven and it bakes bread wonderfully. Perhaps the top isn't as brown as some would like but it's bread! I've also baked in my air fryer...just do NOT put foil or paper over the top of the food. I use my small corning ware bowls.
  17. Been busy as usual. Rain curtailed several days but we've had a couple of nice days. Tomorrow though...snow!? Give us a break! I did get a load of laundry washed and hung up and dried today, but won't be able to do any more unless I take it to the homestead to dry in the dryer. I really love my laundry dried in the fresh air! Yesterday hubby vacuum sealed 3 big totes of a lot of his winter clothes, and today I did one. They're the 27 gallon totes from Menards (heavy duty) and we use a lot of the dollar tree bags bue t checked today and they were out so I used what I had and then we stopped at Harbor Freight and bought several boxes more. Also picked up a couple of Nitrile gloves...THEY ARE EXPENSIVE! The sign said they were having trouble getting them due to the materials they are made of. We stocked up on a lot of them that are upstairs in a tote at the homestead but we didn't want to open that up, so went ahead and bought a box my size and a box his size...they're over 25 a box! We've still got several totes to pack up. Trying to get a lot of stuff moved that we don't need right now. Abby-girl is totally enjoying having free run of all of the west side of our property! I hang a plastic bucket on the faucet of one of our rain water barrels and she loves the rain water from it. We've blocked off the area of the wrap around front porch that she used to jump up and into. She hurt herself a bit one time so it's off limits unless she comes with us through the house and onto the front porch when we're sitting out there in our chairs. Wasn't able to go to church Sunday. Pastor wasn't feeling well. Not the big C but perhaps a stomach bug. Take care everybody, stay out of troubles way and hugs to each of you!
  18. I think I'll stick with my half gallon jars. Works for me and I have the space for them.
  19. Played hooky today. Been shut up for 2 days (rain) so I did some water bath canning yesterday and the day before. Was gifted with 2 bags of apples and 2 bags of Anjoe (?) pears (they are WONDERFUL!) We'll be eating them with a dab of ice cream or with a dab of whipped cream. So today we took the Remington heater and the propane tanks back to the homestead, raided the freezer there for some potato patties I had vacuum sealed and some yogurt. Back to this "little house" then into the van and off to the state park for a nice walk. Did get jeans all washed and hung out to dry this morning before we took off and they were dry by supper. Got them all folded and put away. Funny how when jeans line dry you don't need any starch! They're wonderfully sized and ez to smooth out. We found some wonderful things for our Abby-girl and the storm thing. Hemp Joint Health that we bought at Menards. Has a pain reliever in it which makes her "feel good" and also bought a bottle of the spray that they spray on a pad inside of a thunder coat. We just spray a small patch on her shoulder and it's really good! She did some pacing but not the whinning, slobbering and trying to dig under everything in sight. So happy because it's that time of year! Jeepers, looks like you've got a good thing going with the new "look" from your landscaper. I don't use stuff like Preem because of our garden etc, and Abby-girl. She'll be free-ranging in the former garden area. One of the biggest reasons I want her to have free access is so I can just let her out the back door at the homestead, right under the metal canopy and on out to the yard she can go. Little Sister...sounds like you're making a lot of progress at your own pace! Good girl! MtnR...it's a really good thing that you're able to find a way to get you "back on your feet". Keep it up! Kappy,..where in the world do you find time to keep track of all those fur babies! LOL The weather in this area can't seem to make up it's mind ... is it spring or fall? I pulled a lot of Hensbit out of Abby's small yard here. When it blooms the bees etc., like it and she's terrified of anything that goes "buzzzz"! The wild violets are blooming like crazy at the homestead so I may pick a bowl full to make some jelly. I am really careful of where I pick anything that I plan to eat! So I usually only do it from the back garden area. Eleven of the Elderberry starts took and are about a foot or so tall. The big plant is throwing out branches like crazy. The Comfrey is looking great. I'll split the mother plant once again to give a start to a friend and transplant the rest back to the garden area where the other plant is doing so great. We have a lot of asparagus spears up, about the size of my forefinger but I want to leave them alone and let them go to seed again this year. They seem to like it where they're at. Planning to use the propane weed burner to burn out the Dock. That stuff is crazy! Wish we would never have let it get started. I'll wait for my Echinacea to come up and transplant it to the garden area as well as a couple of other flowering plants. The Chives always do their thing...LOL The Egyptian walking onions are sprouting up. I may go take some of the tops off and get them on the dehydrator. But not in the house! LOL The Thyme isn't up yet, the peppermint is up, the catnip is showing a few little sprouts, and the Wooly Lambs Ear looks like it wants to start livening up. The Mullein plant that I put in a container last year looks droopy, but looks like it survived. I want to harvest seeds this year so I can put it where I want it. The Wild Lettuce...well...it's like Lambs Quarter...you never know where it will sprout up. We love the Lambs Quarter for eating, but try to keep it corraled. Did take a trip to one of the largest swap and shops in our state a week ago and walked our legs off. Almost 23 acres. Abby-girl and I were truly dragging butt by the time we got back to our van. Hubby...he just pulled our little canvas wagon while we trailed along behind him! LOL Went to one of our favorite Amish stores and stocked up on more jars and two bags of the "button" top lids...the kind they use in European countries (?). When you see Amish jars of jams, honey, beets etc., they use them. I started using them some time ago and love them. I use the "open kettle" for my water bath canning and the "high pressure" for my other stuff...just not for meats. Just got so tired of the "lid" hunt! I have a good stock of Tattler's but I would like to order a big bulk amount of the Harvest Guard brand...they're cheaper. I've gotten the dollars set back for the green house materials (I hope enough) so we'll be trying to get it planned out and purchased before materials go even higher than they are. It won't be a sticks and bricks type of thing for the time being...maybe later. Well friends and neighbors...waving a hello and praying each of you stay healthy, safe and happy! Hugs!!!\
  20. Just stopping by to say hello to y'all! We've been busy as usual. Hubby's working for a customer's "honey do" list which seems to keep getting added to! We work at the homestead on the weekends or if he has a short day. The rain barrels are full, they should have gotten a really good flushing with the three storms that passed through. We're not planting this year. Plan to build a greenhouse instead. Probably about a 10x24 or so. Want to keep it in even lengths so hubby won't have to do a lot of cutting or wood wasting. Going to remove the fence and gate that separates Abby-girl from the garden area and let her have free range. She won't be able to get into the green house and she won't bother the containers that we may plant some things like flowers etc. Washer drain pipe clogged up so it took hubby a couple of days augering it before I was able to wash clothes without it comingout the top of the drain pipe! So now I'm playing catchup on laundry. I'm loving being able to line dry again! The clothes smell so wonderful! I'm also vacuum sealing everything that we don't need here or at the homestead for awhile...which will include blanket, comforters, winter clothes and shoes etc. Hubby's working on several of our dressers. One we let son use upstairs he really was rough on it...badly scarred and one leg crippled up. My antique set which includes a chest of drawers, needed the wood wheels removed so now we have to put some felt on the bottom of the legs. The vanity with mirror and chair seem to be in good condition. It's all been stored in our cedar wood shed/barn. Hubby's putting vinyl (some left from bathroom project) on the flooring of my lower kitchen cabinets and will get to putting it under the kitchen and bathroom sink floors. Glad we had enough left over to do it! Perhaps I've mentioned it...can't remember...but he got the gas range moved into the kitchen, put the kitchen pantry (4x10) in and the cabinet and range vent over the stove done. Still need to wire the two out lets on the back splash of the kitchen counter, but it will take a couple of days to do and right now we're not needing them. Hung my spice rack on the wall going into the extended pantry and he'll build me some shelves beside it to put my storage jars on. I like to keep my flour, sugar, pasta's, rice etc., in half gallon jars. Re-did the bedroom closet so we have a nice shelf above the clothes rack. Lot's of pitching and dumping still! Moved my Mason Bee houses to a safer spot on the front porch. It's a wrap around and covered porch, so I moved it to the inside, against the brick where the fireplace is. They'll like it there I'm sure! Did take Saturday off and did our picnic lunch to our favorite state park. Enjoyed a nice walk and lunch. Lot's of campers in the camper loop but we only walked it. We parked Miss B in the other picnic area and ate on a picnic table there. Was a bit chilly, but still enjoyable. Changed out the bedding to a comforter and sheet only. Don't need the thermals and fleece blankets now. So got them in the laundry room to get washed and vacuum sealed up. Still nursing my lower back a bit. Reached over to set my coffee cup down on my end table a week ago and pulled "something" really good. Headed straight for the Ibuprofen to get ahead of it, and had hubby put a hot patch on my lower back. It's an old injury so I'm taking it easy. I know just about what posture I am NOT able to assume and like I said, favoring it so I don't need any meds. Our inversion table is buried so I can't hang upside down. Will be glad when it's moved to the homestead along with the treadmill etc. We put the "bike" in the wood barn for the time being. We may not have room for it...and the rowing machine...who knows where it will end up? Really miss being able to use those to keep our muscles strong. It may not feel good at first, but it sure limbers things up making other activities more enjoyable. Guess I'd better skiddaddle. I still need to take care of my nightly duties and put my jammies on...and grab my book to read. I'm enjoying the 2nd of a series by Mary Conneally. Somewhat bizarre but very entertaining! LOL Three girls raised in the mountains away from society and a ranch family that ran into them. Like I said...quite entertaining! Everybody stay safe and as healthy as possible. My prayers are with each of you as I come here and read your postings.
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